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Good lord, but it's been too long. The Piig's back! The Aspects have had their fifteen decades of fame up here, it's time for some notes and announcements.

FIRST: I've evidently fallen out of the Lord of the Rings fanfic-writing loop, although I still love the fandom to death. I'm thinking of cranking out another few episodes of Magline for the sake of lunacy in general, and maybe even some Lord of the Risk bits. Speaking of which, how great is it that there actually IS a Lord of the Rings Risk game now? Matt and I coughed up the seventy bucks the moment we saw it, and now proudly play whenever we get the chance (not to mention wear the ring as often as humanly possible). We're both terribly disappointed it doesn't have the same side effects Mag and Ash's version did. On the plus side, it does include plenty of little tiny elven arches and orcs, not to mention the obligatory "dancing" (read: bent funny) orc.

SECOND: I've been officially sucked into the realm of anime. I did not pass go, nor did I collect two hundred double-dollars (what's that in yen, I wonder?). That should explain the Trigun fic peering up at you from that list down there, as well as the rapid and shameful decay of my mental state as I descend into fangirlism. I'm more doomed than that big flaming mountain in Mordor.

THIRD: Although I did just promise to pick up the posting pace again, it will of course be hampered by my current webcomic project, Beo's Cube. More on that when Keenspace stops hating me *cry*.

FOURTH: Yaoi and shounen-ai rots your brain. I'm living proof. Relevant only in conjunction with SECOND and THIRD items of this list. Meaning yes, that's a shounen-ai comic I'm creating, and yes, those are shounen-ai fics I'll be writing. At least until the obsession passes... did I mentioned I'm DOOMED?

FIFTH: And not even close to least, everybody love Lli and Emmi. For as soon as my request forms make it to those Celestial Being-o's up there, they shall inherit the Earth.

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