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my name is Nicole.

Over the past few months I have fallen head over heels in love with the movie hairspray. I'm not sure how i was lucky enough to stumble across hairspray fanfics but i've basically done nothing on vacations but read fanfics'. Also Im not much of a writer. The only literary work I'm good at is autobiographys. Unless I can write my life in the Fanfic, it's probably crappy. I have terrible grammar. As you can see=. Despite these setbacks I still try to finally write some of my very own fanfictions. estatic Thing is I spend 90 percent of my time on fanfiction reading instead of writing. I apologize here for unfinished stories. Also I want to become an actress, I'm looking into colleges right now, so I'm kind of busy...sorry=[

My life without Fanfics: I decided recently that my passion in life was music. Sure there's romance, family and friends but i would be lost without music. I was raised by many adult role models but I have yet to find someone I want to be like or someone I think I am like. That's fine because I rather be myself and I just couldn't be myself without music. Sad detail of my life: The reason I have so many adult role models is because when I was three I was thrown along with my older brother into the fostercare system, but I'm now back with my biological family. I plan hopefully someday(unless god forbid I get writers block yeash) to use my experiences in my writing, I'm not sure writing is something i'll pursue but it's a great pasttime.

I really can't stand stuck up people, It makes me sniffle when my friends ignore me. Its a pet peeve that people dont say God bless you when I or others sneeze.

I like chocolate. Steak. Cookies...huuh yea this is so why ive got junk in the trunk man. lols ummm I like seeing people help themsleves. A good friend showed me how to accomplish that. I hope he does it himself. I know he will. I'm hopin 11/09/09 is one heck of a day for me but I know no matter what everything is going to be alright. Garunteed. But not just for me. FOR YOU TOO.= I'm a nerd. I'm a huge sucker for a guy with good music. I love alot of people and things. Love Music Hope Dream Change. ahh such powerful beautiful words.

Shipping: Dasey. Trink. Helga G. Pataki & Arnold. Gerald & Phoebe.

Reality Shipping: God & Everyone. Zikki (Nikki Blonsky & Zac Efron). Mashley (Michael Seater and Ashley Leggat). Karay(jaray n katie) hee i thot it was cute.

Favorite Movies no actual order just top of my head

-Hairspray (2007)


-Love actually


-Quest for camelot

-Wedding singer

-Down to earth

-I think i love my wife



-The notebook


-Lion King 1 & 2-Simba's Pride.



-Gran Torino

Favorite actors

-Eddie Murphy

-Chris Rock

-Nikki Blonsky

-John Travolta

-Samuel Jackson

-Michael Seater

-Ashley Leggat

-Clint Eastwood

-Shia Lebeouf

- Jennifer Hudson

-Nicholas Cage


-"Everybody spread the word, i live in my sister's basement"-Adam Sandler, the Wedding Singer

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-"Welcome to costco, I love you"- Idiocracy

-"Papa tomato, mama tomato and baby tomato are walking down the street. The baby tomato starts lagging behind, Papa tomato gets angry, goes to him and squishes him and says 'Ketchup'" -Uma Thurman, Pup Fiction

-"Do you know the muffin man?" "The Muffin man?" "THE MUFFIN MAN!!" "Yes, i know the muffin man..who lives on drury lane?" "Well she's married to the muffin man" "Shes married to the muffin man.." - heee shrek.

Faith sees the invis...ible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible

"Dont tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon" -

"Either quickly die or live your live spledidly"-Lui Wei, the man wit no arms so he plays the piano with his feet

" its all fun and games until theres a grenade in your pool and your mom is drunk."- Alexander Zarbis

"I think I just outran lightning"-Albert Avetisian

He better not have any secrets from me! He better be as open as a the freakin' seven-eleven.- casey

if u til ur head to the left & squint ur eyes its actually romantic in a derek- y way. - Emily

"-what level of bitch do you have to reach to be able to pull off a stunt like that?" -Derek from L.F. fanfic

"Your knife, my back? My gun, your head."- :)

"I disappoint"-Anthony Wong (my brother!! )

"if its so easy for you to say bye...i can only imagine how easy it is for u to wlk away."Melissa Imunique

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"The truth is everyones gonna hurt u, u jus gotta fien the ones worth sufferin for"-Bob Marley.

A RESPONSE TO BOB MARLEY: " screw those who hurt you, they can go suffer all by themselves"-Gabriela Preciado:)

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"But… I have to Give in to Live in."- Laura Ferrari
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"So much to learn but i wont be there to teach you. I kno i cant be close..but ill try my best to reach you. Im so sorry i did not meant to hurt my lil girl. Its beyond me I cannot carry the weight of the heavy world. so good night goodnight. goodnight hope tat things work out alright." - maroon 5

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shows picture of bedroom* "Heres the bed i sleep on every night and wake up on each morning wishin you were right there beside me" -lets keep it anonymous..but cutest thing ever.

But you were the cutess girl in our whole family... Everyone always thought you were the pretty asian baby.- Mailei cousin:)
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"When the only thing in between you and your dreams is waking up, mayb u jus need to be on the right side of the bed.;)"-MEEEE lols idk i was bein gaaay n came up wit it.

"OMG that is so wrong but SO right >.
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"Me&cinderella we put it all together, we can drive it hard..wit one headlight"-The wallflowers

"She's only happy in the sun"-Ben harper fav song!!

"today is a new day and you should seiez every opppertunity that comes your way today because you can accomplish it with that nicole swagger"-erica=]


"Dear ex, i miss you. Not in a romatic way lol but i miss you. I promised to always be your friend and i meant it...even tho ur gone."

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alls fair in love and warmy friend/enemy or shud i say my freindenemy-spongebob

"criticism is not failure"

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