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Hi I'm Nezumi1412, also known as Eve, Even Shorter (...avoiding any penis jokes, I am female. It's natural. Got the nickname at a former job.), and Short Trumpet Chick (My devart). I'm also a new member of the Plunny War Prompts, so keep your eyes peeled for my randomness!

My favorite series: Detective Conan, Yaiba, Magic Kaito, and Danny Phantom. I'll prolly only make fanfics about them...Idk

I also happen to like Azumanga Daioh, Bleach, CardCaptor Sakura, Chobits, Death Note, Digimon (seasons 1-5), FMA, Fruits Basket, Evangelion, Haibane Ranmei, Inuyasha, Read or Die, and Harry Potter.

I will post some Plot Bunnies, as well as, maybe, a fanfic that I've been working on.

I hope you all like me. :)

Favorite Characters: Hattori Heiji, Kazuha, Kaitou Kid (isn't he sexy?), Danny Phantom, Yaiba, Onimaru, Shonosuke, Kagetora, Gerozaimon, Sea Cucumber Man, and Kumo-otoko :)

Favorite Pairings:

Shinichi x Ran

Kaito x Aoko

Hattori x Kazuha

Yaiba x Sayaka

Takagi x Sato

Shiratori x Yumi

Mitsuhiko x Haibara (I know she's older, but she may not take the antidote at the end. She has nobody to go back to as Sherry/Shiho. Plus I think Mitsuhiko's such a sweetheart. I think they

Kogoro x Eri

Makoto x Sonoko

Akako x Onimaru (I think they would make an interesting couple...)

Musashi x Obaachan (don't remember her actual...if it was mentioned)

Jodie x Akai (I know what happens to him! Idc! You can make a pairing before that happens too ya know. Trying to avoid spoilers.)

Akai x Akemi

Hakuba x Sonoko (I think that would be cute)

Mitsuhiko x Ayumi (I'd rather have MitsuHaibara, but MitsuAyumi is cute too)

Danny Fenton x Sam Manson

Pairings that I don't like (not exactly least favorite, but there are a few disturbing ones in there):

Onimaru x Hakuba (XD) (might make a plunny or PWP about that)

Kumo-otoko x Onimaru (just a thought)

Haibara x Conan (I know they would make a good couple, and I know she loves him, Not happening. ACK "ducks from HaiCon fans" DON'T HURT ME!! XD)

Haibara x Genta

Kaitou x Shinichi (...though I won't say no to a good fanfic about them, Shinichi would never accept Kaitou for anything more than a thief...or even somebody that looks way too much like him. Their personalities are so opposite that they end up being similar in ways, and that might unsettle our shrunken detective...that and neither of them are like that)

Hattori x Shinichi (again, I won't say no to a good fanfic, but...neither of them are like that.)

Hattori x Kaito (see above)

Kaito/Hattori x Conan (I know Conan and Shinichi are the same person, but I mean Conan when he's shrunk and Shinichi when he's not. And even though he's older in mind, he's not in body. No Shotacon!)

Any character x Mary Sue/Barry Stu (I don't like original characters in fan fiction unless they're like Bystander 1, Soldier A, Suspect/Murderer, Random person #3, some point I'll prolly put my own characters in as Random people, but main characters/supporting characters are a no...)

Possible recurring random OCs of mine (random. never main characters. they have their own stories, but they don't belong on FFnet):

Kat Hanson, Mayumi, Kitsune/Kit, Greg Vanplug, Megan Sebastian, Goldi Lockwood, Jack, Jill, Fantasy, and my newest character: Spencer Bleu!!

Favorite Character to pick on at the moment: Kaito!!

(Elsewhere: Kaito sneezes, causing him to get the ice cream he had been eating all over his nose. Aoko giggles and says something about allergies as she hands him her hankerchief.)

Something about my writing: I don't really like to mess with the actual plots of somebody else's story. I usually just do side stories (When it comes to Conan, though, I might do a side story involving the Black Organization, but it will have little to nothing involving the main plot. Like how the 5th movie was set up) it's not up to me to tell you how Conan takes down the organization. (I do have an idea for an epilogue story though, involving my vision of how the antidote will work)

Uh, oh! Time to go...the plunnies have found me! "Quickly escapes a dog-pile of Plunnies, and, in Kaitou Kid fashion, makes a bee-line for the open window. Diving through it and opening my hang glider to glide to safety, glancing back and freaking out." OMG! THEY HAVE WINGS!! THEY'RE AFTER ME!!

SOUR LEMONZ!! (you don't have to understand it. It's my catchphrase)

(in a hard rocker scream) And the Kaitou comes in the NIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiight!! (thank you, thank you)

From your favorite mouse,


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