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NOTICE (April 21, 2010): Okaaay, so much for the March thing I wanted XP Update will be soon though...finishing some chapters tonight and sending them to the lovely Meiling-chan.

...xox, Riva (Rika-chan)

So quick bio... My name is Riva (pronounced REE-vah) and my passion in life is writing and history XD Odd combo, so I've been told...but hey, it's what I am! My favourite anime/manga is CardCaptor Sakura and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, but my latest craze is Shugo Chara!! My absolute FAVOURITE book series is "The Mortal Instruments" trilogy by Cassandra Clare. Clare is a genius with her wicked plot twists, most of which I didn't even see coming. She's a freakin goddess! And how can you NOT adore Jace?! XD...Now, the famous "Twilight" was a good read, but was fussy on HOW it was written -- Bella is such a flimsy character -.- BUT! XD Have begun writing Twilight-FF because it's fantastically fun, so watch out for those :D

Some quick facts:

I'm born n' raised Canadian. My main language is English, but I'm nearly fluent in French and know enough Japanese to get me by. I know SOME (as in VERY basic) Hebrew and Yiddish.

I show dogs, and damn proud of it!! My favourite sports dog showing include agility, obedience and rally obedience. Currently, I show Golden Retrievers, though I don't like the breed much. The Goldens are too over-bred and therefore have too many problems -- hips, elbows, eyes, skin, coat, etc. I am looking forward to getting into Australian Shepherds (my absolute FAVOURITE breed). I grew up with this breed and plan on getting my own in the new year.

I plan to go to university next autumn to major in history. I don't know what I want to do with it, perhaps become a curator. My interests in history are all over the place, but some of my more favourite interests include the Halifax Explosion, the Holocaust, Acadian history, the Titanic, and American Revolution.

I LOATH racism and discrimination of different religions, races, sexuality, etc. Violence, extensive drinking, drugs and abuse (any types) are also major no's for me. They're all vile and need to be stopped. I also HATE it when a man calls a woman a "bitch", for personal reasons. It's the most degrading name he can ever call her, I think. I can't stand it when a man has the audacity to call her such a word, no matter how much she seems to deserve it.

My favourite classes are English, Drama and History...But I hate Math, Chemistry and Physics. Hence the battle between my friends and I -- Arts vs. Sciences XDDD Way too funny. I've been accepted to my first-choice university, and shall be attending it this upcoming fall! YAYZ! I'm pumped! XD

I'm also "Rika" of the EvilClonesRSmexy group.

And check out the link below to see my LiveJournal and Twitter pages, please and thank you!!

Other places to find me...

LIVEJOURNAL (butterflykissu): I'll also be posting updates on here...as well as side notes and whatever else I can think off XD Please add me!! I'll be posting ideas (both CCS and Twilight) on there soon, as well as posting updates on there.

YOUTUBE (butterflyKISSU): Don't make videos, since I don't have the stuff to do that, but I love meeting friends :D Tell me if you've made any cool videos!! I always love adding to my playlist and my very various music taste XD Beleive me...I practically like nearly everything (except I'm fussy on my country)

TWITTER (butterflykissu): Find out what fics I'm working on when and news on updates. Please "follow" me! ...Just please send me a PM on fanfiction and tell me who you are on Twitter, so that way I can accept your follow . Please and thank you!

deviantART (butterflykissu): I like photography, so I began posting some of my photos up on here.

Friends on FanFiction (you should read up on 'em ;)...

1) YamiNoTomoyo: 'Tomoyo'-chan is writing an AMAZING Eriol/Tomoyo story called "The Most Succulent Apple". Even if you prefer SxS and not ExT, or don't normally read ExT...GO READ THIS, NOW! Honestly, I don't real ExT stories either often, but this is freakin' amazing!! I mean, Vampire-Eriol?! What's not to love!! -fans self- Honestly...it's going to be an awesome story! Go read, NOW!

2) swallowingtears: I canNOT get enough of her fic "Accidental Playboy" XDD Oh my word, put together a hormonal/uncertain Syaoran...A sweet/naive Sakura...and then add in the fact that the entire school, community and Sakura herself believes Syaoran's a playboy, and that Sakura wants him, as an experienced friend, to have her firs time...you have a fantabulistic story! XD Way too funny, and a MUST READ!! 'Meiling'-chan is a freakin' genius!

3) absolutefluffiness: This author was actually suggested to me by 'Tomoyo'-chan and if you want something fluffy...this is the girl to go to. Her story, "Slowly, Sweetly" is THE cutest story I've ever read, her others stories coming pretty close to it. Her stories are just...AWW! So cute!! LOL

4) EvilClonesRSmexy: Hehe XDD Just because we're awesome XD...but honestly, the next story going up is going to be AWESOME. I'm not even joking...I am SO excited to get to work on it XD

5) sykilik101: Okay, I DO admit...I haven't watched the anime Pokemon since I was a kid, but 'Takashi's fics are FREAKIN AMAZING! His story, "Sacrifice", is so heartwrenching...I nearly cried. WELCOME TO THE CCS-FANDOM AND OUR WICKED SMUTTY GROUP, EvilClonesRSmexy!!

6) xXShiningShadowXx: One of my most awesome friends, though miss Shining hasn't yet written anything :( Boo...Though she sometimes beta's for me, so all is good XD

So...what are you waiting for?! Click on the links above!!

FanFic Ideas:

CARDCAPTOR SAKURA (SxS) ~ "Maneuver" --
SUMMARY: Syaoran Li needs a bride - but he got more than he bargained for in Sakura Kinomoto, who has a dark but sexy secret. Can Syaoran resist this flower who has certain plans for him too? ...(co-authored with 'Meiling'-chan; swallowingtears! Shall be posted when HRS is done...See my LiveJournal page (above link) to see a short preview!!)

CARDCAPTOR SAKURA (ExT) ~ untitled so far --
SUMMARY: When Syaoran says some nasty stuff to Eriol, he decides to change what Syaoran thinks and he runs to the first woman he sees - The promiscuous Tomoyo Daidouji. Too bad it was a one night stand...or was it? ...(the side story to "Maneuver" but telling the story of Eriol and Tomoyo). This one shall be co-authored with 'Tomoyo'-chan (YamiNoTomoyo!!)


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(...Yes, I like Anais Nin -- Deal with it XD She's an amazing smutty writer XD LOL)

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Maneuver reviews
Syaoran Li needs a bride - but he got more than he bargained for in Sakura Kinomoto, who has a dark but sexy secret. Can Syaoran resist this flower, who has certain plans for him too? -- Co-written with "swallowingtears" ! SxS...Rated M for a reason!
Card Captor Sakura - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 6 - Words: 24,874 - Reviews: 176 - Favs: 101 - Follows: 186 - Updated: 10/29/2009 - Published: 6/27/2009 - Sakura K., Syaoran L.
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previously by xXxCherryBlossomxXx! Ichidou is a place for those who need to clean themselves up of addictions. Syaoran, who is forced to go there, has a dark secret. But is it possible his assigned help also has a secret of her own? Can she help him? SxS
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