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Hello! I've decided to rewrite my profile because the old one was just..really cheesy. My name's Sarah. I'm 22, I live in Arizona. My address is--oh wait, I'm not supposed to tell that to strangers! I'm currently in college (university to the rest of you) studying IT. Writing is something that, admittedly, I'm not great at. The only time I ever really wrote anything creative was in sixth grade. After all that time, it's something that I want to get better at. So please, if you reading this, give me any advice you have for getting better. I know a lot of people say that they can take criticism well. Well.. I like to think that I can, but I really do have my limits. I'm all for learning, but please don't write anything horribly rude about my stuff. Everyone has to start somewhere.



Update on CNB: Sorry about that last update, guys. I was 90% done with the last chapter and my laptop is experiencing some serious issues (the hinge has separated from the rest of the computer!!). Fixing it is kind of beyond my technical expertise and I've been doing my best to scrape together the money for the $200 repair bill. I've been reading every review that's come my way and, let me just say, thank you all leaving them! I loved each and every review, favorable or unfavorable, and I hope that this last chapter will be worth the wait! Again, thanks for being there. :)


Wow, are there cobwebs on this thing?! :) CNB. Final chapter. Coming soon.


Hey all! I recently got a "Free 7 Days" promotion for WoW, so I played the heck out of it last week. It really inspired me to update CNB. Hopefully, I'll bang out another chapter in a month or so (as inspiration permits). Thanks for hanging in there with me.


It feels weird to say this, but I've actually quit WoW some time ago. A lack of funds combined with a lack of free time will cause things like that to happen. My boyfriend picked up a copy of Warhammer online and I played it for about..oh, four hours. It's a good game, though I'm not sure if I'll be writing any WAR fanfics anytime soon. Another game I've been losing vast amounts of free time to would be The Sims 3. Yeah, I rock at that game. I made a dungeon full of toddlers that's overseen by an evil green witch. Can't you tell that I'm going to be a great mother someday?


Hello! I haven't written much in a while, I know! D: I'm working on a chapter of CNB and I'm almost finished. I've gotten quite a few PMs from people asking for more, so don't worry! The chapter will probably be out in a day or two.


Pointless update other than to say hello. I need to stop farming stacks of Borean Leather and get writing. D= WotLK is addicting. I haven't even started a Death Knight and I'm already hooked. You can bet that when I reach level 80 in a few days, I'm going to be sucked even deeper into the realm of no return! I'm thoroughly enjoying winter as well. My birthday is coming up and, alas, I won't be 21 for long. Aging isn't fair. It just isn't!


Children of Night and Blood is TEMPORARILY on-hold. Frankly, I didn't especially care for the plot and I had a difficult time writing the later chapters. Mostly because the whole thing isn't written as well as it could have been. Despite that, I am going to go on with it when I'm inspired to tell the story better.

Under the Rose is running full-steam! I suppose it's a refreshing break from the aforementioned CNB, so I'm excited to see where things go.

I'm also excited about WRATH! I'm going to pick it up this morning when Best Buy opens. I can't wait to begin the trek to level 80!


I'mmm..going to be on vacation for a week. Not that it will put anything on hold, but I just thought I'd share that random tidbit. I'll probably churn out several closely-timed chapters after that. Vacations tend to make ideas bottle up in my tiny widdle brain :( (Did I just say my brain was small? I didn't mean that! It's large. Huge, even)


An "RL" update. School starts on Monday and I'm not wanting to go. Summer was waay too much fun, but sadly, I have to go back. My writing won't be on hold, since I really don't put all that much time into studying or homework anyway. Honestly though, I have good uh..don't turn into my mother and scold me. =(

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