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NatSatOnTheMat http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1761875/

alices dress could look like:
such a dark blue that it nearly looks black with really tiny stars on it.
with layers.
that flowy satiny material so that when she turns it's really fluid.
long sleeved and ends just before the knee.

Hayley-Cullen93 http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1625873/

Although Alice was annoyed that I covered her up more then she was before... But she cheered up when I gave her a cape! Lets start with her hair. I liked the idea of Alice having silver hair but to change her look and to match the rest of the outfit, I changed her hair back to black and put silver streaks in her fringe and through out her hair. Her hair is also more spikey then how she does when she is Alice. Her mask is silver and her eyes are black at the bottom, then merge in silver in the middle then are sivler at the top. I hope you can see this in the shading. Her cape is silver, it ties round her neck and is pinned by a hourglass pendant (A bit like her choker in the movie.) The cape is longer then her dress. Her dress is tight aroun her, it is corset at the back. It then goes out, giving her the shape of an hourglass. It also starts of black and merges into the sliver, again I hope you can see this in the shading. Alice has long silver satin handless gloves which reach her wrists and pass her elbows. She also has silver boots which come up to her knees and go out, much like 'The Black Rose's' boots.

Rosalie/The Black Rose

Hayley-Cullen93 http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1625873/

I didn't want her to have a costume that was intimdating or creepy because she needs to come across as sexy but also bad ass. So I couldn't see 'The Black Rose' in a dress. But her fighting in jeans or something wasn't excatly villiany (if you know what I am) so that is when I thought of a cat suit. A black cat suit that is sleeveless and also shows a bit of chest instead of stopping at the neck. I thought a shiny lyrca material would be cool because if it was leather she may find it hard to move! Also she wears gloves which don't cover her hands. Her black fingerless gloves will come up to her elbow. As they travel up her arms they will come out and are twice has wide then her actual arm. Her hair flows free although it is puffed slightly making it bigger then usual, and it is wavy instead of her usual ringlets. You can see her eyes which are her natural colour. The mask she wears covers her whole face apart from her eyes and her lips. Blood red rose stems travel up around her legs and around her arms. On her gloves, the stem will lead to black metal roses.

Bella/ The Golden Swan

Hayley-Cullen93 http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1625873/

I did consider just leaving her costume gold, to go with the name. Although I really do like the two colour theme. Alice, black and silver, Rose, black and red, Bella, black and gold. Bella's hair is wavy, puffed and is down, letting it flow. Her mask is much like the one that you described because I just couldn't bear to get rid of it. It is golden, and the sides swirl up into the shap of a swan on boths sides. Her eyes are golden but much like Hourglasses eyes, they vary in shade. Bella's eyes are darker gold around the egdes and are lighter gold, almost butterscotch in the middle. Her dress is long sleeved and the neck is wide, revealing her collar bones and some of her chest. The dress is tight fitting and the sleeves are gloved. The sleeves are black at Bella's hand but slowly merge with the gold. The actually dress is gold and the end of the dress is slightly puffy and the ends are cut to resemble feathers. She has a belt which slants on her hip. The actual belt is black, the buckle is gold and a dark gold raised swan is on it. Her boots stop mid-thigh and they are black at the feet and merge with the gold, much like her sleeves.

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