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Author has written 6 stories for Maximum Ride, Twilight, Harry Potter, and Inuyasha.

This is the sign for our 'floven'. Flock mixed with coven, cause we're birdie vampires. Me and Luna made it.

(7-7-08) Hey! I'm Dusk, you may know me from my other profile, Duskgrowlthevampire. Ummm... Check that one out if you want info on me. I will be writing the drama-ish stuff.

ANd I'm V! I'm completly bubbly and hyperactive. Vibrates with hyperness for a moment any way...i'll probably talk a lot. No really... a lot. YOu may know me from my account VampiressE12B! Yuppers! thats me! Me and Duskers got a shared account!

V, you talk, a lot. I will also refer to her as Blixie somtimes. I'll always talk in bold. Errr... I don't like to talk as much as Blixie.

So if you need to know anything like which ships we support you can ask me, 'cause not only do i love to talk to freaking EVERYONE!! but also... i type faster. HAAHA!!

Suuurrreeeee, mock me why don't cha?! GROWL!! By the way, I will growl... a lot. I have different growls though, on my other pro. Blixie, tell them pairings we support in the lines below.


Maximum Ride: Fax, Niggy, Bliggy, Nuzzy, (sometimes) miggy, Dalco, Bludge, Klazzy, and Rangel.

Some of the MR pairings are unknown to everyone... for now...



(7-9-08) Me and V are now thinking about Collision Course as the title, seeing as after we put up the poll and saw Collision Course losing we both got very sad. By the way, V's computer doesn't always get on the internet, but mine does, so I might answer faster. Bye. (growl)

(7-10-08) Thats right, my computer is a betch and it SUCKS!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! how'd ya like my Dusk impersanation heh heh?? lol.


(7-11-08) I would like to thank everyone that read Collision Course. THANKS!! No purring until you review though. Bye. (growl)

(7-19-08) Purrrrrr. We have 3 reviews now! Sure, one is from Blixie, but hey, it's a review. Special thanks to raven at midnight and Cupid's Jinx. YOU ROCK!! In other news, V and I went to a twilight discussion and I told her there would be one Mike fan there. She said no, because no one likes him because he's a stalker. Then we had the whole who is better Jacob or Edward thing and there was ONE MIKE FAN!! V thinks I'm psychic now. Haha, fun. Can you tell that I'm bored? Bye people of fanfiction! (purr)

(7-24-08) Have you read Collision Course yet? If you haven't, YOU BETTER START READING!! Thank you to the 22 people still reading the story. Have you guessed the pairings? If so, you won a... VIRTUAL COOKIE!! PM me to choose your flavor of cookie. I'm bored again. Sigh... soooooo... I don't have a story to tell. Well, for the fun of it, I'll tell you the werecub story. So, me and V were at a park and we were supposed to be watching a movie there. Instead we decided to walk around the park over and over and over again. After many different topics we got to why we hate Jake. Which led to what Jake would look like as a baby, a werecub! We said werecub at the same time which is why it made us crack up. Bye. (growl)

(7-30-08) Hey! Just here to tell you about our first Twilight story! Jonathon the Baby's not Yours! It's based off a real event that took place. Meaning me and V went on pirates online and did just that. I crack up thinking about it!! I wish I could see the look on some of the peoples faces! And, Swashbuckler is a real friend of ours on pirates! Although, he went along with it when we did it to him. Solomen Hexhawk is real too! He literally came out of no where and went, "I LOVE U PIRATE!!" It was hilarious!! Anyway, as for Collision Course we are working/starting on the next chapter. It should be up soonish... Hopefully you have figured out the pairings, they are pretty obvious now. 'Till next time, bye! (growl)

(8-9-08) Hey. Sorry for lack of updates but I believe V is working on the next chapter of Collision Course. We read Breaking Dawn, and I thought it was AMAZING! And now Blixie is being really possessive over Iggy. Seriously, she has a picture of Nudge and Iggy and she cut Nudge out! Twas very funny. Bye! (growl)

Uhh, I cant beleive she told you that. Oh well, at least she didnt tell you that said picture is my computer background...OMG!! puts hands over mouth -Blixie

(8-26-08) ENTER OUR CONTEST NOWWWWWW!! And I know- You all hate me for trying to kill Blixie. Deal with it. Well I have good news!! WE HAVE A PLOT FOR COLLISION COURSE!! WOOOOO!! Hehehe- I'm soooo evil, I'm not telling you what it is. But I will tell you that we thought of it while walking to a gas station- That is pointless, but I thought I'd tell you. Ya see that pole up there? Vote. Now. Well, bye! (growl)

(9-29-08) Sorry for the lack of updates. Me and V have school and other stuff so we can't update as often. As for Collision Course, I'm working on that. We have contest entries!! YYYAAAAAAYYYYY!! We hope to get those soon. Now we have an Inuyasha story! And V can't spell tetsaigu or Sesshoumaru. I had to look those up though. I mean really? How could anyone guess how to spell those?! Bored... Anyway, happy reading! (purr)

(10-14-08) V's really ticking me off. She hasn't updated in forever. I KNOW she's been on the internet, and yet she still hasn't updated it. I've been nagging her about it. She better not give me more crap about not being able to get on the internet because I've gotten EMAILS from her. The nerve!! GGGGGRRRRROOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLLL (Look up that one on my pro.)

(12-23-08) Sorry for the lack of updates. We've had very little inspiration and Blixie here lost one of the very funny chapters! Uhg... Anyway... It's the holidays so we probably won't be doing much updating for a little. On the other hand, if you are interested in any of our individual stories, you could read those. We also have fictionpress accounts, I'm Dusk the dark vampire, and she's Hehe-Blixie. We've both got stories on that, so that's another option if your bored and want to read some fantasy. Boredom combined with lack of inspiration sucks... See ya. (growl)

(3/17/09) Obviously youre all confused about that whole Dusk being a prostetute thing, i'm here to EXPLAIN IT!! i know, shocking. lol. Well she and sarah were singing this song and i was sitting right in between them looking back and forth. And Sarah's all "Somthing bout i could love you..." And Dusk is all "The only way you could love me baby is to pay a lovely fee.." i started cracking up yelling "DUSK YOUR CHARACTOR IS A TOTAL PROSTITUTE!!" and i just kept laughing...and lauging...and then i said. "i'm tottally telling our readers that.." however i dont think she ever expected me to actually do it...oh well!! lol ~Blixie

(6/24/09) From now on i'm going to type in italics because i dont like underline anymore. I dont know why...but i just dont like Look a purple squirll.~Blixie

(6-24-09) (points) Look a purple squirrel! -Winces- Too many typos in Blixie's update...(GROWL)

is that how you spell squirrel?~Blixie

Yes Blixie, it is... Spelling retard...(growl)



Awwww...(hangs head and sniffles in sadness) Oh and I just realized...I've had a good computer now for about ten months 0.o i just never mentioned it XD but we still hav'nt really been writing much for collision course :( I'll get on with the next chapter soon and one of my friends ahem...gave me an...idea for another chaper 0.o...IF YOU'RE GOING TO ADD ME ON FACEBOOK, SEND ME A MESSAGE WITH YOUR SCREEN NAME. I WILL NOT ADD YOU IF I DONT KNOW YOU, GOT IT?

-V and Dusk

P.S. Copy and paste this into your profile if you've ever locked yourself out of a house...on purpose.

Copy and paste this if you have ever been entranced by railroad tracks.


"Betch" V and Dusk

"Go glow kid, go!" V

"Lovely." V and Dusk (But mostly V)

"Betch Turtle"- V and Dusk

"If I had a million dollars,"-V (Silence) Laughter-V "What the heck Blixie?!"-Dusk "I would buy you an ostrich that will eat you alive with cheese!"-V Laughter-V and Dusk

"This bouncy ball shall help me take over the world."-Dusk (It will. It will bounce down your throat and choke you!! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!)

"I like cheese burgers."-V and Dusk (In a funny accent thing)

"Erwyinnnmnnznnwxyqqnnuabcdefgnexttimewon'tyousingwithmepictureofapurplesquirrel, is how you spell my name!"-V

"Everything I own is either named Ignatious, Fang, or Iggy." i.e, cactus=Ignatious frog=Fang hat=Iggy-V

"Dusk you are so evil you will be the LORD of Lord Voldemort, you know you will it's your secret goal in life."-V

"Awww a werecub.."V and Dusk

"Quit playing with your barbie dolls on the kitchen floor you god damn BETCH!"- Dusk, in a british accent

"I shall call him Franz Ferdinand the third becuase the first was shot and the second disspaeared 'mysteriously' in a scuba diving accident!" -Blixie

"Neverland is actually an experimental facillity for Botox..."Blixie and Daytona.

"Peter Pan doesnt need any more pixie dust, its been permanatnly infused with his DNA..."-Blixie

Interesting Moments! (echo: moments moments moments...)

I talk With MY hands Too Much- Dusk-(waving arms around) "I talk with my hands a..."(notices hands, puts them down.)"...lot."

I FEEL SPECIAL!- Man at frie counter-"Hey!" Dusk-"he's yelling at us! I feel special!"

Muffins-Some random person said that there were muffins. Everyone went silent and looked at each other, then, "MUFFINS!!"-About twelve people ran for the muffins, V and Toni in front, with Dusk close behind. "These are heavenly muffins!"-V "This was the muffin raid of 2008."-Dusk.

Mu hat- V-"I always walk out infront of cars when i'm at this mall."(Hat,which is adowable! blows into the parking lot)"Oh shit!"(runs out in the middle of the ROAD, grabs hat, and runs back.) "Told ya."

Horny Hat-Toni is wearing a band hat and a tiara, Dusk is wearing a hat with horns. "I'm a band princess!"-Toni. "I'm horny."-Dusk. Laughter. (A week or two later...) "WHERE'S MY HORNY HAT!?"-Dusk, has a little mental breakdown. "My hat..."-Dusk

Green Lemons- "They should make green lemons."-V "Blixie there already are."-Dusk "What?"-V "They're called LIMES."-Dusk "Ooooohhhh. Darn it. Someone beat me to it."-V

Lead- "You know the things that have lead in them?"-Dusk "Uhhh, pencils?"-V "NO!! THE LEAD CONTAINER THINGYS!!"-Dusk

Well, YOU enjoy your job- Dude who works at a toy shop-(playing with remote control car) Dusk-"well, i see you enjoy your job." Dude-"These things are hard! Wanna try?" V-"sorry, but we're on a mission."

Typos- V-(makes about a MILLION typos) Dusk-laughing. V-"Shut up!" (You should have seen how many typos there were!!)

Word Association:


1.Fang=Fang 2.Iggy=Iggy 3.waffles=waffles 4.floven=flock 5.wind=When the Wind Blows 6.magazine=Max 7.lamp=elephant 8.tree=Erica 9.flower=Jessica 10.leaf=tree 12.cowboy=cowboy hat 13.vampire=Fang 14.white=snow 15.pancake=butter 16.100=what the hell? 17.sweet=streetlamp 18.Pokemon=cards 19.wolves=Darien 20.wood=forest 21.strawberry=Strawberry Shortcake(cartoon character) 22.string=rope 23.rule=ruler 24.moon=cheese 26.ear=lobe 27.butterfly=flying butter 28.willow=pillow 29.pillow=sleep 30.dawn=Dusk 31.eraser=evil 32.Dusk=evil 33.tonuge=kung fu 34.bookmark=Border 35.monkey=skunk 36.challenge=Total Drama Island 37.goth=dock 38.bee=Fang 39.stripe=zebra 40.sun=Fang 41.t-shirt=smiley face 42.barbie=evil 43.Voldemort=Barbie 44.charge=Charlie 45.unicorn=Charlie

Dusk's Results

Shoelace- Shoe Catapult- Rocks Hippo- potemas CD- Ateen Sharipie- fun Fang- hehehe Hat- fat Ignatius- fire Mouse- computer Crayola- yellow Blue- red Note book- horrah Mug- coffee Lady bug- eye Soccor ball- spots Paper clip- paper Microsoft- computer Brenna- your sister? Gum- Chew Masks- Hide Limo- zean My ear hurts- ow? Rainbow- hat Green- yellow Hoodie- sweater Coat hanger- coat Wallpaper- wall? Tinsel town- silver Birdie- kids Iggy- ignatious Falco- yyyaaaayyy Cowboy hat- horse Street lamp- light Lady and the tramp- spagetie Meatballs- Meat Jessica- FLOWERS!! Petals- Flowers?? Blaze- fire Slingshot- rocks Rocky- white Keyboard- letters Alphabet soup- vegetable Waffles- panckakes pancakes– IWOP Hyper- fun

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