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Author has written 2 stories for Twilight.

I love the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer,

which is the reason behind the name.

I enjoy creating stories and i hope one day to be an author.

I also hope you all will enjoy reading my work.

Hey, my name is Tia and i'm from the amazing state of Minnesota, USA (Well, it isn't that amazing. . .) I don't really have one of those annoying Minnesotan accents. not that weird Fargo (which is some old movie) accent. I grew up away from the farms and closer to the cities. . .

Random things about me: my favorite animals are wolves, penguins, rabbits. My favorite colors are blue, silver, red-orange. My favorite types of music are rock, emo, latino, techno, and a little bit of everything else. My favorite seasons are winter and spring. My favorite gemstone is aquamarine. Favorite book is Eclipse.

So, about my story i have been working on: Dilemma of the Heart
thanks to all who review. I would reply to those reviews but my computer hates me =/
It never does what i want it to, sorry. I can't reply. I'll try on occasion though. . .
But, i will answer some questions on here

1: No, Jacob will never imprint in this story, I promise. He loves Bella more than any other girl. Plus, my story drives on him and Edward's fight for Bella, if he imprints, that would just end the story and it wouldn't be that great of an ending.

2: Bella is now 19 and Jake is 17 and going to be a senior soon. Bella is holding off college to wait for Jacob.
Keep in mind this is my version of the story

Now, since i can't reply to reviews, i would hope i don't get any bad ones. If you hate my story you don't need to coment. Just stop reading it and go find a diffrent one. But, anyways, thanks again to those who like my story. The reviews are great

My favorite characters from the Twilight series (in order from my most favorite)

Jasper: Might seem weird i pick him first, he barely talks in the books right? yeah, but i love him. He is always calm, cool, and slightly mysterious. If he had dark hair he would be my dream guy lol

Jacob: The lovable, friendly, half-wolf amazing guy. I love wolves and i love Jacobs personality, so combined, he is my number two. In the books he always seemed like a funny guy with a good heart.

Edward: Mr. Perfection. Stunning, smart, talented, and loving. A little over protective but still great.

Alice: Adorable, hyper, loves shopping! I wish i knew her in real life cuz she would totally be my friend. . .

Emmett: Funny! he makes me laugh all the time. I just love him to death.

Those are my favorite. If i kept going it might have been Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, . . .Bella. Sorry to all the hardcore Bella lovers out there but for some strange reason i don't like her that much. Maybe it's because she is so clumsy, or maybe it is cuz she blushes so much and can't control her emotions

Divine Revelations:

Divine Revelations is a story about Jasper and Alice. Basically Alice meets Jasper at her school in Alaska (not too much sun there...vampire heaven) in a very bella-ish way. Alice isn't technically a vampire, so she can't be perfectly graceful...yet. Alice, being a psychic lil Alice, has a vision and Jasper being a vamp comes out in the open. She might question her sanity so why not test this theory? soon they start to fall in love, he even takes her to meet his "sis" Rose. (Rosalie basically met Jasper randomly, both vampires, got along okay and decided to be one tiny lil happy family. Jaz didn't like killing people when he felt their depressing emotions) Soon though, things happen and people get in the way of the relationship. And since Alice is just plain Alice, still...she isn't quite invincible just yet.

Here is a picture of all the Cullens and Bella:

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