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Author has written 5 stories for Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games.

Good Day fellow readers,

After having abandoned my stories for quite some time, I have decided to attempt to revive them. So I am here to tell you that I am too abandon my very very old Georgia Nicolson story (and very very bad, honestly, re-reading them makes me cringe at my disgraceful grammar and lack of ability to string together my originally planned story line) so that those readers do not become disapointed, and I am to move on to creating a new story for Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

So Please do read and enjoy, and preferably don't kill me for not finishing 'William Shakespeare's Basset Hound'

G x

Hello! Eleanor here, It has been a while my dears hasn't it? I'm really sorry about the very very very prolonged silence of me being in a ditch for two years but I'm very lazy and I didn't really plan out my stories. I will possibly be starting a new story soon, though maybe not until the Summer holidays (Winter for all you Northern Hemisphere people) because I have exams and school hates me blah blah.

I'm almost 17 now (Only one month from today! YAY) And I must say my writing style has changed quite significantly. I sound less and less like Georgia Nicolson now, more like Jane Austen (minus the ye-olde English) or Charlotte Bronte. Hopefully this won't deter you from reading!

So please do keep a close eye, though not too close because I haven't got a plan yet (Maybe a Dramione fanfic? They are my guilty pleasure after all)

Lots of Love, Eleanor

P.S. I will leave this below because it's funny and reminds me of when I was young, innocent (well not really) and carefree without exams and essays bogging me down!

G: That is all.

THATS not fair G! I want the last word.

Farewell my lovelies and dont forget, army of penguins for whoever reviews :D

Btw Im finishing the gee nics story :) it's official. no really. i updated. I ACTUALLY UPDATED :D

Sorry to inform you dear Eleanor, but it seems it is I who has gotten the last word

Oh and also, we have since changed our name, we were once known as 'Double Awesomeness with Knobs' but to commemorate our new found writing styles and stories, our name has since been changed to 'The Room of Hidden Things' Eleanor came up with it, and I do personally believe it is quite good.

I am such a fantastic name-thinker-up-er am I not?

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