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Hello Everyone! I have been a fanfic writer for awhile now. From middle school, now in college. I started writing fanfics for Star Ocean. After playing through it, I didn't feel the game did the Fayt X Maria fic justice, so I wanted to extend their story!!

I absolutely loved till the End of Time, its story and characters just seemed to resonate with me, more so than any Final Fantasy or KH or any RPG to be honest. I love writing stories, ideas always pop up in my mind. But I choose to refrain from touching a story if I cannot completely resonate with it. Or if I feel that it isn't my story to tell. So far I have only written Star Ocean fics. However, I feel the same connection with stories such as Naruto. I feel an innate bond with Till the End of Time's characters, seeing traits and personalities which I thoroughly enjoyed and wish to extend their lives past the video game.

On a side note, I hated The Last Hope. Its characters longed to fill the shoes that Till the End of Time did, but they were like pseudonyms, hollow shells of a series they were desperately attempting to revive. Although the gameplay was quite good, the story didn't resonate with me as much as Till the End of Time. I longed for Edge to be able to fill the role which Fayt owned. I dearly hope that Tri-Ace/Sqaure-Enix make a sequel for SO3 or make a remake of it for the newer systems,the game was a dear part of my childhood.

I find that writing before, as a young adolescent, I really had no idea of the world around me, how things occur...all I knew about stories were the expectations I had from movies and games. I had no idea about the dynamic nature of relationships and the world around me, that being said I feel that I can imbue a much more realistic and structured view on future projects.


Star Ocean Hero's Beginning:

The title underwent a redo, as I planned a trilogy/cycle for this series. This is an adventure/romance centered fic around Fayt and Maria. It picks up right after the FaytxMaria ending. And just as our heroes have defeated the creator, the galaxy left in shambles is shook up once more by a threat seeking to take advantage of the turmoil in the aftermath. The 10 Wise Men are popping up again,and find out how their symbological genes are tied to these figures.

...This was primarily written when I was in Middle School...Iand finished in high school. I have considered doing a rewrite to account for my mistakes. I failed to do my research into the SO world, and forgot to account for certain things. But I received a decent enough following that I wanted to leave it untouched, in its raw state for people to enjoy.

Interestingly enough, I actually feel my writing has regressed since then, my mind being much more creative before. However, I must admit it lacked the structure and precision I could impart on a story with my college educated mind now :) Lol jk.

However I seek to correct those flaws in my bridge series...

Work In Progress:

Star Ocean: An Untold Epic

Originally beginning as a series of one shots inspired by my play through of SO the Last Hope.I aimed to fix the patches in my last story with a series of one shots, primarily consisting of our heroes on the Justice Avenger and such as they explore the galaxy, picking up from Hero's Beginning. But it ended up becoming an avenue to develop the world which I created. It is not very much plot based as I simply write to develop and fix things as I saw fit. But ultimately is is just bridging into the sequel of HB. But after I have finished that main plot arc, it will remain as an avenue to write candid one-shots involving the characters I have developed. I would highly appreciate reviews!!! So far any one who is still out there, R&R!!!!

Star Ocean: The Blue Avenger (working title)

This story picks up after the main plotline explored in Untold Epic. This will be the direct sequel of Hero's Beginning. I really wanted to explore the cycle which a hero goes through. In the beginning, Fayt finds his feet, unlocks and controls his powers, gets the girl and whatnot. I really want to explore the corruption of a hero in this story, how heroes, while we construct them to be the embodiment of good in our minds. Are still people. Fayt is a shell of his former self...the new Galactic Republic faces instability and mystery from every side. The new order which Fayt and his friends have attempted to build and protect will be tested as the 4D threat isn't over. Who are the 4D beings? Were they truly higher beings, creators of our Galaxy??

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