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Author has written 8 stories for Twilight.

Hey, my name is Alyssa.

Yes, my old pen name used to be EmmettsLover. I have now changed it to ping-pongplayer.

Sorry if there is confusion with this.

Now here is some BIG NEWS! You ready?...

I have created a joint account with my freaking AMAZING friend Brittany!! She is famous for her 'Wife Swap' story here on fanfic, she is indeed Twilightdancer93! :) Me and her got together to create a story. Its called 'The Day You Left'. Its Emmett and Bella. Its a very good story PLEASE go check out our profile together and read the story! give it a chance please!

Heres the URL to the joint account! :)

I got to make my shout-outs to some of my fav people on this site. Lol :)

First to well duh ofcourse Brittany! Shes proved to be an amazing friend on the site! love her to Cyber death! (Britt if you see this you know the joke!)

second to Twilighter1994. I love you girl! :)

Also Snowfire81, you were too sweet for all of your reviews! I love reading them! :)

And of course to the amazing Calivamp that I love PM'ing to. I love your advice, and thank you so much on your support for my story No More Suffering. :) Your amazing, thank you.

More exciting NEWS! I am NOMINATED for my story Cuffed To YOu.

Thanks to the person that did Nominate me! Im in such shock! Please vote for me! Nomination isn't enough! Please go to the URL and VOTE for m story Cuffed To You.

URL for the Indie Twific Awards! :)

I am now a proud Beta Reader. So, please if you have a story that you would like help with, go to my Beta Profile. I'd be glad to help you out!

I have written nine stories so far.

-Cuffed To You

-Can You Handle The Fire, Love?

-Playing The Key's

-No More Suffering

-My Past Alters Your Future


-The Gang

-Be With Me

-Under My Umbrella

...All are Twilight.

Down below, are summary's and commonly asked questions on the story's I have written.

Cuffed To You:

Summary: Emmett and Bella hate eachother. More than anything. What happens, when a new t.v. show Cuffed, puts them together, cuffing them, they have to spend a month living together. How will they feel when the month ends?

Human or Vampire Story: Human

Rating: M for sexual references, bad language and cussing throughout, and lemons in later chapters.

Pairings: Emmett and Bella, Jasper and Alice, Rosalie and Edward.

Relations/Siblings: None of the characters are together in the sense of being adopted together. Alice and Edward are brother and sister, Jasper and Rosalie are by themselves. And Emmett is the only adoptive son from Carlisle and Esme.

Simple story, self explanitory.

Can You Handle The FIre, Love?

Summary: Emmett is gay, who has a boyfriend Jasper. Jaspers ex Bella is doing a report on gay guys. She choses them. Shes a lesbian so she doesn't have any feelings for first. They realize they have the same desires, so where does that take them? EM/JP/B

Human or Vampire Story?: Human.

Rating: M for lemons, language, and violence

Pairings: Emmett/Jasper/Bella

Relations/Sibilings: Bella is Rosalies younger sister. Alice is Edwards cousin.

Questions for this story...I have one thing that I really have to get through here for some confusion.

Emmett is a gay guy, with Jasper. Jasper is bisexual. His ex was Bella. Bella is a lesbian now, so shes with Alice. But in the end, BELLA breaks up with Alice, and she gets together with EMMETT and JASPER.

Alice will go and find Rosalie, whos also a lesbian. Okay? Got it here people?...Good.

No More Suffering:

Summary: Bella is being abused at home, so she goes to the skate park, to get away from chaos. Emmett is in a new film, in a movie. Bella has a once in a life time offer to hang out with the cast to start fresh with her life. Will she take it?

Human or Vampire Story: Human

Rating: M for lemons and bad language, plus violence like abuse, rape, etc.

Pairings: Emmett/Bella. Jasper/Alice. Edward/Rosalie. Esme/Carlisle.

Relations/Siblings (who is related to who, basically): Edward is Emmett's younger brother. Jasper is Rosalie's cousin.

Commonly asked Questions:

If Bella is raped all the time, wouldn't she have an STD?

Not in my story. Bella is pretty lucky. Yes, she may get raped a lot, but the people that rape her, don't have any diseases. Plus, if you really look at it, Bella didn't get raped by that many different people. Just her dad, Michael (read the story to find out who he is), and a Cop. But yes, she does get raped more than one time, but it's the same people.

Okay, what about the getting pregnant then?

Ah, yes the pregnant question. With this I honestly can't say, since I haven't decided on a good explanation. When I do, I will let you guys know!

Why hasn't any of the rape's been reported?

Easy question to answer. Bella's father, Charlie is a cop. There for, since he's the one raping her, it's easy to say that he wouldn't be turning himself in. And with the other people that have done something to hurt Bella, they know what Charlie does to her, and so they wouldn't want to do anything against him.

Why is it that Bella, doesn't really care about her safety?

The thing with Bella, is that after she has been raped many times, it doesn't bother her any more. At first it affected her greatly, but after time it slowly lost the affect on her. I'm not saying that it doesn't hurt her any more emotionally, it's just easier for her to deal with now.

Does Emmett have a job?

He did. In the story Emmett is a actor in a movie. But later, like in chapter's 5-14 he knows that in order to save Bella, he can't finish it. So currently, no Emmett does not have a job.

Playing The Key's

Full Summary: Jasper has been single his whole vampire life. He is normally depressed, and in denial that he needs a mate. Bella is in a music band, with her two best friends Michael and Jason. They are getting pretty big in Forks, and are famous in the town. They perform at gigs, and certain local bars in the area. Jasper and his family soon move to Forks, and when they get there Jasper soon has feelings for Bella. During when Bella and her band is supposed to perform for a show, a bad accident happens that leaves Bella close to death. Jasper is left with the decision to change her to a vampire and he does...the only thing that him and the family are afraid of is what will happen. How will Bella feel about being a vampire, when she wakes up from her burning sleep?

Human or Vampire: Vampire

Rating: M for future lemons, sexual references, and some language.

Pairings: Jasper/Bella. Edward/Alice. Rosalie/Emmett.

Relations/Siblings: Michael and Cammie are brother and sister.

No questions...yet.

My Past Alters Your Future

Summary: Emmett who has a haunting past, must return to Forks. Bella gets his interest but what will he do when he realizes that she's apart of that dark past of his? How will Bella feel for him then when she knows the truth of what he has done?

Human or Vampire Story: Vampire

Rating: M for language, violent references, and lemons in the future chapters.

Pairings: Emmett/Bella. Edward/Rosalie. Jasper/Alice.

Relations/Siblings: Rosalie and Jasper, were brother and sister, before they were changed to vampires. So they are (if they still had blood) blood related to each other. All of them, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Edward and Rosalie are adopted by Carlisle and Esme.

Q's & A's.

Has Emmett hurt someone in Bella's family?

The answer is yes. But you'll have to read to find out which one. The answer to who is more shocking than you think.

You say Rosalie and Jasper were related before they were changed to vampires? How did that happen?

Jasper's and Rosalie's, story on becoming vampires is an interesting one. It will be explained later in the story itself, but to answer this shortly Jasper was a vampire before Rosalie was, and Rosalie was changed by someone else other than Carlisle or Jasper. It will be explained in future chapters.

Be With Me:

Summary: Bella has a bad day in her restaurant, from not taking her medication. Emmett happens to be there, and they fall for each other. The only thing that stops them is Bella's disease.

Human or Vampire Story: Human

Rating: M for language, mild violence, and lemons

Pairings: Emmett/Bella. Jasper/Alice. And Rosalie meets Edward, in later chapters.

Relations/Siblings (this is just, who is related to who): Bella and Jasper are brother and sister. Mary is Emmett's aunt.

Commonly asked Questions:

What disease does Bella have?

Read the story to find out.

And Mary is Emmett's Aunt?

Yes, Mary is the aunt in Emmett's family. On his dad side, of his family.


Summary: Bella has been taught to fight and survive on her own. On a day when she fights, her Master asks her on a mission. To kill someone. But what happens when she falls for the wrong person?

Human or Vampire Story: Human

Rating: M for some language, violence, and later lemons.

Pairings: Emmett/Bella. Rosalie/Jasper. Alice/Edward. Total non-cannon pairings.

Relations/Siblings: Everyone except for Bella, is an adopted child from Esme and Carlisle.

Commonly asked Questions:

Who is Master?

He is explained all in the story.

Why does Bella live with him?

Her parents had died, awhile ago. Again read the story, to find out more.

The Gang:

Summary: Bella is in a gang, that deals with drugs and guns. When an accident happens, she heads to Forks to find her dad. The only problem is, is that everyone thinks she's dead.

Human or Vampire Story: Human

Rating: M for drugs usage & references, major violence, language and later lemons.

Pairings: Emmett/Bella. Alice/Jasper. Edward/Rosalie.

Relations/Siblings: The relations are the same as in Twilight. Everyone except Bella, is adopted by Carlisle.

Commonly asked Questions:

How long has Bella been in a gang?

A little over two years.

How old is Connor?

Connor (read the story to know who he is), was three months old.

Who got Bella pregnant?

72. (again please read the story to know who he is).

Under My Umbrella:

Summary: On a rainy day, all it took was a bloody cut, for a one-night stand to happen between two strangers. But will it turn to a full heated relationship when pasts are revealed? Lemons warning.

Human or Vampire Story: Human

Rating: M for bad language, and lemons in mostly every chapter.

Pairings: Edward/Bella. Other characters are mentioned very later in the story, and so far I haven't decided for them, who will be with who.

This story is plain and simple. No questions are asked on this one.

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Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 19 - Words: 62,446 - Reviews: 1411 - Favs: 4,029 - Follows: 914 - Updated: 7/11/2008 - Published: 2/27/2008 - Complete
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Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 12,966 - Reviews: 58 - Favs: 68 - Follows: 91 - Updated: 7/21/2011 - Published: 6/6/2009
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