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My name is Theresa, but i go by Tessa or Tess. I am 15 and i blow out the candles on November 22. I live in Indiana and love the country, but I am not a country girl. More like a hippie my friends say. My friends don't get on here :'( ok well now three of them do. My good friend, Aubrey, VamPiRePfreak09395, is proudly on here, my cousin, hitomie(some number) and my friend from school, but i can't say her name. Go figure. I have Blackish-red hair and my eyes change colors. I have A.D.-- O shiny, and a little clumsy. I am a little depresded, but what makes me happy is writing and reading (and listening to music). I do not smoke or drink on a regular basis. I do like to party and do crazy stuff. Yes, i read Vampire Academy, Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange, Blue Blood, The Faerie Path, Night World and anything that deals with vampires or mythical creatures.

Fun Facts about me...

The wierdest color my eyes have ever changed to was purple.

I have read all the books in my school library and am working on the public library

I have read Twilight and the seiries 5 times and watched the movie 21 times.

I can do my ABCs backwards really fast and can stand on my head for hours

I go on all the time and my URL is

I have never broken a bone or had a cavity for my 13 years of living

when i get older i want to be a sicologist so i can figure out whats wrong with you, and on my weekends write books

my biggest promblem in writing books is that i never finish them

my hippie name is RoseBud

On my IPOD...

Anything from country to screamo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I love Paramore, Flyleaf, Shinedown, Evenescense, and songs that are not on the radio. i only like a couple songs that are played on the radio.

My favorite story on FF...

The Little Girl is what i love most because it reminds me of my own life even though i am niether adopted nor abused, but it feels that way sometimes.

Any other story i like is down there.

Things i am Addicted to...


the song Addicted lol

orange ticktacks -YUMMUY- :D

Soda -sips Mountin Dew-

Twilight -sigh-


Singing -lalalaLAAAAAA-

Reading and writing -duh-

Things i hate...

people who can't friggin write -looks around cauciously- they just bother me if the story is ssssssoooooo sloww or if it goes by way to fast GRRRRRR

people who dis the food i eat -yes if i ate tacos everyday i would be fine-

people who say YOUR SO SKINNY it just means that they know your fat but can't admit to it -but i know i am not fat :D-

the MAN -government- i am hippie all the way

Stephenie Meyer for owning Twilight

The dudes who like to touch my besties butts or mine - happens alot :'(-

I LOVE reviews i am going to write some stories on here once i get them done -and trust me you'll love them-

Thanx 4 reading,



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If He Only Knew How I Feel About Him by hopelessromantic007 reviews
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Air Breather reviews
Anila is a girl who lives with her dad in Paris, Illinois. She lives on a farm with her dog Cookie and a couple niehbors. One night while sneeking out she falls out of one of her favorite trees, but is saved by a magical creature and discovers a new word
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