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so i'm going to tell you a bit about myself, i just think it would be a nice thing to do. even though most of you are just going to bypass all this reading and compleatly ignore it. but hey, thats still kool! i wont hold it against you.

first off, you would probably want to know who exactly i am. well, unfortunatly you will never know for sure... not even my friends know my pen name... i'm really shy about my work and it normaly takes me about a month to get up the curadge to post it up.

any way...

i am a girl.

i'm 5' 3" short and damn proud of the fact that i have to look up to all my damn tall friends... every one is taller than me for some reason! even the dumb grade 10's... :'(

i have really kool eyes! dont laugh! really! they change color! normaly there a lovley hazle-ish brown, but depending on my mood you can see a wide selection of greens and browns. sometimes they even look like i'm wearing contacts and have grey rings around them.

naturaly, my hair is brown... but at times i get it dyed... i'm actualy thinking of going Strawberry blond and getting it permed so i can run anound screaming that i'm a Hobbit (OMG! L.O.T.R!). if you dont like hobbits and think they dont exist keep it to yourself... it makes me happy so dont ruin it for me!

umm... i'm white? well actualy more of a light peach color... exept for all my bruises from TKD (Taekwando, for those of you who dont know.) and the ocassional being thrown into a wall.

oh! i almost forgot! i'm 17. my birthday is on June 14, so if you want you could always give me a happy, 'Happy Birthday', greating or something of the sorts... i'll likely be your friend for ever just for remembering it! lol. no, really!

some of my favorite pick-up lines consist of: (warning, they get slightly more perverted the farther down you go... lol!)

"if i bit my lip, would you kiss it better?" -(aww! isnt that sweet?!)

"if i said 'you have a nice body.' would you hold it against me?" -(i dont mind if you say it, and i would love to! lol)

"you be the iceburg. i'll be the titanic and i'll go down on you." - (abandon ship!)

"hey baby, i'm like a rubix cube. the more you play with me the harder i get." -(my Pienis is still bigger man... just look at it! FYI; it doesnt matter who or what it is... mine will always be bigger)

"if i tossed this 50c coin, what are the chances of me getting head?" -(50/50. how about me getting tail? (dont answer that... lol)

my favorite Anime are:


Yu Gi-Oh (the original)

Naruto (just because Ninja are kool!)

Black Cat

Dragon Ball (all of them)

Favorite charictors from each:


Kurosaki Ichigo

Hitsugaya Toushiro

Matsumoto Rangaku

Madarame Ikkaku

Ayasegawa Yumichika

Hisagi Shuhei

Zaraki Kenpachi!!

... lets do this the easy way... i dont like Tousen, Yamamoto, nameless charactors, Kira's panzyness, and the Bounto.

Yu Gi-Oh

Atemu (the Pharoh)

Akefia (the Theif Kings real name)


Yami and Yugi

Kiba and Mokuba

Bakura and Ryou


Marik Ishtar (OMG! MALIK BLISHTAR! Yu Gi-Oh the Abridges Series!)


we do this one easy way too... Sasuke sucks (but for some odd reason i still want to be his friend...?), Kabuto suckes harder, Sakura, Ino, and all the other damned fan girls piss me off with their "ooohh, Sasuke-kuuuun! i love you!" pukes on Sas-GAY's lap.

Black Cat

Train Hartnet...

and everyone else!

Dragon Ball

Goku after he's been turned back into a kid

Pan, Goku's grandaughter who apears to be older than him... lol! amazing!

yeah, ok, every one else too exept for Freeza (sp? i know its most likely wrong... but IDK.)


i am also a Storm Hawks fan!! Do not deny the awsomeness that is Atmosia!!

yeah, i'm going to finish this... Profile later... i'm going to bed. catch you all on the far side of the moon!

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