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Author has written 17 stories for Final Fantasy VIII.

Back in 1999, there was this game called Final Fantasy VIII. I fell in love with it. I'm still in love with it. I have no excuse. I write things about it. Some people even like the things I write.

I took an indefinite hiatus about 2004 or so. I'd been writing FFVIII fanfiction for five years, and I decided it was time to work on some of my original fiction, instead.

I still write my own original stories, but I figure it's high time I came back and finished some things. So, I'm sweeping away the cobwebs here, and hopefully, will be putting in regular updates for another few years.

Some notes: All of my FF8 work is based in a single timeline, and all of it follows (more or less) the American canon. I don't do random slash fics and with the exception of From Squall With Love, I don't do humor fic, so if that's what you want, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. If you ARE interested in a comprehensive set of one-shots that fill plotholes and empty spaces in the game, and/or a set of sequential post-game chapter fics that aim to tie up loose ends and complete the thought the game started (while adding a little here and there), then hopefully you are in the right place, because that's what I aim to do.

Read my stories in Italian!


I'm going to start updating my profile page regularly, to keep myself honest and to show anyone who might be reading this that I have not vanished.

I'm about halfway done with a very, very long one-shot. I do not know if I'll post it right away, as I have several smaller ones queued up after it that are probably stronger pieces, but I have been working pretty tirelessly to get at least something done. It just so happened the first thing I jumped on was...huge. Sorry.

I have marked some of the stories on my list as OLD. It won't be happening right away, but please be advised that these stories will eventually be deleted so if you want to keep them, download them before that happens! I might put them up somewhere else on an archive page somewhere. And I will have copies of them I'll (reluctantly) give you if you ask. But the fact is a lot of the stories here are very old, and they don't reflect my current writing proficiency and don't really belong in the overarching timeline I had planned for my FF8 work. My intent is to replace the deleted stories with new ones that serve the same purpose but actually accomplish the job instead of flailing in the general direction of an idea.

I've updated my profile so it's more current, also.

That's all for now.


My life, why.

Not long after I posted last, I lost my job. Now, that may seem like it would have opened up a lot of time and space for writing...but unemployment sadly does not actually equal more free time. Just a lot of stress.

Well, I have a new job. I am going to try to give this a serious go, again. I am sorry I flaked out on everyone, but life happens.

I'm probably going to start by doing some edits and updating some of my older stories. Not to change too much, mind; just typo corrections and the like.

All For One, Geez. I really need to do an overhaul on it. Badly. It's so dated, and...I am really, really embarrassed by some of the crap writing that's in it. If I'm going to finish it, I need to fix it. So hopefully that will be happening, soon.

There are also some stories that I am thinking of taking down or otherwise marking out as not really fitting in with the main drag of my FF8 'verse. A Stone's Throw Away just wound up feeling too schmaltzy for me to continue it, and Judgement Day is...well, it just doesn't make a lot of sense. It feels like a chapter in a much larger story that never got written. So I'm not sure what to do with it.

But whatever. In any case...cross your fingers and hope I find time to do this. At this point some of you have been holding out for, oh, six or seven years for an update? I appreciate your patience. I will endeavor not to be "one of those" who gives up on projects just because they're old.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.


I don't know if anyone actually reads these updates, since as far as I know, FFN doesn't notify people of changes to a profile. However, I would like to remind everyone that I do have a FictionPress page, and I update that far more regularly.

It can be found here:

If you like my fanfiction, you might also like my original fiction. This isn't to say I'm not working on All For One, anymore; but the fact is, the more support I have for my original fiction, the more motivation I have to write fanfiction, as well.

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