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I love writing. It is my passion, my calling, my drug. I need it, I crave it, and most times I hate it. It is a disloyal husband that frequents the minds of others and an inconsistent lover that rolls over and sleeps when it’s done. It keeps me up at five am and won't let me sleep until the plot bunnies are expelled. It also likes to stop working right when I get to an important part. And sometimes it deviates onto entirely different projects and won't let me go back! My biggest problem is commitment. My attention span has goldfish shaking their heads in shame and I've probably got more unfinished projects on my laptop and computer and even in my head than you have years in your life.

In fact, I'll put money on that.

I hope to be a published author some day of everything from paranormal romance, to sci fi, to action. Although mostly paranormal romance. My focus are original races that have taken the common names of 'witch', 'psychic', and 'vampire'. I have rejected the laws of reality and substituted them with my own, because let's face it, life sucks. I like strong-willed, caustic, cynical, sarcastic, bitchin' girls with too much power and generally dislikeable personalities.

I am often told, however, that my characters are Mary Sues. If this is so, please tell me, and be honest about it. If they are, I won’t do something dramatic and change everything (to me, a character is a living, breathing person that cannot be changed), but I will be more aware of how I write and how I portray them. I might want to commit creative writing hara kiri, but I’ll use it as a means to improve myself. My fiction might suffer a momentary hardcore crash-and-burn event where I reel with shock and horror, but it’ll come back to rights.

Following on that, I welcome criticism of all sorts. Flames, I believe, are the voice of someone that likes my work so strongly that they feel the need to tell me. If you want to flame me, go ahead! But at least tell me why you dislike my work, instead of simply telling me it sucks.

Creative criticism is more than welcome. Feel free to rip my work apart. I appreciate blunt and painful honesty to flattering lies. If you find something you feel is wrong with it, tell me. If you see somewhere I could improve, tell me. That doesn’t mean that I will, after all I do have my own way of things, as do you. But I will take note of it and take the words into consideration. I always do.

For my fanfictions, I always research. I feel passionately about what I am writing, but I always like to know what I am writing about, as well, so as to be as faithful to the canon in which I am intervening as possible. In such, if you ever see anything that is not canon in my fictions, or is a mistake or misrepresentation, please, please tell me. I will correct it as quickly as I am able.

As a small side note: My grammar skills are nil, so if you correct me on something complicated, grammatically, I'll probably be staring at the screen wondering what the hell you just wrote. Second small note: I am Australian, therefore my spelling will be marginally different to an American's. Sorry! But this is one thing I'm not willing to compromise in.

As I have already said, I am very inconsistent and lack commitment. Though I always fully intend to finish a fanfiction, I sometimes lag out of posting chapters. This does not mean I have lost interest, believe me. (This is to all you a Cage of Butterflies readers), but because perhaps life has interfered in some way, or things have gotten too stressful for me to manage the creativity, or, more likely, something else has caused me to write feverishly and I cannot form any creative thought for the fiction. This does not mean that I have abandoned it. I will return. I merely beg for your patience and understanding. I shall try and keep readers informed to the best of my ability.

If you have read one of my fanfictions, I ask respectfully that you take the time to review, for criticism or comments or even flames. If you do not, however, I accept that willingly. I, myself, am notoriously neglectful when it comes to reviewing, mostly because I am reluctant to offer criticism or advice to others, which I will invariably do, and I feel that saying ‘I loved your story!’ would simply be a repetition to the writer, who might be looking for something more.

For those of you that read my fanfictions, thank you. For those of you that take the time to review, I doubly thank you.

And for those of you that actually read this whole profile, holy cow I am in awe.

And possibly think you’re a little bit stupid.



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In the process of being rewritten.
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