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Author has written 3 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Okami.

Agh, I hope I figured this out.

Anyways, I am a big Sonic and Warriors fan. There are other book and game series that I'm obsessed about, but those two series are just about the ones I really rave about, besides Oddworld when I'm not afraid of killing Abe a few times. My favorite Sonic character that I haven't made up randomly would have to be either Mephiles, Silver, or Shadow... I don't quite know, the three of them rock in my opinion. My favorite Warriors character is definitely Jaypaw, but hey; I'm just freaking obsessed with angsty people. Oh, oh! I love Okami, too. :squeals: Amaterasu! :hugs Wolf Amaterasu:

Almost all of my stories have OCs/Fan-characters, so, if you don't like them, step away from my stories now, before you flame me.

Upcoming Stories:

Untitled - Even if I haven't come up with a title YET, it'll still be titled once I make the first chapter later. XD I'm that addicted to making stories. It'll be amazing if I even finish Almost Easy and Brothership. Basically, it'll be an Okami/Sonic crossover. Hey, someone did Link/Okami! Why shouldn't I do Sonic and Okami? XD Anyways, I have a feeling the story'll start with the letter 'C'... dunno. We'll see.

My Fan-characters:

Warning: If I happen to use the exact name and race, I assure you that it is by coincidence.

Sonic Fan-characters:

Whisper - A black and dark blue hedgehog that resembles Shadow, and has amber eyes. She has a furry muzzle, and dark red and dark blue gloves and shoes; Female; 15 years old; Friendly and a klutz; Sister to Rush

Ice - A pure white fox with one tail and ice blue eyes. She has red and white shoes, like Tails'; Female; 11 years old; Shy and intelligent; Sister to Dawn

Tarla - A gray and ice blue echidna with ice blue eyes. Her shoes are gray, white, and ice blue; Female; 14 years old; Narrow-minded and tough; Sister to Death

Rush - A brown and black hedgehog that resembles Shadow, and has green eyes. He has a black ring around his neck, and has dark blue, white, and gray shoes; Male; 15 years old; Serious and cautious; Brother to Whisper

Dawn - A dark red fox with three tails that are white-tipped and has green eyes. Her gloves and shoes are brown and white striped, and her shoes have three spikes at the end; Female; 12 years old; Caring and dangerous; Sister to Ice

Death - A gray and black echidna with amber eyes. He has a white ring around his neck, and his shoes are gray and black with a metal plate; Male; 16 years old; Traitorous and smart; Brother to Tarla

Hawk - A brown feathered eagle with amber eyes. His shoes are black, purple, and white; Male; 16 years old; Protective and loving; N/A (Has no siblings)

Flame - A dark red alien hedgehog with orange eyes that have no pupils. Her gloves are dark red and white striped, and her shoes are dark red and brown striped with a metal plate; Female; 13 years old; Silent and quick-witted; N/A (Has no siblings)

Flare - A brown bat with vibrant orange wings. She has green eyes, and yellow and orange boots; Female; 17 years old; Flirtatious and daring; N/A (Has no siblings)

Winter - A white and black hedgehog with ice blue eyes and a metallic muzzle. Her shoes are also black and white; Female; 14 years old; Joker and mocker; N/A (Has no siblings)

Diamond - A silver hedgehog with amber eyes and a black collar around her neck; Female; 14 years old; Thievious and creative; N/A (Has no siblings)

Shade - A black hedgehog with green eyes; Male; 15 years old; Stupid and funny; N/A (Has no siblings)

Rose - A red hedgehog with red eyes; Female; 16 years old; Silent and angsty; N/A (Has no siblings)

Meta - A gray hedgehog with red eyes; Male; 20 years old; Funloving and curious; N/A (Has no siblings)

Stone - A gray hedgehog with orange/red eyes with red streaks on this arms and legs with white gloves and brown shoes; Male; 19 years old; Psycho and educated; N/A (Has no siblings)

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