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Hi guys,

I'm never really sure what to put on these, but this is my best attempt (apologies if I've missed out anything important).

Name: Rachel

Age: 23

Location: UK

Stories: I tend to write mostly gen fics. Acting is my first love, and I think that probably shows in the fact that I most enjoy reading and writing stories that explore characters. I am currently in the process of writing a series of chaptered fics. They're all stand alone but they also act as a sequel for one or more of the characters in my first fanfic Aftermath. Other than that I cowrite The Last 100 Days URL: with my good friend Moiranne Rose (it's just been short listed in the best tragedy category at the Genesis Awards - Yay!)

I'm just really here to learn from you guys, to grow as a writer (hopefully!) and to have fun. If you choose to review any of my stories please don't hesitate to leave concrit. I love it, and certainly won't be offended.

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I just wanted to take a moment to promote the Genesis Awards website. I got involved after The Last 100 Days was nominated and found it a really friendly and welcoming place to discuss fanfic, Final Fantasy and other random thoughts as well as to nominate favourite stories for awards. If you're interested it's based at

Update: I just wanted to give a quick apology to any readers that happen to find their way here. I haven't forgotten about my stories or dropped off the face of the Earth, but I am finding it difficult to get decent stretches of computer access. Updates are in the works for To Be A Turk and The Last 100 Days though. Thank you for your patience. You guys are great!

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CONCLUDED OCTOBER 17TH! What should have been an average inspection in Wutai goes drastically wrong, leaving Sephiroth to the mercy of those who have none. As Zack refuses to give up on his dear friend, a mysterious nemesis works behind the scenes.
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What About Now? reviews
With Sephiroth defeated and Meteor no longer a threat, Cloud finds it hard to slip back into a normal life. He looks for comfort in his memories of a friend.
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To Be A Turk reviews
Embittered by the events of Crisis Core and the demands of ShinRa, Tseng struggles to come to terms with what it really means to be a Turk.
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Story of events prior to FF7 and immediately following Crisis Core. Focuses on the response of Cloud, the Turks and SOLDIER to events at the end of Crisis Core. No pairings intended except unrequited Cissnei/Zack.
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