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Needless to say, I am Anacrusis. I feel no need to ruin the Adonis-like image you have of me, so I shall not describe myself. That, my dear friends, is what we call sarcasm.

I happen to be sixteen years of age, and I write. I believe I am a talented writer and if you beg to differ, by all means go ahead. But please don't pop my ego.

If I do ever publish a book, which is my goal in the long run, I promise it will be epic. I have been writing for a little over four years and only recently have I progressed to the hey-maybe-I-have-a-knack-for-this stage. I'm working on a book called Running Ink and who knows, maybe you'll see it on the shelves one day. I try to at least get 1,000 words a day into my book and the fanfiction is in fourth place for my attention. High school is second and speech team is third.

I love reading fanfictions more than I do writing it. I go on binges of rather odd pairings at random intervals. I've only recently become obsessed with a childhood favorite; The Great Mouse Detective. I absolutely adore Basil.

The Story

It was not that I had taken his life, his heartbeat, or even his memories. It was the fact that there was no light dancing in his eyes. I had taken it away. -Compassion

Compassion was the love child of a very late, sleepless night and the search for one redeeming quality about the book series, Twilight. Yes, it's true. I really do hate the series. I only like Carlisle. He is not a Mary Sue. He has faults.

I have never been incredibly fond of the books but I am sad to say I live in a world where it is not acceptable to dislike it. And I came across the idea of Carlisle and Edward. You know the phrase "Your first love will be the one you'll always remember." Well, same theory.

I have yet to come to the conclusion on where the story will go as I very recently started it. I've only very recently been introduced to the world of fan fiction although I have been an aspiring author for a few years now. I'm somewhat arrogant when it comes to my writing but that comes with reviewing the work of some of my friends who aren't so great at it, to put it lightly.

I need to find the time to actually write. I'm extremely busy so updates will be slow and sporadic. But I promise you, I will get to it. My fanfictions are never forgotten. I will write them and fall in love, concentrating on nothing else. Even in my subconscious, when I should be paying attention during Chemistry, I think of where my ideas will go.

For those reading Compassion; I'm sorry but when it comes to romance, even gay romanced, I'm never very descriptive. I prefer it that way. But feel free to imagine whatever you wish. The following chapters will be on the Cullens joining the family. I'm still not sure about the whole Esme-Carlisle and Bella-Edward relationship. I, personally, detest Bella but that's me. Maybe she'll reject Edward and regret it later...? I have no idea.

But it is my sincerest hope that you enjoy my slightly demented view on the various fictional worlds in which I live in and keep informed on what I've been writing. And maybe even leave a review. It makes my day.

For those who are wondering about Chapter Six of Compassion: God, I've been so freaking busy recently. Lesson in all of this, children, is that high school is a baaaaad place. Very bad.

As of March 16, 2009: I am alive. I have just lost all willpower to finish Compassion. Not entirely sure why but it is a problem, especially for you readers. My apologies.

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