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Author has written 7 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Pong, Harry Potter, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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Just in case you'd like to know what my email really is... and to make my profile look more professional *shifty eyes*

I'd love it if you contacted me, and I'd really appreciate it (and prefer it) if your email was feedback on my story. Seriously. Though it wouldn't bother me if you wrote about something else.


I must down to the sea again/ to the lonely sea and sky/ and all I ask is a tall ship/ and a star to steer her by.

Childhood Quotes:

Faeries are always watching and dragons still fly.

The world unimaginable has already been imagined, unless you imagined it yourself.


June 15, 2010: Hello everybody. It's been over a year, hasn't it? I apologize for the inconvenience, for you see, I can be human on occasion, and well, this shows. I can't promise you I am returning to my fanfiction fiascoes of yore, but, I have returned, you see. Something may happen.

April 7(?), 2009: I think it's high time I update, don't you? Meh, having such a hard time concentrating enough to actually WRITE anything. URGH! I apologize my fans ha ha real sorry, maybe later I'll update... maybe...

March 2, 2009: Yes, I realized later that there was no February 29 (unless it's a leap year!). So I published a hilarious Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory fic entitled, "What if Life was a Fanfic?" READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT! It starts off smooth and ends up ridiculous.

February 29, 2009: W00t w00t so I published a story today, only instead of the oneshot I was writing on Friday I wrote a new one today instead of working on my science project... oopsies...
I'm still planning on writing that oneshot I started on Friday. I'm about halfway done with it. Then maybe when I finish I can return to Beauty and the Sneak, finally.

February 27, 2009: OMG UPDATE!! So, once again I have to apologize to my reader's for my lack of updation, but this time I can assure IT WAS NOT MY FAULT AT ALL! This time it wasn't me procrastinating or anything, it was two simple small matters. Ahem, the first one was that our one and only computer broke in the house, and despite the multiple times that my friend's dad attempted to fix it (who's job is to work on and/or fix computers... btw...) it would malfunction like a few days later. Oh, and, there's also a small little ditty about my ex step-dad turning out to be a child abuser...

There's a little hyperlink for you.
Don't worry about me though, I'm fine. See I approach negativity with optomism and forgivness and all of that jazz, and so I emotionally dealt with this situation in a few days, so fast that my mom and her therapist were convinced that I was reppressing my emotions in fact. Then they came up with some bolognie explanation that I might not have any feelings towards the situation at all case Todd was so strict and cruel towards me, seriously, I'd get yelled at if I knocked on the door instead of using my key. Anyways, we moved back into my grandparents house where my gpa has a working computer, and so I'M BACK IN ACTION! W00T W00T! Anyways, I'm going to write a oneshot for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, or Charlie and the... whatever section it is under. lolz. Hmm I can't wait to write some more for Beauty and the Sneak though, but first I have to reread the entire story sooooo...
Happy reading!

December 31, 2008: w00t w00t almost the New Year! Allllll righhhhht! Well, I am majorly procrastinating on my homework by writing my story, so that's good news for people who like my story and bad news for... well... me. Actually, it seems to be bad news because no one is giving me feedback and I'm not getting as many hits on the story as I'd like. Hmm...well, I'm hoping that I'm at leats pleasing SOMEBODY. Ok, that's my news, posted the next chapter, so now w00t w00t there are nine chapter. All right. Going for ten, yaaa.

December 30, 2008: Oh my goodness it is December 30, which means tommorrow is the last day of 2008. Holy fudgenuggets. Wow...Well, anyways, I come bearing good news! I have actually posted the next chapter of Beauty and the Sneak! That's the 8th chapter! AWESOME! I have over 16,000 words. Hmm...wonder how many pages that is. I'm going to go check!
a short time late...
ALL RIGHT! My story, not including page breaks or my authorette's notes at the begginning and end, is 31 pages long! Now, my story INCLUDING page breaks for the chapters, and still not the notes, is... awesome sauce, it's 34 pages. Neato. I'm going to go read other stories now. w00t w00t.

December 29, 2008: So, I've finally been granted enough time to actually write another chapter for Beauty and the Sneak. FINALLY! Thank you for all of those people who actually read the story, and remain enthusiastic about it. I have no clue when I'll update now, but here's hoping that it's soon.
Lawls, I don't even think that anyone even reads my profile, so I don't know why I bother adding news.
No wait, that's a lie, I know of at least one person who reads my profile. Other than that, umm...not sure. Well, as long as one person remains enthusiastic it isn't a total waste of time, so hurray for reading people!

November 13, 2008: Is this the correct date? Well, assuming it is, hello people! Well, I decided I am in fact going to write a fanfic for Osmosis Jones with Thrax in it, no matter how cheesy or unread it is. Trust me, I'm not expecting many people to read it. It's more of a I-want-to-write-it-and-I-don't-care-what-you-think-about-it kind of thing. So, yup, if you bother to read it, enjoy. Hmm, I'm either going to start working on that or continue working on B and the S right now. (Mar 3, 2009: Go on, check my story list. You'll notice it isn't on there. No why? Cause I never started writing it. =) )

November 12, 2008: So, I'm working on the next chapter for B and the S, and I posted the chapter before it already and didn't announce it. No, the news I posted on Nov. 7 is not the same chapter. Hmmm thinking of an Osmosis Jones fanfic. (Mar 2, 2009 I am most definetly NOT writing a fic on Osmosis Jones. Just so you know. heh heh.)

November 7, 2008: Well, today I FINALLY was able to add the next chapter to B and the S. So, enjoy it!

October 26, 2008: Hey pplz!! I just wanted to announce that Seperated is once again on hold. I'm afraid with my production on both B and the S and with Albus Severus and the Violet Eyed Girl I just don't have enough time to update that story too. Sorry!

October 25, 2008: Heyyyyyyy! So, yesterday I started writing the next chapter for Beauty and the Sneak. Today I open my email to find that I've recieved a HILARIOUS review from Starlll, thanks again! Anyways, the new chapter is looking great, so I expect some chuckles and hopefully satisfaction from my readers! Snake finally appears! Yay!

October 22, 2008: Yo! So, today I posted a new story, this one is for Harry Potter. It's going to be a bit more dark than my other stories, and hopefully more into detail and what-not.

October 11, 2008: Hey, sorry all of my fans. I am afraid I haven't been able to update in awhile, owing to computer problems and stuff. Well, hopefully I'll have more time now to update and what-have-you, so if I do, then well...great!

September 30, 2008: Bonjour my dear fans and friends! Today I recieved an email from a fan asking me to continue on with the story "Seperated," which I didn't expect, but still, hurray! As you may or may not know, I halted progress and construction on that story because I had recieved little (actually...if I'm correct none at all, except from my friends) word on how I was doing with the story. Seriously, even if I recieve flames I'm happy, cause that means people actually care. I'd rather have a horrible story than an "ok" story, cause then I could compare the horrible story to other successful stories of mine and see what was different and what made it look so horrible, plus the reviews, or rather, flames really give me constructive critism. However, if I write a story where no one comments and hardly anyone reads, then I don't know what to do, and I'm left in wonder to whether my story didn't look interesting or the characters I had in the story weren't popular characters (my bet for "Seperated") or that I just wrote a bad story.
Anyways, I'm going to write a chapter or two for Seperated, then I'll return to B and the S and alternate from one to the other.

September 27, 2008: All right, chapter 4 is up! For Beauty and the Sneak, of course. Well, good news! Snake shows up in the next chapter! What's going to happen? Only one way to find out! Keep reading, and please review!

September 26, 2008: So, hey everyone! I loaded up chapter 3 for Beauty and the Sneak today. I'm not sure about how it turned out, but I hope it's all right! Thanks for reading!

September 24, 2008: HIIIIIII! So today Beauty and the Sneak officially got over 200 visitors! Yayyyyyy! Also, I'm almost done with the next chapter. That's all for now, keep reading please!

September 23, 2008: Hiya fans and fannettes! So, today I finally get to start writing Chapter three of Beauty and the Sneak! Also, I'm listing a new idea for a fanfic on my "projects" list thing. It's a Harry Potter one. I've been playing with this idea for awhile now.

September 19, 2008: HEYYYYYYYYYYY! So, as of yesterday, Beauty and the Sneak has officially had 100 Visitors! Yayyyyyyyy! The prologue alone totalled up to 97 people, and when I posted chapter one after about 15 minutes I was at 104. Huzzah! Thanks to all my readers and peeps! That's right, I said peeps, deal with it!

September 18, 2008: Hello world with all of it's lovely adventures and magic! It's the 18th today, right? Well, my sybil self and I are really happy, see, I posted chapter two of "Beauty and the Sneak" today! Joy joy joy!! Hopefully people read it and review and stuff, otherwise I won't continue on with it. It seems to be doing pretty good though. =) Time for chapter 3!!

September 13, 2008 continued: Hey guys! If you've been reading my profile, you know who Belle is going to be. Don't tell people! I had to go back and edit my profile to takeout all the parts where I mentioned it. Keep reading plz! And review!

September 13, 2008: Hey pplz! Today I decided on having Gaston be Ganondorf. I thought about him on the begginning, but I wanted Gaston to be someone that a whole bunch of fangirls would chase around. Ah well, Ganon has all of the qualities of Gaston that I'm looking for, except the 'fangirls' thing. Hmm...well, maybe I can figure something out. I'm thinking of either having a lot of pokemon trainer girls follow him around or have a whole bunch of girls from fire emblem follow him. I like the idea of the latter better, because they'd be like, "OMG look! It's Ike! Ohh Ike you are so awesome and what-not and...hey, who's that guy over there? GASP, is he doing MAGIC? There are people from other galaxies that know MAGIC! OMG OMG! AAAAGH!! Let's all stalk him!" You know, typical fangirls. They wouldn't be any specific character from fire emblem, just random nameless girls. As for Le Foo...any ideas? See, King Dedede would make a perfect Le Foo, but he is to large...hmm maybe Ness or Lucas? No wait, I think I have it! Baby Bowser! Yes!! He's the perfect runt! All though why he'd choose to follow Ganondorf and not Bowser...Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...well, maybe Bowser just goes like "hadn't you had enough whatever for one day?" and when he's like "no" Bowser sighs and is like "Go follow Ganon around for awhile." and he's like "Okay!!"
All right, the story is looking pretty good! I've gotten a lot of chapter 1 done on Beauty and the Sneak. The only problem is SCHOOL PROJECTS are getting in the way of time...=P oh well. I mean, school is awesome and everything, but doing a report on the 40's isn't exactly my cup of tea, especially with in-text citation. Well, back to BATS, WOAH! That's awesome! Beauty and the Sneak makes BATS. Well, back to BATS...crud lost my train of thought...oh ya, the chapters are going to be set by scenes, so prologue is prologue, scene one is chapter one, etc. The only problem is I don't know how to name the chapters that are like "scene one reprise," Maybe I won't name chapters, maybe I'll just name the chapters the equivalent of the scene name. For instance, scene one is named "Belle," so I'd name chapter one something similar. Well, I'll think about it, if anyone has any ideas please write to me!

September 12, 2008: Wassup comrads and comrettes? Today I posted the first chapter of "Beauty and the Sneak." As I'm writing the story I'm watching the movie version of Beaty and the Beast, but it's going to be a mix of both the movie and the broadway version. So, basically, if you watch Beauty and the Beast while reading "Beaty and the Sneak" you'll notice that it follows along with each other quite nicely. I need a new Gaston though, unless Roy has a cocky attitude, which he doesn't, and anyways I don't want to portray him in a negative way. I have two of the fire emblem games, and none of them feature Roy (I's been awhile), so my profile on him was really off. Well, I'm going to look for a new Fire Emblem bad guy that's really cocky, so when I find one, he's the guy! I'm looking for an axe-weapon guy, though a swordsmen would be nice too.

September 7, 2008: Hey everyone. Today I came up with a new idea for a Super Smash Bros story. It's going to be a spin-off of the broadway version of Beauty and the Beast. Roy will probably be Gaston and I'm thinking of making Snake the beast, but I have to research more about him first. If I make him the beast the name of the story I'm thinking of is "Beauty and the Sneak."

September 2, 2008 continued: I added another story. This one is epic. It's a story of starting out with nothing and clawing your way to the top, kind of like "Player Two," but better. This one is called "One Word." (mar. 2, 2009: LIES!! it has nothing to do withclawing your way to the top, lolz, I don't know why I put in that note)

September 2, 2008: Hi! I just published my completed story for Pong. It's about 5,000 words and only one chapter. It's called "Player Two" so I hope you read it and enjoy! AND REVIEW!

August 29, 2008: Hello everyone. I am thinking of writing a new story, one for the TV show Cardcaptors. I am not sure what is going to be in it, or the plot, or...anything. No wait I just got an idea. HA! Yay it's a good one. Well, first I should probably finish my pong one. Please review and stuff!

August 26, 2008: Hey, I couldn't log onto my computer for 22 days, so I haven't been able to do anything. Enjoy "Seperated!"

August 4, 2008: Hello! This is my first announcement, MAKE SOMETHING OF IT!! lolz, jk. Anyways, fooling around aside, I'm going to write a new story, one chapter long, for pong. Why? Because I felt like it, and because it's such a ridiculous idea that I had to do it!


Here are some of my ideas for stories. Some of them I'm writing, others I haven't yet done anything. The two stories that I completed aren't listed, because well, duh, they're done. I'm sure you, my genius reader, was smart enough to figure that out! More than I could have done, lolz jk. Anyways, if I complete a story I'll take it off of my projects list. Here are the projects in order of their ideas...I think.

Seperated:(SSBB) A story involving Lucaria (female Lucario), Pit, and Peach as the main characters, with Palutena and Mewtwo as important side characters. Wait, Palutena might not be so important. Anyways, basically, Peach gets trapped in the SSB stadium (Super Smash Bros) when her dimension portal breaks, Pit, in a search for excitement and adventure, ignorantly bans himself from Angel Land, his homeland, and ends up at the stadium, and Lucaria, in search of her twin brother who disappeared awhile back, ends up at the stadium and Mewtwo takes her in as his apprentice. Pit sees Peach and falls in love with her, and they all run into Lucaria. They end up making a band of sorts (not the musical kind) with each other, a friendship triangle thingy. I had halted progress on this for now because the story wasn't very popular, prolly because it involved Peach and Lucario, well really Lucaria, two unpopular characters, I think. For Super Smash stories, I mean. However, I recently recieved mail from a fan asking me to continue on in the story, something I was not expecting, so I shall continue on! One fan is all it takes!

Unknown title: (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) Willy Wonka, from the chocolate factory (no, from the commercials, obviously the factory lolz) falls in love with a girl. She's not a normal sort of girl, she's strange and different. He's all confused with his feelings and stuff, but the point is I absolutely LOVE W.W., the movie version of him at least. This would be rated T, I think, or K+. Or something, I don't really know because I haven't started writing it yet. Don't know if I will. In fact, I doubt I will, because I'm totally enthusiastic for other stuff, but wtvr.

Beauty and the Sneak:(SSBB) An AWESOME story where the beast is Snake from Super Smash Bros. It's awesome, you should read it! This is currently my main project.

Unknown Title: (Cardcaptors) Something involving Sakura and the love card and her love, I forget his name been too long since I've seen the show. Probably she releases the love card in battle against a spirit, but whenever the love card is released an aura of love showers everyone around it, and her feelings for, was it Keron? Multiply by a billion. Then, one day, for whatever reason she and Keron? are trapped in a dark sphere of magic, and Sakura releases a billion cards in attempt to break free, and when she releases the love card her and Keron? start having some very intimate feelings (they don't go all the way, but they get close). Oh, they are like, 17 years at this point. Anyways, before they go all the way the love card interrupts them and it turns out that she is in love with Keron?. AWKWARD!! They don't go all the way ever, because they are responsible, but they SOO want to.

Unknown Title: (Harry Potter) So, I came up with this idea awhile ago: What if a muggle somehow found her way into Hogwarts? FIND OUT!! If I ever write it. I plan on it, so this will probably be my next story. I have much plans for it, anyways.

Finished Stories:

Player Two: Pong

One Word: Pong

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She had awoken in a valley, alone, in the dark, and with no memory of her past. She'd snuck into the castle nearby, only to find it was a school. She had hidden in a bathroom, only for a few boys to point wands at her. "James, I think she's a muggle!
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It's epic. A story of its own. Just one word:
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He'd always been second best. He ran away and became a rebel. His life became filled with moments of him leaving friends and areas for good, alone. Suddenly, he gets introduced to a new and exciting sport: Pong. That very day, Player Two signs up.
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Pit is trying to prove himself and find the point of existense. Meanwhile Peach ends up trapped in the Brawl stadium. They meet, but under a life threatening circumstance caused by angry Lucaria on the search for her twin brother! It's different, enjoy!
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