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About Me

Hi guys,

my name is Anni and I am a girl from Germany. I lived in English-speaking countries, but clearly my English is not perfect as it is not my first language. I try hard to avoid spelling errors, typos, etc., but sometimes I mess up grammar issues (since it is different in German). Also, what is difficult for me are specific idioms or, even worse, differences in American and British English. I know Harry Potter is based in the UK and try hard to make it realistic, so if you spot any false words, expressions or simply mistakes, you can always feel free and let me know and I will be happy to correct them!

Fanfic and I...

I am back at after taking the stories down from my account a while ago. I didn't really know where they were supposed to be going, had too much else on my mind and didn't find the time to write quality content. Now I have reached a point where I missed just too much and had to return. After all, I started writing here 8 years ago and couldn't just leave this behind. I enjoy writing a lot and hope that there are some people out there who enjoy my stories.

After reading fanfiction for a while, I decided to write my own story too and got started with Harry Potter because I don't think that I am familiar enough with other fandoms. What interests me most is the interaction and building of relationships, particularly those bonding fics where the guardian-type of figure will end up mentoring the other one (i. e. Severus and Harry). Lots of hurt and comfort and drama at times. Maybe I will do other stories later, too, but I want to finish the ones I am at first.

I decided to repost my stories and rewrite them because many of you seemed to enjoy them. I hope that I have grown as a writer by now and can offer you some fanfic that gives you a good read. I know it sucks to wait for updates for ages, so I will regularly update every one or two weeks the latest and earlier if I manage. As I am only rewriting the story, this should work out.

Review or write me a PM...

Just a thought on reviews. I know many people do not like to write them, but it doesn't have to be a novel each time. We writers spend months to create content that gives everybody a good read and we don't do it for money. All we love to receive is a little notice whether you enjoyed the story or maybe even what you liked about it. It just takes a few seconds and is so much appreciated.

If you feel that what you read is worth commenting, it would be kind of you to leave a little review.

If you have any feedback, comments, or questions, you can also free to PM me!

My ongoing poll...

p.s. I'd love to hear when you read your fanfic. If you like, participate in my ongoing poll on the top of this page! TY

Here's what you get to read:

Please Come For Me

The one story that got me going on fanfic. It was my first attempt at writing ever so the initial chapters were somewhat lame. I hope to have fixed that a little with the repost. I have some OC's on this; the doctors name is Tom - I just realised later that this got many of you confused. It's not Voldemort! :-D sorry I just happen to like the name a lot. This is about domestic abuse and dealing with the consequences. At times, abuse is graphically depicted, but the main idea is to portrait the relationships that evolve. Dumbledore MANIPULATIVE! Severus NICE! Petunia NOT AS EVIL AS YOU MIGHT THINK!

Want something else?

I am always open for suggestions what you would like to read, possibly as one shot. Just write me a PM.

Please Come For Me reviews
9yo Harry gets abused at the Dursley's and when a muggle pediatrician finds out, Harry is placed in the care of Severus Snape who is now facing the greatest struggle of his life – healing a small child that reminds him more of himself than he likes. As both work through their issues, they find out that they have more in common than apparent on first sight. Bonding/Mentoring fic.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 17 - Words: 94,657 - Reviews: 215 - Favs: 308 - Follows: 573 - Updated: 10/25/2016 - Published: 7/9/2016 - Harry P., Severus S.