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Another long absence. seriously. Well, Spiritwind will get a new chapter soon, its been in the works for... months, unfinished :/ so, new chapter soon! (I hope)

Randomly i checked the traffic page and saw a few people had visited. if you are here to view a couple of my other stories, please avoid the random oneshot. it's terrible. if you are here because of SpiritWind, SUDDEN was the first part of the cursebreaker pentagon if you are interested. one of my more successful fics is The chronicles of the flying fist, thanks for visiting , enjoy the stories. and if you have time , leave a review/critiscm/etc. :)

With SUDDEN complete, i'm going to start part 2 of the cursebreaker pentagon. you may be confused by this term. basically it's five stories which will have the same story as a sequel which will be called cursebreakers. surprise surprise. but part two will be


- basically the hero is a vessel for giratina. that's all i'm going to giveaway. this is why giratina will not feature in heir. heir will be the last part of the pentagon. third and fourth will be Vampyre and city of psychics. i'm not sure in which order though.

Final note, i've decided on final names for the series parts... i think


1. Sudden

2. Spiritwind

3. Ruin

4. Vampyre

5. Heir

then the sequel to all of them... Cursebreakers.

Thanks for taking the time to glance at the above :D

and the way i've used pentagon is free to use by anyone, just remember who came up with it if it gets successful :)

Hi there! i'm Suicune lord.

im just getting my profile started so expect better things in the future... unless the planet becomes paralyzed and nothing ever loads because its suspended in time. but that is in mystery dungeon 2.

if you are reading this i was wondering if anyone would like to write about brenda's journey? anyone? well if you do message me!

favourite pokemon

1. Suicune!!

2. eevee and its evolutions

3. vulpix

4.torterra and its prevolutions

5. ho-oh

6. rayquaza

7.staraptor and its prevolutions

8. gardevoir ,gallade and their prevolutions


10. chimchar

story ideas!

hey hey we're the monkeys!

on an average day a chimchar , mankey and aipom form the worlds first pokemon band. they want the fame and glory among humans and pokemon alike! one problem all we humans here is 'chim chim char char char chim chim'.

City of psychics
one of the stories in the cursebreaker pentagon.

when an ancient city is discovered by one boy and his trusted gallade an adventure with each turn holding darkness ensues. with the city in danger and the darkness growing its only a matter of time before life changing decisions have to be made.

another of the stories in the cursebreaker pentagon

when a piece of drama on the last day of school ever goes for a drastic turn one boy learns of a family secret and the terrible burden it brings.

the dance

the legendaries do something unspeakably wrong. arceus punishes them. now they have to deal with the punishment
but what happens to be the only escape from the punishment will be the greatest punishment of all. OCx celebi
(will happen eventually, but will most likely need a beta reader, i'm terrible at writing romance lol XD)


when arceus was sent through the void she sent something backthrough it. and now well read to find out!
another in the cursebreaker pentagon,( SPOILER IN SUDDEN)

5 Challenges

title gives away the first few chapters. a war has torn the pokemon world and arceus has sent out probes to other dimensions to find those who will become new pokemon. one of the worlds? human earth where pokemon dont exist.
summary WILL change.

adventure X

your average adventure story. or it would be because the world is out of balance and the legendaries are gone. the balance rest in the hands of our hero and his ummm budew, he's so gonna get smushed.



while on vacation through the nanairo system rallen and jeena find a krawl swarm round an uncharted anomaly. Acting before he thinks rallen charges in and finds himself in an unknown world where strange creatures roam and the spectrobes , prizmod and geos have been transformed by strange electromagnetic energy. the krawl remain unchanged and pose a threat. can rallen stop the krawl using the mutated spectrobes? only time will tell.

more ideas soon. all ideas here are copyright to Suicune lord .

oc's i have created for other stories.

pokemon masters in the making by lunasca

mike - first appearance in chapter 2 currently travelling with the main character.

jeff richards. - appearance in chapter five- ralts fury!

pokemon: the quest by tel loiryn


be sure to read all these stories! not because i have characters in them but because they are well written and awesome!

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recommended stories!!

pokemon: the quest by tel loirn
pokemon masters in the making by lunasca
pokemon periwinkle: its real! by pikachuhunter!
the apprenticeship by attila12

more to come !!

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