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Welcome to the new profile page.

...I am French Canadian in origin, I was in high school programs centered on English classes, hence why my English is so good.

Tastes section (where I list what I like)


French: Les Colocs, Cowboys Fringants, Mes Aieux, Jean Leloup, François Pérusse, Grand Corps Malade, and much more.

English: Weird Al Yankovic, Voltaire, Black Eyed Peas, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, SOAD, Shinedown, and a ton of others.

In other languages? Not much music, except maybe long version of anime themes. I also like Jai Ho, and some film soundtracks.


-Science-fiction overall

-I liked 75% of all the novels, poems and plays I had to read for my college semesters: The Imaginary sick man (I dunno the real English title) by Moliere, Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, Le Parfum by Patrick Suskind, LÉcume des jours (Froth on the Dream) by Boris Vian, Acide sulfurique (Sulfurous Acid) by Amelie Nothomb, Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray, Victor Hugos Les Misérables (a shortened version), "Its not me, I swear!" and "Alice runs with Rene" (estimated English titles) by Bruno Hebert, Baudelaires "Fleurs du Mal" and "Spleen of Paris", and Mary Shelleys "Frankenstein".

-Marley and Me, because its one of the books who made me feel any emotion the most.

-I became a great fan of Stephen King and, even more recently, Patrick Senécal. Senécal writes psychological horror/thrillers. "5150 Elm's Way" is about a young man who witnesses a murder in a suburban house and is then held captive, by the father of the family who lives there. "The Passenger" describes a teacher's first semester in a college, as he has to travel frequently and meets with someone he seems to know from his youth... "Aliss" is about an 18yo girl who leaves her parents' house to go to Montreal, but the neighborhood she discovers - and its residents - are really strange. Finally, "Emptiness" contains three stories linked together, one of a detective trying to solve a murder-amd-suicide case, one of a man going always farther to feel thrill, even going up to committing crimes, and one of a reality show host who fights his inner demons, unaware of those he accidentally creates from his reality show.


-Twelve works of Asterix, Coraline, Monster House, WALL-E, Despicable Me, all Final Destination movies, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Lucky Luke Go West, Dorian Gray (2009), All Scream (except the fourth), 2012, Astro Boy, Avatar, Cars, Bon Cop Bad Cop, Father and Guns, How to Train Your Dragon, All Ice Age, Hancock, all Harry Potter, all Toy Story, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Incredibles, I Robot, I am Legend, The Day After Tomorrow, The Day The Earth Stood Still, The Karate Kid, Up, all Cheaper by the Dozen, Monsters Inc, Next, Night at the Museum, Number 23, G-Force, Inception, Planet 51, Ratatouille, Sherlock Holmes, all Shrek, the Spiderwick Chronicles, National Treasure, Curse of the Were-Rabbit


1. The Trio Robots: My original story. Three friends face against enemies of science-fiction. The plot thickens with every new Arc, and Im proud to announce Im writing Arc 4 right now. It is a difficult arc to write, but as things go on, I might have a lot of information to give. I also created a Wiki so people can follow the story and all its details. Status: STUCK AT CHAPTER 11!!!

2. Mobian Cop Bad Cop 2: A sequel to Mobian Cop Bad Cop. Toned down in violence and cursing, this one has a new case for Shadow and Alexis, who have to work together again. Alexis because it is in his jurisdiction, and Shadow because its about his old-time rival Sonic who has been framed for murder. The cops need to find the one who killed the victim in this case, and it will lead them into action and a big case. Sprxs OC Ventuss appears in this fanfiction.


-Bwaaaaaaaaaaah!: With the Rabbids invading Earth, Rayman studies them closely and tries to find their weak point, so that a resistance can form and the Rabbids can be taken care of.

-Diamond City BlockOut: One night, a strange opponent covers all of Diamond City with a cylinder of blocks. The Warioware crew, recently made jobless, tries to discover who may have caused this.

-Belzebuth: An OC story in the Sonic category in which the protagonist, Dédé, nicknamed Belzebuth, is a poor singer who starts expressing feelings for Blaze the Cat, though it seems he has really little chance.

-Errors: A short oneshot about William Wong, original character of my original story The Trio Robots, doing his evening stroll down the Maximum Security Monster Prison.

-Cameron's Diary: The aftermath of Total Drama: Return of the Island. Cameron, the winner of the season, explain what he did with the prize money. It's a heart-warming fic written for all those who need a bit of a cheer up.

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