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Author has written 5 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, and Final Fantasy VII.

Note to readers, 8/22/12:

I know, I know, I promised a Hitsugay/OC story, and I still have not posted it, and I've been gone for forever. However, if you are a writer too and you are reading this, you know that sometimes, you lose all inspiration for a story, and then one day another story pops into your head and you think, "Hey, this is so much better than my other story." Well, that's what happened this time. My Hitsugaya/OC story is not scrapped by any means. I just am not happy with it, and I kind of want to rewrite the whole thing. Instead, I've began to write a Reno/OC story for Final Fantasy VII. Random, I know, but I finally began playing the game for the first time every (I basically had a nergasm as the words came on my screen) and after watching Advent Children again, and already having beaten Crisis Core, and reading all I could about Before Crisis and the translations of On the Way to a Smile, I find that I am extremely obsessed with Reno. His character is very different from Hiei and Hitsugaya which is another reason why I began to write this story instead. I feel as though I need to expand on my character writing, and writing Those With Wings wasn't giving that to me.

A few notes on this story: It is progressing a lot faster than Those With Wings, therefore, I will finish it. This I promise. However, I cannot give exact update days because my last year of college begins next week. I am really planning on graduating this year, so I can't mess it up. Also, I chose to write a Reno/OC instead of a Reffie story (I adore this pairing) because I have always felt that writing an OC is GREAT practice for writing my own characters in my own original work. I also had an easier time coming up with a multichapter story for an OC and not Yuffie. Maybe one day I will attempt a Reffie, but not now.

Finally, and I feel when writing a Final Fantasy VII story it is always important to address this because people are crazy when it comes to this: My position on the love triangle in my story will be this, and if you have a problem with it, then you shouldn't read my story- Tifa obviously loved Cloud, even as a child, and Cloud was oblivious. As he grew older, he found that he did have feelings for Tifa, but did not know how to deal with them. When Aerith entered into his life, she showed him a different way that he could live, a way that impacted him so greatly that even after she died, he could not let his memory of her go. I believe that Cloud loved Aerith and that she loved him in return. However, her death prevented anything from really happening, as well as the fact that Cloud really did still have feelings for Tifa. When Aerith returned to the lifestream, she was reunited with Zack, and while she thought of Cloud even there, she was happy to be with her first love again. With Aerith gone, Cloud's feelings for Tifa can no longer be suppressed, and after the events of Advent Children, he understands that Aerith would not want him wasting any more time when someone who loves him unconditionally is right there in front of him, so he begins to accept his feelings for Tifa and they slowly but surely begin a relationship. So in a way, I am both pro Clerith and Cloti. However, I prefer Zack and Aerith more than any other couple in the game, and I find their story to be one of the most romantic tragedies in fiction history. I am sorry if you dislike my version, but this is my story and this is how I interpreted the relationships.

P.S.- I have a tumblr! Well, I've actually had a tumblr for a while. But I generally just go through tags of whatever fandom I'm obsessed with at the moment. If you want to send me prompts or requests or wanna chat, or even want me to follow you, send me a message there :)

Currently Working On:

See the World in Grey: A Final Fantasy VII RenoOC story. It is coming along nicely, and I am very happy with how far I have progressed with it. See above for notes on this story if you have not already.

Bowlful of Craziness-a series of oneshots surrounding my two HieiOC stories. The current sidefling I'm writing is taking much more time than i had thought it would. Time on my hands actually made the suggestion. after i finish this, im working on at least two more, though i hope to do at least four more. i also have at least one or two i've already finished that i will post in between writing the others

Those With Wings- a HitsugayaOC fic. i really only have the first few chapters up, im trying to focus on Bowlful of Craziness for right now, but im very excited to start another fic that isn't Yu Yu Hakusho or has Hiei in it!

before you go... SilverFangCracker was awsome enough to draw a fanart of Kelly and Hiei! the link is

if that doesnt work then just go to and search Hiei and Kelly. if you dont have an account there you wont be able to see it. It's under mature content, but it's not really bad. anyway... the way she drew Kelly is actually very close to how i picture her! b sure to leave a comment and check out her other works!

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