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Author has written 2 stories for Anime X-overs, and CSI: New York.

Name: Patricia Lalala

Birthdate: August 30, 1996

You know you're a CSI (any of the three) Addict when: (taken from Katlynn888's profile)

1.When your teacher calls on you suddenly in class you yell out "Blunt force trauma to the head!" even though you are in Language Arts...
2) When you start talking about CSI, your best friend says, "Here we go again..." and is suddenly very interested in the math home work that she had been cursing five seconds ago...
3) You have a quote from CSI for almost every occasion
4) You fear that you will die from suspense before you get to watch the next episode of CSI.
5) When you listen to a song on the radio, you say "Oh, that would be a great song for (Insert ship here.)

Hobbies: Watching CSI:NY,CSI:Miami,CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS, using the internet, staring at a picture at Tony DiNozzo, and making videos on my phone and putting them on youtube. ( If you want to watch my videos my name is chatgirl19 )

(\ _ /) This is bunny.
(='.'=)Put him on your profile
(")_(")so he can take over the world!

You know you're addicted to CSI: Miami when... see a hummer and get all excited. leave out of your house and think you're going to a crime scene
...wearing black makes you feel like Calleigh Duquesne can do the Horatio move start sentences with "One time on CSI: Miami..."
...when you hear "Texas" you think about Frank
...when you hear "M.E." you think of Alexx sing along to the "CSI:Miami" theme song...and then search desperately for the person who wrote it. know all the characters backstories the fanfictions for "CSI:Miami"..
...meeting the cast became an ultimate wish got shopping for new sunglasses and try to find some like Horatio's still get a little upset when Ryan is fired (even though you know he's hired again)
...still hold your breath when Eric is shot, wondering if he's going to die or not
...still wondering if Calleigh will make it out safe when she's kidnapped know all of the Clavo cases by heart use Horatio one-liners on family and friends own at least one "Calleigh Duquesne" inspired outfit got out your way to buy CSI:Miami DVDs, Games, Board Games, even kits go to Walgreens and buy a microscope with the test tubes things
...suddenly the game Clue became CSI:Miami(you're solving the murder, but you're acting like a CSI)
...watching CSI:Miami made you a little more smart in Science

Ten ways to know that you are a CSI fanatic

1.) You start to put people into categories such as he/she is a Greg or, he/she is a Sara.
2.) You are reading this list, just to make sure.
3.) When you start talking about CSI, your best friend says, "Here we go again..." and is suddenly very interested in the math home work that she had been cursing five seconds ago...
4.) You have a quote from CSI for almost every occasion.
5.) You fear that you will die from suspense before you get to watch the next episode of CSI.
6.) You think that the 100 dollars that it is going to take to buy the seventh season of CSI on DVD will be worth it.
7.) You zone out in class scribbling random things about CSI into your notebook
8.) All your notebooks and folders and binders have things such as, "CSI ROCKS!" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" on it.
9.) Everything relates back to CSI. Even. Your. Laundry.
10.) You can sypathsize with other's addictions, such as your best friend's addiction with Naruto.
11.) When you listen to a song on the radio, you say "Oh, that would be a great song for (Insert ship here.)
12.) I'm making a list of ten ways to know that you are a CSI fanatic, and I have 12...


12/13/10: Im on hiatus for all of my stories.

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