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Author has written 8 stories for Fairy Tales, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, and Chronicles of Narnia.

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Hello FF.net!

I suppose that, seeing as this is my profile/bio, an introduction is in order.

So, here goes.

Name: FloatingBubbles

Age: None of your beeswax

(Physical) Location: Right here

(Mental) Location: Hogwarts, Narnia, Amber, etc.

Fav. Color: Yellow

Pet Peeves ("Got Your Conk!"): People saying "Nuculer" instead of "Nuclear", Mary Sues/Gary Stus, Overused Romantic Cliches...

Things I love: Books, Music, Cats, The Twilight Zone...

On to the good stuff!

Favorite Authors: Asimov, Brust, C.S. Lewis, JKR, Zelazny, Adams, Vande Velde, Wynne Jones, Dokey, Dickens, Silverstein, Gregory, Ovid, Pratchett, Gaiman...It goes on...

Favorite Books/Movies/etc (Mostly Books): Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia, the Book of Amber, His Dark Materials, Good Omens, the Princess Bride, Stardust, Sailor Moon, the Foundation books...

...I'm sitting here thinking of so many others that my fingers can't even type them out, they're too overloaded...kinda like (if you will excuse the metaphor) a swirling whirlpool in the middle of the ocean...or the inside of a constantly spinning blender...So, you know, I'll just keep updating these at various moments whenever said blender spits something intelligible out. :-)

I adore books. More to the point, I enjoy stories: Which, of course, is all the more reason to love Fanfiction!

Anyway, About My Writing:

I am extraordinarily opinionated about ships. Scary opinionated, usually.

I love writing oneshots.

Not so good at long-term stories, because I hate to see my characters suffer. Therefore, I really hate making them go through pain/misunderstandings/conflict. Which, to be totally honest, doesn't make for a very good story.

However, if I ever get over that, I'll try writing a long-term Fanfiction. And when I do, you'll be the first to know about it.

And, Most Importantly, My Stories:

Fairy Tales

Muse (In-The-Works): This is going to be a multi-chapter fic retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. I like to think its pretty good, though it might be a bit of time before it actually shows up on ff.net. Still. Just a warning. Speaking of which, please answer my poll. :-)

Cinderella's Grand Entrance (Completed): Just a little bit of fun I was having with the characterization of the well-known heroine. I was trying to be a bit different about it...do you think I succeeded?

Sailor Moon

Blossoming (Completed): L/N, R/J, M/K, A/Z, S/D (basically, Senshi/Generals and Serena/Darien). A five chapter fic, which each chapter focusing on a different pairing and a different flower. Follows the girls--and their relationships--as they blossom from Lita's first meeting to Serena's colorful marriage.

The Awkward Trilogy (Completed): Ami/Zoicite. Awkward, Diaphanous, and Stumbling. A series for the intellectual characters in Sailor Moon. This is my response to love-at-first-sight everything-just-falls-into-place romances. These stories are cute and fluffy and go to show that the course of true love never did run smoothly...or even, in some cases, particularly coherently.

Harry Potter

The Consequences of Boredom (Completed): Some traditional Lily/James, No-Snape (who I like, but dislike when butting into my favorite pairings) romance. The aim of the fanfic is to be completely devoid of such clichés as "Lily's fiery red-head temper," Lily-the-stunningly-beautiful, James-the-ridiculously-infatuated-and-stupid, obnoxious OCs, and to keep both Lily and James in character.

Normalcy (and Lack Thereof) (Completed): Ron/Hermione. I wrote this one a ridiculously long time ago, and it's my least favorite of them all. I like the idea (it is based on the assumption that Ron is not quite as much of an idiot as he is often characterized), but I really need to rewrite the actual story. Which I will do. Eventually. That being said, I'm keeping it up, so if you'd like to check it out and review and tell me where I went wrong with it (goodness knows, it's quite a mess!), I'll try to work your opinions into the redo when I write it.

Chronicles of Narnia

Quartet (Completed): A sort of oddly formatted character study of the Pevensie children. The first chapter sets up a scene, each subsequent chapter gives an alternate ending for said scene, each involving a different one of the four siblings. Give it a try...I can promise you that the structure is very different from most stories, and I tried to capture each of the Pevensies as well I could. It's a story that's actually rather near and dear to me, so please give it a try and give me your input.

"We Read To Know That We Are Not Alone"

--C. S. Lewis


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