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This is Valtiatar, call me Val, it's easier for you English-people.

I'm a slightly pranoid control-freak from Finland with a weird sense of humor and a bunch of bad ideas.

Evilness is delicious, just so you know, my preferences become quite clear once you read my stories.

I'm not going to tell you what pairings I like or anything like that, but what I can tell you is that I have this thing for men with long hair and cool personality... (Okay so I like Sesshy Naraku and Miroku if we are in the Inuyasha-zone. That should be obvious if you check my stories... Inuyasha tends to annoy me for some reason. I like him but there's nothing challenging about writing him. Sesshoumaru is the hardest one, which is why I enjoy writing him. Come to think of it, maybe I have some masochistic tendensies as well...always considered myself as a bit of a sadist...hmm..)

Oh, and please review my stories. It makes me feel better and isn't that much of a bother to you so do it, please.

Well, enjoy your reading!

Nautinnolisia lukuhetkiä!


About my stories...

It just occurred to me, that it might be wise to write here what I've done to this point in a timeline... Mostly because my (too long) babbles at the end of my texts don't make ANY sense otherwise... (as if they ever would) So here are some explanations:

1. Totally Not Worth It

I'm not sure is this the first one. No, it isn't. I wrote this and the first chapter to Starry Night at the same time and that chapter was the first one I finished. I had a feeling I want to write a bit angsty stories so this is what I came up with. I don't hate this one. Good memories. Read it if you want something dark with a happy ending.

2. Starry Night

This is the second one simply because I finished the sixth chapter later than the story above. My first real story (I mean long one) in English. So proud of myself! I actually like this one, which is weird because I'm not usually happy with my writings. But I really like how this turned out to be. Leave reviews, I'm almost begging.

3.Closed up Heart

I started this quite early on. Still not finished. I think this story is many-sided and that's why I like the plot, but I have some problems writing it, which is the reason I don't give you new chapters as often as I should. Perfectionists should not write... The real problem is the language. I have so many things I would like to say and express somehow but I don't know the words! My English vocabulary is very limited after all. Shame. I will learn though. You just have to tell me when I screw up so I can fix it. By the way, you can read this one even if you do not like yaoi. Actually I recommend it to those who don't like it. Just try it. Yup yup. And I am also planning some spin-off stories from this so stay tuned for those. And yes, CuH is going to be a long story and I am planning to make a sequel. I have everything planned and scribbled down to my notebook. Don't worry, I WILL finish this so just REVIEW damn it! gives me energy...

4. The Man in Your Bed

I did this on a whim. I got bored. It has some...errors...but I'm quite happy how it turned out to be. Playing with OOCness a little. It was kinda fun. It has a sequel. Just look down.

5. Play Dangerous (plus others)

This thing was very interesting to write. Naraku and Sesshoumaru are so hot! This is a sort of collection of oneshots that form a full story. This was supposed to be just random oneshots I write while bored but once again it did not work out like I planned. That's why, you have this story. It has some things that embarrass me insanely but it doesn't suck, I think.

6. The Man in Your Heart

Okay, this is the sequel. Once again, I was bored. Personally, I don't like the ending too much. I think I got too impatient with it. I need your opinions about that. Perhaps I should make a third one... (I won't though) Writing Miroku is sooo much fun, by the way. Probably the only reason I pair up these two...

7. Flowered Daddy

Ooh, I had soo much fun with this. Actually, I saw a picture where Sesshy was covered in flowers by Rin and that gave me the idea for this story. I think they are so cute. I love it how Sesshy can act all fatherly toward her. To be honest, I felt like messing with Sesshoumaru a little, that's why the weird hair with flowers and braids thingy. It came out quite ok, didn't it? I'm getting better with my English! That's the reason I continued to write these silly stories. And It's just so much fun to make Sesshomaru suffer. Now that Rin is beginning to notice boys I'm going to really start having some fun. Poor Sesshy, the puppy was bad enough already...

8. Killing Kisses

Oh boy. I got a silly idea while I was working a night shift. I giggled and scribbled in the corner while my superior thought I was going nuts. I've breathed way too much sulphur gases. (I worked at an oil refinery) This is the first time I used this kind of POV in a story and I also tried a new technique.

9. Have It Your Way

Continuation to Play Dangerous. People requested a happy ending so this is what you get. I don't like happy endings, which I think is also part of the reason why I like yaoi. The whole let's-get-married-and-have-lots-of-smelly-babies thing makes me naucious. So, I keep making these two's lives harder. Hehehe. Poor guys. This has a bit more humor than in PD but don't worry, they're gonna be rough with each other. Those two just can't play it nice. Mainly this is gonna be about how Naraku tries to get Sesshoumaru and how he tries to get rid of Naraku (or so he says)

10. Roommate, My Roommate

Another collection of oneshots. Not exactly yaoi but there's plenty of fanservice for those who like it. I wanted to write Ses and Naraku in AU environment. And I wanted to amuse my lovely BF. This one turned out to be longer than I expected and I get new ideas much faster than I'm able to write. Personally, I like this story very much, which is very rare. Basically, Naraku is a weirdo with so many bad habits that counting is useless and Sesshoumaru is a nag that has to put up with his crazy roommate. Pineapples are a beautiful thing, yes?

11. Pierce the Scar

My poor attempt to write Ses/Inu. Now there's a pairing I simply don't get... I tried and failed. First I didn't understand Nar/Ses either but after writing it I fell in love with it. I thought this migth happen with Ses/Inu, too, but nonono and no. This is the closest I'll get. As a story I'm happy with it, though the ending feels a bit rushed to me. But that whole brotherly love thing between the two got bearable when I threw Naraku in it. He's just so dreamy and twisted and EVIL (not to mention weird) that I fell in looove. I have every intention to write Nar/Ses story behind this one. The name is Tattooed Mind, but I won't post it until it's finished, 'cause I don't want to make you wait for the next chapter for ages like you have to with my other ones. I'm just way too fickle... Sigh.

12. When Love Is not Enough

My longest oneshot that really truly isn't going to continue. I like the way this turned out. Please do check it out!

13. Snowflakes in the Sand

Having said I don't want to make you wait I really dropped the ball with this one... Sorry. Real life and so on. Basically I wanted to write a story that would dip to the angsty side but still be somewhat light. And most importantly, his time around I wanted to make Sesshoumaru the one who initially screwed up. I think this is going to be one of my favorites.

-- Then there is Koirapulmia... Ignore it. I don't know what to do with it and it's in Finnish, so just ignore it. I did translate it but I don't wanna post it. -.-'

Okay, that's all. Go now! Read! Shoo! -:-big smile with (I hate them) dimples-:-

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