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Author has written 44 stories for Twilight, Doctor Who, Final Fantasy VII, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ouran High School Host Club, Tenchi Muyo, D.Gray-Man, Soul Eater, Avatar: Last Airbender, and X-Files.

Diving back into writing stories after so long writing short stories and poetry is a little like eating a continental breakfast the morning you've stopped dieting. Wonderful, filling...and a bit overwhelming.

My interests are so numerous and varied I can't even really begin to list them here, but I'll read anything, listen to anything, and watch...well, almost anything. :)

I do plan to write a more descriptive profile entry eventually, but right now I think everyone would rather me focus on my stories. :)

I've decided to make it clear here that I own none of the copyrighted characters that I play with. But sometimes the voices in my head get lonely, so I go out and borrow company for them. However, I always put them right back where I found them, I promise. grins

07/04/2009: HUGE thank you to the person that posted my name and work as a fanfic suggestion on rock!! Whoever you are, iluvcullens, you're so cool. :) What a super 4th of July present!

02/10/2010 Wow. Time truly gets away from you when real life intrudes. However, I thought I'd take a moment and do a general explanation of my Ages series, since I have had quite a few people ask me about them.

The first Book is Ages of Innocence, and deals mostly with Bella's awakening to herself, to who she truly has the potential to be. The second, Ages of Desire, is more of a set up about her interactions with the Cullens, and how certain events have the ability to change everything. The third, still in progress, is Ages of Conflict, which delves deeper into various subjects, a lot of dark matters and thoughts, and controversial issues as well. I don't quite know where it will end as it's still running in my head, but as soon as I know, so will you all. :-D

I hope that clears up some of the confusion about the order in which to read the Books. And I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I am. :)

03/16/10 So having determined that my earlier chapters are in desperate need of reformatting, I plan to undertake this as soon as I can without interfering with the little time I have anymore to actually write. In the meantime, I hope to post current and future chapters in a more organized and readable (not to mention less confusing) format. Freaking text editor. Makes me wish my personal site hadn't been shut down, 'cause I'd just link everyone to that so they can read it as I intended. But Brinkster had to go and be jackoffs, and erase my site from existence, so no luck there. Managed to get all my 3d artwork on a Facebook profile, but I'm leery of loading my writing there as well. So I guess it will stay here, and I'll just have to take the time to fix things. :-D

05/02/10 I just noticed that, as far as the Ages series goes, Intensity is the most read Book of the bunch. Not that I blame's my favorite as well. I just love going back to see how many people have enjoyed the series. As I've just started Ages of Anticipation, and have high hopes for it, I thought it would be nice to take a trip down memory lane and re-read the comments, questions, and otherwise awesome correspondence I've gotten over the many months that I've been posting here. It's been a wonderful jaunt, and I can't begin to express how much it all means to me.

I do have to say that I apologize most heartily for my lack of updates on my other stories. Redefining Good, Heart's Truth, and The Ties That Bind, while on hiatus for the moment, are not abandoned or forgotten. I can't imagine creating such worlds and then simply leaving them there, unresolved. However, Ages is my true driving force at the moment, and I have to see it through to the end, wherever that may be. Rest assured, though, that once my Evil Plot Bunnies have ceased to run me ragged creating new and unusual experiences for the Cullens, that I will be returning to the other stories that mean so much to me. :)

08/03/11 Anyone who has read my recent Ages posts know that I recently had to have my cat, Smurf, put to sleep. In honor of my friend, I've decided to write his biography, and I invite anyone who is interested to join me in a walk through his life. 5 'Til Destiny: The Story of Smurf

8/08/12 So diving back in to Ages is a bit like jumping into a swimming pool in the blistering summer heat...shocking and gasp-worthy at first, but feels really good once you adjust. I've been occupying myself doing genealogical research through the centuries to build the background for the series and its characters, and I think I've finally mapped it out. Once I'm done writing the story, I plan to put up a multi-picture flowchart as to how it all fits together...flowchart as it will make it easier to understand (I think; I hope). I've also managed to tack together a bit of an outline to help me keep my thoughts straight as this story gets more involved, 'cause if I get confused, I can't imagine what the result will be. Though I have to admit, getting anything set is a bit like nailing Jell-O to a chihuahua...

Also, yes, I have noticed the lack of smut in recent chapters. Odd, that - y'know, that the author would notice the content of her writing. *grins* Don't worry, there will be more, but now that Bella has her connection to the Cullens, it's time to see the story itself instead of just the randy bits. That's not to say I'll be leaving them completely high-and-dry, though...I think they'd mutiny and assassinate me if I tried.

Meanwhile, if anyone reads my other stories, I'm proud to announce that The Ties that Bind is completed. Thank you to everyone who's read and enjoyed it. I had fun playing with that plotline for a while. :) I might come up with future WhoFics, but for now, that fandom is going to take a break. I need to learn to complete one thing before jumping into another.

I think that's all for now. Will update more if anything changes. :)

11/15/12 I've been so happy to be able to work on Ages once more, and upload things in a more timely manner. Hoping this trend will be able to continue. At any rate, anyone who's been following Ages recently will understand why I'm posing a pic of Lili on my Deviantart site. So for anyone interested...follow the happy little link. :)

Lili Noelani

1/7/13 So apparently my Evil Plot Bunnies have come back with a vengeance to help me kick off the new year. Chapter updates on Ages, several new anime one-shots, and an OHSHC multi-chapter story have crept out of the woodwork to entertain everyone. Where this sudden burst of creative energy is coming from, I don't know, but I refuse to look a gift horse in the mouth. :) Hope everyone's new year is starting off awesome and stays that way!!

1/31/13 It's been so nice to be able to write and post on a fairly regular basis again. It's like a warm snuggly blanket when the icy winter wind is howling outside. And I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful reviews and messages. I'll be honest - not a single friend I have IRL - not one - has ever read my stuff...not because I don't want them to, but because none of them read fanfic. I say they're missing out, but - well, what are you gonna do? At any rate, it makes all of you readers infinitely precious to me. I write for myself, but knowing others enjoy my stories as well is such a boost I can't even describe it. You all know what I the inbox notification of a new review or favorite or follow can absolutely make your day. I don't ask for reviews and I never will, because ultimately I feel my writing should speak for itself. If you like it enough to tell me, that's awesome, and I treasure every note. At any rate this profile update was pretty much just to say thank you to all of you, everyone who has supported or enjoyed my stories. Because in the end, you all are as important - if not more so - as my tales. Without an audience my words would be nothing more than ink-spattered paper. No story can exist without a person to tell it...and someone to hear it. So, thank you, thank you, and thank you. :)

In other news...I wish Tucson had a fanfic appreciation group. That would be awesome. LOL

2/5/13 So since I've gotten a lot of PMs asking my preferences, I thought I'd post my favorite ships here. In no particular order:

Harry Potter: Severus and Hermione. Why? I love Ron, I really do...but I know what it is like to be Hermione. I always was in school, and I still am today. And I know for a fact that no matter how much she loves Ron, love isn't everything in a relationship. I can't see the two of them sitting by firelight and discussing anything that interests her, not because he's dumb or anything, but because they just don't have the same interests. I can't help but feel that she would be more suited to someone who was her peer in intelligence, who shared her interests, who could give her the conversation and the insight and share the things that matter to her. Someone who could meet her on equal ground, who could keep up with and even challenge her. Hermione wasn't cut out to spend her life as nothing more than a wife and mother - she was someone with the scope and vision and wherewithal to do something, the drive and determination to make things happen. She wants to learn and grow and know things. I can picture her and Ron being very close friends, best friends even, through their entire lives, but I know from my experiences being someone like her that mutual friendship and admiration, no matter how strong, isn't enough for a happy and lasting relationship if you can't hold a decent conversation with the person. I see Severus as being that type of companion - someone who would celebrate her triumphs, who would challenge and taunt and pry until she'd succeeded. Someone who knows the pure ecstasy that comes with knowledge, who loves the quiet moments where all one needs is a good book. Yes, in canon, Snape is dead. But there's a reason I love fanfic.

Twilight: Bella and almost anyone but Edward. See, Edward is a great character, but really, he's got the two-dimensional thing down pat. He's really not much more than a ball of angst and insecurity wrapped in an inferiority complex and drizzled with self-deprecation. He could have been developed so much farther, but he wasn't. Time and again he acted in what he felt was Bella's best interests, but ignored what she really wanted, her hopes, her dreams. What kind of relationship is that? The sheer amount of disrespect he had for her as a stable, mature human capable of making her own decisions made me want to punch him in his perfect mouth more often than I can say. He ignored her desire to be changed because of his own beliefs on the subject. He continually made decisions for her and kept things from her based on what he thought was best. Hell, he wanted her to kill their baby because he felt it was wrong and that it would kill her first. I'm not saying any of his thoughts weren't valid, but rather than he never considered her thoughts - that, as a partner in a relationship he should have worked to be a partner, not a dictator. Relationships are about compromise, about listening to the other person and trying to understand them even if you don't agree with them. Bella wasn't perfect, not by a long shot, but she had a mind of her own, the ability to think for herself...and he kept treating her like a child that had to be shielded and protected from the world. Sweet, kind of stalker-ish at times...but by god, if my man ever tried to pull the shit with me that Edward repeatedly did with Bella, I'd have fed him his own balls for breakfast a long time ago.

Soul Eater: No specific ships here, but I do have a fondness for Maka and Stein. Why? Because I have a bit of a thing for the whole student/teacher connection...and the man is seriously hot. Although Maka and Soul is sweet, and Maka and Kid is...a very yummy thought. Don't have much opinion of Maka and Black Star...mainly because the continual ego wanking that he does gets on my nerves a bit sometimes. I do like Maka and Tsubaki...that's very awesome if written well.

D. Gray-Man: Tyki. 'Nuff said. Seriously, though, Tyki and Lenalee make a very sexy pair. And I do have to admit that there's something about Allen's wide-eyed innocence that makes me want to just wreck him. Especially if I can have Road there to help. Kanda's hot but that's more a voyeurism thing for me...I have a Very Big Weakness for men that can swordfight...and he's just so damned pretty. Especially when his hair is down and he's all disheveled. Mmmmm.

Ouran Host Club: Haruhi and...well, everyone. I think she's got a good rapport with all of the other hosts, and there's something alluring about each and every one of them. I'm partial to Haru/Honey, because he's such a fun character to write and I think he's got a lot more depth than was actually shown. Haru and the twins would be the guilty pleasure because - well, seriously. Redhead twins with those bedroom eyes? How can you not pair them with each other and with her? Haru/Mori is a wonderful, warm, fuzzy pairing, and once again I feel Mori got a bit overlooked as you know there's more behind his silences then apathy. Haru/Tamaki is just...beautiful. It's cute, sweet, and funny, and you can just feel the romance and the laughter. Haru and Kyoya...that appeals to my darker side. He's definitely got a kind heart under all that manipulative Shadow King flair...but that flair is sooo appealing, and you know he would just love taking control, because that's what he does best. Umehito and Kasanoda are awesome characters, and I can easily see each of them with Haruhi, but not in a novel-type story. I see them better in one-shots, little glimpses of what life could be.

Doctor Who: huge fan of 10/Rose, also partial to 9/Rose though not as much. I just love the chemistry that exists between 10 and's sweet, it's moving, and ultimately it's angsty and sad and you just want to cry for them. I think 11 and Amy make a great little PWP pair, and I may find some way to write one with them, but I'll always be a 10/Rose fan at heart.

Tenchi Muyo: Tenchi/Washu, because as much as I love Ryoko - and I do, she's one of my favorite characters - I think she whines a bit too much around Tenchi and if I were him it would annoy the bloody hell out of me. Also, I really don't like Ayeka. Well, I like her, but I just don't see her and Tenchi together. She's one of those people I could handle in small doses. But something about Tenchi's quiet peacefulness and Washu's quiet intelligence (you know, when she's not being all manic-super-genius-y) just works for me. Also, HUGE fan of Sasami/Kamidake. I mean, seriously, when the knights wake up and she looks up at him with those enormous eyes and all that trust...I flash back to a line from The Flight of Dragons: (paraphrased) "I promised myself I'd fall in love with her when she got older." It's such a sweet moment and I can so totally see those two together down the line.

Final Fantasy 7: Sephiroth. 'Nuff said. My first, and strongest, and perpetual fictional crush (if one doesn't count Raistlin Majere, which for the sake of this listing I won't)...tall, strong, beautiful, deadly, and deranged. Just the way I like 'em. Plus, he has an ENORMOUS sword. Some would say that could be considered compensation. I say, for a man like Sephiroth, it's not compensation - it's advertisement.

Avatar: Katara/Zuko. It's a perfect balance: fire and water. He needs someone to remind him to be optimistic. She needs someone who's not afraid to speak his mind to her. He needs a partner to stand by him, as an equal, to help share the burden of leadership and to be by his side through everything. She's strong enough to take anything the role of leading the Fire Nation dishes out. I really don't see Katara/Aang as a valid possibility, honestly. She's spent so long mothering him that to switch to a romantic role would just be...odd. And, let's face it - he's a confused, insecure 12-YEAR-OLD MONK. Yeah. The thought of him and Katara kind of weirds me out (funny, considering some of the stuff I am okay with, right? I know). Besides...Zuko jumped in front of a lightning bolt to save her. He was willing to sacrifice his own life for her. Aang wouldn't even sacrifice one psycho nutjob with delusions of grandeur to save the whole world. You can't tell me that having Ozai alive and in prison doesn't cause more problems than just having Ozai dead would have. Even without his bending, that bastard is still dangerous. Fucking Aang. I love ya, kid, but you need to take some practicality lessons from...well, freaking everyone. I do like Toph/Aang, though. She would ground him (heh), and he could teach her to lighten up (heh heh). I can so picture those two married with kids at some point in the future. But really, Katara and Zuko belong together.

I think that's it for now. I'm sure I have more ships, but this covers my main obsessions at the moment. :-D

03/03/13 Well, I finally managed to get a fictionpress account started. It's under Corianin as well, though as of this minute I only have one short story and one starting chapter of an unfinished work posted. If anyone wants to see what I write about when I'm not playing with other peoples' characters and worlds...that would be the place to go.

04/26/13 I do apologize for the lack of updates. Between being hit with a nasty sinus infection, and real life catching up with me, I just haven't had a chance to type anything up. Never fear, though, I won't leave you all hanging! It just may take me a few more days to get my ducks in a row.

05/24/2013 So today was the official first day of Phoenix Comic Con! Wahoo! For anyone who may be planning to attend (though I know it's a long shot), my hubby's table is 1836...feel free to drop by and wave at me. I'm almost always there. :)

Today has been eventful, but the biggest thing that happened was that, after the con ended for the day, John Barrowman walked by me at my table and actually spoke to me. John. Fucking. Barrowman. I wasn't sure if I was going to jump him or swallow my own spleen. But as I haven't been arrested for assaulting Captain Harkness, I guess the spleen thing won out. Still...John Barrowman. *SQUEE* If nothing else memorable happens at all this con, I will still go home one very happy kittie girl. However, right now I am one very sleepy kittie girl, so it's time to go get some sleep. Peace out!

07/02/2013 July already. Wow. It seems time is flying not on a daily basis...days drag, especially when I'm at work. But months seem to be disappearing on me. It's strange.

So I have a hypothetical question, for anyone who might read my profile...not sure if anyone actually does, but here goes anyway. I am currently working on a full-length original novel. It's essentially supernatural fantasy, with some romance, some drama, likely some's a bit of everything, really. I am - well, I am notoriously picky about letting people read my original stuff. As in, it rarely happens. Especially if the item in question is unfinished. But enough people on here are familiar with my writing style now that I feel it would be safe to ask: if I were to, say, upload a couple chapters from the beginning of my book onto my FictionPress site, would anyone be interested in reading it? I find I'm kind of desirous of feedback at least on the intro to my story, just to see what kind of response it might get. Granted, this idea might take a bit as I recently revamped the direction of the tale mid-chapter and had to essentially go back and rewrite five entire chapters to accommodate my new ideas, but it's something I was wondering. If anyone might be interested, feel free to drop me a line or whatever and let me know. It's looking to be another month or so before I'd be posting anything.

Okay. I now return you to your regularly scheduled non-original fiction browsing. Enjoy!

09/04/2013 I just want to apologize for the lack of updates lately. I don't have much of an excuse at this point, except that I'm kind of in a...well, a not-so-great place mentally, and it's affecting everything I'm creating. I do have another chapter of Strange Paths almost typed up, and WaterFlame's next chappie is about half written, so I'm hoping on my next run of days off (whenever that might be, I have no idea at the moment. Freaking work schedule) I can get those tossed up here for all y'all. But rest assured I'm working my hardest towards getting my shit together. I know you guys miss the stories. So do I.

08/01/2015 Just when things start going better and my muses have decided to grace me with their presences again, something else slaps me. Let's see, in the last year I lost my job, got another one, that company closed and laid us all off, spent months looking for work again, and now that I have a good job that isn't likely to go anywhere any time soon, and finally have the money to pay off the medical bills I've accrued in the past two computer drive crashes irreversibly and I lose all of my writing. ALL. OF. It. Why? Because I used to have it backed up on Dropbox, but then I deleted it temporarily to redo my folder scheme and never remembered to re-upload anything. So yeah...years of work, both fanfic and originals...gone. Now the only place any of my stuff exists digitally is on this site, Fiction Press, and the occasional chapter or short I sent to friends to read. It's gonna take me MONTHS to recompile everything again. And there's no way to get back the most recent nine chapters of my novel, and I'm going to have to rewrite the chunk I had done for WaterFlame...I lost my outlines and guides for the Ages series...I just want to rip out my hair and curl into a ball and gorge myself on white russian cupcakes, all at the same time. :-P So, in short, yes I am still alive, but this is a major, major setback. I have no plans to abandon any of my stories. I love them, the worlds and the characters, all far too much to just toss them aside. But it is going to be a rough road trying to figure out how in the hell to recover from this latest debacle. I sincerely thank everyone who's stuck with me, all the PMs and well-wishes. It means so very much to know that somewhere out there there are people who still know I exist and might actually give a crap if I fall off the planet. Just bear with me a little longer, my friends, and I will try to make the result worth the wait. And thank you all, so very much.

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