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Author has written 12 stories for Robin Hood BBC.

Here you will find stories based around the BBC's version of "Robin Hood," which ran from 2006 to 2009. I was a fervent fan of three characters in particular: Will Scarlett, Djaq and Allan-a-Dale, the OT3 that contained fluff and angst in equal measure, and you'll find that most of my stories relate to their friendship and love (requited or otherwise) for each other.

I usually stick with canon in my fics, if not in events, then at least in relationships and characterisation. This means that as far as shipping goes, Robin/Marian and Will/Djaq are my official couples, though I must admit that I am partial to Allan/Djaq. This ship appeals to me because of its uniqueness, and because both Allan and Djaq really seemed to be flip sides of the same coin: so different in worldviews and morality, and yet with the same air of loneliness, determination to survive and wicked sense of humour.

The OT3 Series

My two major multi-chapter fics are "The Stranger from the East" and "The Traveller to the West," the former recounting Djaq's introduction to the outlaws during the midst of Season 1 and the latter dealing with Allan's reunion with Will and Djaq in the Holy Land after an interim of two years after the finale of Season Two. Although "Stranger" easily fics into canon-continuity, "Traveller" is AU for obvious reasons, and yet the two of them are linked thematically and act as "bookends" to one another.

Also part of this particular "set" of stories is "The Silver Thread", which bridges the two fics, and "A Scrap of Yellow Silk", a "missing pieces" fic that adds scenes to the episode "The Booby and the Beast" and which introduces a particular relic that is of relative importance to "Traveller".

Another story in this particular continuity is "The Desert Rose", a one-shot that tells of Djaq/Safiyah's childhood, as told from the POV of her mother Fatima, some of which was hinted at in "Stranger."


"The Last Goodbye" is a canon-compliant, post-show fic that deals with Allan's fate (I still can't bring myself to use the d-word or watch the episode in question), and which hopefully provides some closure on his relationship with Will and Djaq.

"The Eye of the Beholder" is a fic unconnected to the continuity to the OT3 series, that again deals with Djaq's first few days among the outlaws, and her relationship to each major character that she comes into contact with (including Marian).

"How We Killed Kate" is not a hate-fic exactly, but rather a silly, comedically-based tale in which Will and Djaq return from the Holy Land and deal with the bizarre attitude that the outlaws hold toward their latest and most useless member.

"One Happy Ending" is an AU fic of story by BostonChickadee called "Distant Shores." This being one of my favourite fan-fics, I wrote this particular story as a hypothetical ending to the Allan/Djaq ship that takes place in that particular story, and is a rather fluffy and self-indulgent story of Allan and Djaq's future together.

"The Road to Scarborough" is a very short "missing pieces" fic that explores what Allan and Will were thinking when they took off with Gisborne's loot in the Season 1 finale.

"Four Seasons" is my personal favourite fic, a Allan/Djaq centric piece that explores their relationship and hints as to the reasons why I was such a shipper of the two of them.

Coming Soon-ish

An as-yet-untitled AU rewrite of the last half of Season 2 and the entirety of Season 3, starting from the episode "Lardner's Ring" and the "what if" scenario of Marian choosing to escape with Robin out of the tree and back into Sherwood Forest with the outlaws.

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The Sherwood Lion reviews
A haiku poem that briefly sums up what happened to Prince John's scrawny-looking lion.
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The Desert Rose reviews
The story of Djaq's past, as narrated by her mother. This is a short fic that moves between "Safiyah's" childhood and her family life, and her first step on the road to becoming "Djaq."
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The Allan/Djaq/Will reunion! Allan returns to the Holy Land to find his best friends, but when a murder casts suspicion on Will, Allan is the only one the couple can trust. Plenty of Allan angst, Will/Djaq fluff, and A/D/W friendship. Updated weekly.
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Ever wonder where that yellow dress that Djaq wears in "The Booby and the Beast" came from? This is the tale of who got it for her, how and why...not to mention what happened to it afterwards...
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Out of all the frustrating things about the S2 finale, I was especially annoyed about the lack of closure between my favourite OT3: Will, Djaq and Allan. So this is my attempt to fill in the blanks of their complex relationship that the show sadly ignored
Robin Hood BBC - Rated: K - English - Angst/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,780 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 10 - Published: 7/13/2008 - Complete
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