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Author has written 5 stories for Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, and Harry Potter.

IMPORTANT!: I am back. Finally. I have some stuff going that I want to post soon. But for now, enjoy chapter five of SS. =

There really isn't much that you need to know. But I'll probably end up typing a bunch of useless information anyway; I tend to get carried away sometimes.

First off, I'm pretty conceited, and I never hesitate to admit it. I'm arrogant. And I've been told that I'm far too stubborn quite a few times. I'm extremely paranoid. In fact as I type this I'm making sure
that I reveal as much as I can without revealing anything, only because I don't know who can be reading this and whatnot. I'm oblivious. I don't spend enough time in reality, and I prefer it that way.

I tend to bit somewhat of a hermit. I spend time in my room, writing, sketching, and playing my guitar or keyboard. I don't like big groups. I prefer to be alone most of the time. I have the attention span of a flea. It had a tendency to irritate my friends, for example if we're playing a game, in the middle of it I will get up to find something to eat, and start watching TV. instead, only because I got bored.

I have a bit of a sweet tooth, in fact as I type this I have a bag of Hershey's kisses next to me, and I'm drinking hot chocolate. Although last time I went to the dentist said 'you must have excellent eating habits!' Once we were at Wal-mart. One of my friends was with us (my mom and I that is) by the end of the trip my mom goes "Oh we should get cake." My friend asks "What's the occasion?" We told her that we just wanted cake. She looked at me like I was insane when I ate like a fourth of it for breakfast.

I don't believe neither creation nor evolution. I think some things we just weren't meant to know, and we should just leave it at that. I also believe that scientists spend far too much time on the universe. Frankly, I think that they should just focus on planets that are close to Earth. You know the planets that could have some impact on us?

I obsess over things for about a few months and then move on. Not quite sure if that's a bad thing, but I guess it somehow factors into my attention span. This doesn't really affect my writing though, if I like a pairing well then it kind of sticks permanently.

If you were to raid my room the thing you would find the most of is movie tickets. Honestly, I'm a terribly harsh movie critic, but I love going to see them, if only to judge them. In my opinion Superbad was probably the shittiest movie I've seen in a long time. Everyone seems to love it; I just thought it was fucking stupid. No offense if you like it. Other movies that I hate are, Napoleon Dynamite, The Devil Wears Prada, Jumper, Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay, and the list goes on.

You would also find over 500 CDs. I'm not even exaggerating. I listen to anything and everything. I usually despise rap, only because the singers sound like brain-dead morons. But I do have two Eminem CDs somewhere. I love the Beatles, and Blaqk Audio. I actually love ABBA, meh, it's old, and the songs are cheesy, but it's something that I've been listening to since I was little, and well it's just too damn catchy. Elvis Presley! Motion City Soundtrack! I absolutely adore the Sweeney Todd Soundtrack.

Then of course, there are my books, which are scattered everywhere. I need to get a new bookshelf. Favorite author would have to be Chuck Palahniuk. So demented, favorite book of his is Haunted, which is probably the most twisted one he's written. However I was very uncomfortable reading Guts in my living room while we had a bunch of family over. O.o Don't speak to me about Twilight, as much as I loved the book at first the more people come obsessed with it the more I feel like kicking babies. That and well and three books that followed Twilight were just terrible in my opinion.

I hate children. If I ever decide I want to adopt children. I want five of them all from different places around the world. And I want two of those five to be twins. I would give all the kids thirty middle names, dead serious. They could give everyone they meet a different name and they would never be lying! XD My friend’s mom once pointed to my neighbor’s house, which has a play set in the background and asked if I babysat. My friend went into a 'god help those kids if she is baby sitting' speech type thing. If I decide that I never want kids well then I just want a Husky.

I've been writing short stories and poetry since I was eight. It's always kind of been an outlet. Although I never let anyone read my work. My poems I was comfortable with, but if anyone got a hold of the notebooks I wrote my stories in, I would start to panic, and almost hyperventilate. After a while I decided that I wouldn't improve much if I didn't have criticism so I let a few my friends read some of my things. I started this account to only favorite and review things. It lasted about two days until I posted my first story.

I need things I write to have plot. If you ever see a lemon from me, it'll most likely be in a chaptered story or a 10k one-shot with an odd plotline. When it comes to Death Note, I'm kind of an AU whore. That's probably because most things near canon are just far too over done. Like the chain thing? Seriously.

I think that sleeping is a waste of time. It is 3:46AM right now. I'll probably be up by seven though. The average human spend 40 years of their life sleeping. That's about half of your life. I wouldn't sleep at all if my body didn't require it. Thanks to my insomnia (is it still considered insomnia if it's intentional?) I get to stay up late and write stuff! For some reason I just can't write as much during the day. And well plot bunnies come to me around this time.

I rant. A lot. And frequently. Seems like you've probably noticed this by now.

Mm, I'm pretty friendly, I love meeting new people. PM if you want to talk, or want to ask a question. Discuss anything really, if we have similar interests then press the button up there. ;)

Fandoms & Pairings

Harry Potter
Harry/Draco Albus

Ouran High School Host Club



Death Note

Looking for a Beta!
Note: I do have a beta for all Death Note stories. Although I'll need one for Ouran later on.

So I have decided that I need a beta, mostly because I'm a perfectionist and I go crazy when I read back through my stories and notice a stupid mistake that I missed. So if you meet the criteria and are interested please PM me.

-Someone that can spot grammatical errors and misspelled words, and can tell me if the story flows right.
-Can criticize but not so much to bring me down.
-Is alright with ALL ratings.
-Is okay with the following pairings: Hikaru/Kaoru, Albus Severus/Scorpius and possibly Tamaki/Kyouya. (This is because these pairing seem to be the only ones I'll write at the moment.)

Preferred (but not required)
-Has AIM.
-Someone that can get back to me fairly quickly.
-Has some experience.

Note about pairings: I'll probably never write het. I just can't. At some point a new pairing may come to mind that I'd want to try out, but I'd discuss it with you first.

Stories and status.

Finding Out: Complete. Oneshot. HikaruxKaoru (Posted.)

Marriage (Maybe Not): Complete. Oneshot. Songfic. HikaruxKaoru. (Posted)

I'll Make My Own Reality: Complete. Oneshot. Albus/Scorpius.

In Progress
Silent Screams: AU. L/Raito. L was stuck on a case. He was eight months into it, and was getting no where. When Watari suggests getting a partner to help him out, he didn't expect the most likely candidate to still be a high school student. (In progress. Now posting.)

Art of Growing Up: Chaptered. HikaruxKaoru. As the twins grew up, they shared many firsts, and many lasts, and many moments they would never forget. (Not posted.)
(I'm thinking for this one that I'll have each chapter be a different age. And it'll go all through their lives. So it'll be a series of oneshots pretty much. I'm not planing on starting this until I completely post Silent Screams.)

Picturesque: MattxMello. Oneshot. Matt was the guy behind the camera. Mello was the rising star that was rapidly catching everyone's attention.

Midnight Meanings: ToshiroxIchigo. First Bleach fic. AU High School-ish. -summary will come later.-

Disclaimer-I don't feel like writing this on everything so for anything I write I don't own anything except for the plotline in these stories.

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