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Fav fanfics

#1) Powerpuff girls and Rowdyruff Boys (mostly when it's about Bubbles or Boomer)

#2) Wallflower (always looking for updates) Sunako is amazing

#3) Alice in Wonderland (real Alice, cartoon Alice, syfy Alice, or anime/manga Alice, or McGee Alice idc I love them all)

#4) Hetalia (I love Italy, I don't care who he is with as long as he is in love)

#5) Ncis, Csi, Crimnal Minds (sometimes I read them just to be scared)

(from Canzie's page)

"come on guys! let's gp attack the PPGs house! but it'll be a surprise attack!" brick said.
they flew to thier house and rang the doorbell waiting for it to be the powerpuff girls. professor opened the door and they were confused.
"where are the PPGs?" brick asked.
"they are at school." professor said,
"when will they be back?" butch asked.
"3:00" professor responded.
"it's 3:00 now." boomer said.
"forget it. let's try tomorrow." brick said. with that they left.
--the next day--
they knocked on the door. professor opened up.
"where are the girls?" brick asked again.
"they are at school and will be back at 3:00" he replied.
"but it's three now." boomer said again.
"it's always 3:00 with you!" brick said.
"my watch is stuck." boomer said.
"what time is it?" brick asked anybody.
"3:01" boomer said after checking his watch.
"i thought you said it was stuck!!" brick said.
"i said it was stuck, not stuck on three." boomer replied.
brick groaned.

if you think boomer is cute when he acts stupid, copy this on your profile.

I am in the middle of writing a story, who knows it I post it ( i'm a chicken/ shy) of course it's staring Bubbles

Once upon a time, a girl went to bed at ten o'clock one night. At ten thirty,
she felt a feather tickling her foot. Giggling, she pulled her foot away and
looked at the end of the bed, but there was nothing there. Shrugging, she
tried to go to sleep again. At ten forty-five she felt the feather tickling
her foot again. Giggling, and getting nervous, she pulled her foot away and
got out of bed, looking around her room. There was nothing under her bed, and
nothing under the covers. Still afraid, but feeling safer, she locked her
bedroom door and laid down in bed. When her clock flicked to eleven, she felt
two feathers tickling her feet. But, this time she couldn't pull her feet away
or move at all! The girl laid there, laughing and begging for the tickling to
stop. The second the clock struck midnight, the room became even darker and
Hell appeared in the girl's mirror. Chains shot out of the mirror and grabbed
her, pulling her in while the feathers kept tickling her feet. The next
morning, when her parents came in to check on her, they only found a
bloodstained black feather on her bed.

If you read this line, then you have until 10:00 p.m. to send this to all
your friends and post it in your profile!
If you don't the devil will come and tickle your feet at 10:30 and take you
to hell!

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