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Hi! My name's Brooke, and I am uberly obssesed with Avatar as you could tell from my name :) I've been an Avatard since September 07, and have been writing my fanfics since then (mostly in my head) and I decided I needed to post them. So, I've posted the three completled ones, and I'm in the process of writing a le gasp Zuturan one!

Anyway, I love Tokka and Maiko! THey are my two favorite couples in Avatar, Tokka being my OTP. At first, right after the finale, I almost let myself be swayed by the evil Sukkans on ASN ( just kidding, no Sukkans are evil, they just like a different, rival ship then I do) to believe that the finale proved that Toph had completly given up her crush on Sokka and had one on Zuko. But really, I think the finale doesn't really show that. It shows Zuko and Toph bonding and Toph being ok with Sokka and Suki... Does that mean she doesn't like Sokka anymore? I leave that question for you to answer. And in my head, no matter what the creators say or show ( like in a new series or something) Toph and Sokka have a relationship like George and Izzie's from Grey's Anatomy. Only a lot more succesful, and a lot less cheating... Hopefully no cheating

Maiko is just too awesome, IMO, to not like it... I can't explain why I like it so much, only that they're very comfortable around eachother, example: The Beach, Nightmares and Daydreams, any time they're together and not fighting... That and the fact they totally did it in Nightmares and Daydreams :)

I really dislike Sukka... and that's all I'm gonna say on that matter. Expect for that I don't think its entirely because of my love for Tokka.

Kataang is amazing, but just a little too obvious... which is good I guess? I don't know, I like it very much, just it's not my favorite.

Zutura is cool too. I've never liked the whole tying-to-a-tree bondage thing that made Zutura so popular in Season 1, but I like it now in the third season. I like Maiko too much to ship it though.

Oh, I also love Pakkana and Smellershot. I don't list them in my crackships, because they are so totally canon... Even though Smellerbee and Longshot might be dead... Oh well, they can be together in the spirit world!

Um and I'm a big crackshipper. Here is a list of the crackships I support/like/find-so-very-wrong-but-so-very-funny:Zucest,Kacest, Ty Zula, Jet Lee, Jetko, Sokaang, Zukaang, Rozin, Zhoadburns, Zhue, Zhan, Zhantara, Haru Lee, Hambustion, Jetzula, Jetsegi, Ursado, Bato/Hakoda( I don't know the name to this one) Azulaang, Zue, Yuaang, Moppa,Beardokka, Mohawky, Ty Lokka, Mai Lee, Azumai, Bumai,Ty laang, and many others that I cant think... I probably ship everything talked about in the ASN shipping thread, excluding Taang, Sukka, and Toko.

So, things about me other than Avatar? Umm... there's life other than Avatar? I'm just kidding!

Or am I?

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