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Hey Im Gedine/Geraldine

read my fanfics

Obsessed with character in a book D:


im rather strange i will admit it

i have a slight twilight obsession (:

i also type far too fast and miss out words and add spaces where there shouldn't be any (:

Quotes by me and the weird people i pretend to know

(: Claire: "Geraldine i will pee in your mouth"

:) Claire: "is that a one?"

Alex:"No its a five."

Claire: "no, its a one isnt it?"

Alex:"no! its a five"

Claire: "Its a one...oh shit! its a five! ruuuuuuuuuuuuun!!"

(: Julie: "Maybe if you werent a cow"

:) Racho: "You all suck"

"I...Want...A...hat!"followed by a huff

(: Claire: "OMG we must look lyk a bunch of spazzes Sticks tongue up nose...what a buzz..

:) Bommer: (in canadian accent) Im not gay! i have a big fancy car, im straight!"

(: Andrew: "I think i just lost two pints of blood down your toilet"

:) Me: "I think i'll get the most likely to become an 80 year old widower with 40 cats who lives alone and talks to her imaginary friend Mable"

(: Bommer: "That nut muh name! Muh name is stacey! That nut muh name! Whut is muh name! Dey call muh her! Where is muh name! I'll check my socks, my name IS Stacey"

:) Racho: "Oh Geraldine i was expecting you to draw a diagram" (describe puberty in boys unnder the headings physical changes.)

(: Scott: "Bees are like shy suicide bombers"

:) Daniel: "i hit him close range with a mars bar"

(: Bommer: "My insides are on my outsides"

:) Mr McCollock "Stay back club :D"

(: Shaun: "I am a drunken irish man"

:) Me: "lyk actual i know right?"

(: Bommer: "Biotechnology is not JUST about cheese making"

:) Me: (pointing at an island close to ayr) "Is that Ireland?"

(: Mrs O'hara: "I'll put a tennis ball in your mouth!"

:) Hellen Keller: "WAAAAAAAAAAHTER!!"

:) Twitchy: "IDK TBH OBV LOL"

(: Me: (singing) "I kissed a girl and i liked it "

Bommer: "Fucking lesbo"

:) Me: (in indian accent whilst wearin a bandana round my head) "Oh my gawd!"

(: Alex:(in drama) "I wanna do a pimps and hoes theme for prom

Div: "Miss you wouldn't need to dress up "

:) Alex: "Yeasty mc yeast yeast"

(: Alex: "battits"

:) Me:"la vida, you dont know...oh wait thats libdo"

(: Me:"your impotent! i meant impediant!"

:) Andrew: "Is st jamminas a school?"

(: Twitchy"No matter what happens everything we talk about seems to come back to shite...thats kos you talk it lol"

:) (After a half and hour giggle fit at the definition of dihorrea)

Miss brown: "Geraldine you seem to be quite attached to that dictionary"

(: Bommer: "I've got my balls in my hand"

:) Bommer: "Elmo no like to be touched"

(: Life guards at Andrew's work experience: "Code Brown"

:) Johnny: "Double free?"

(: Daniel: "Get outta meee pub!"

:) Daniel: (whilst puttin his finger in neils hair) "aaaah, burnt me finger" (neil's ginger btw)

(: Neil: "i would let you in if your big arse wasn't taking up all the space"

:) Neil: (whilst listening to katy perry) "I mean she such a skank...ugh!"

(: Ciaran:"FISTING!!"

:) Family guy: "What are you selling, chicken or sex jelly?"

(: Charlie: "We're goin to see the bunana king charlie!"

:) Alison: "Twincest"

(: Me: "Ohmygod my vagina is numb!"

:) Bommer: "Why don't we have eyebrows under our eyes"

Me "wtf?"

Bommer"Well i was rubbing my eyebrows and just wondering why we dont have more"

(: Daniel:"Bommer, you're writing is so bad it looks as though i drunken spider fell into a pot of ink then scurried across your paper"

:) Alex: (during her school captains speech) Don't worry i'll supply my own wooden leg and eye patch

If you've been on the computer for hours on end, reading numerous fanfictions, copy this onto your profile, and add your name to this list: danyan, Zutara Lover, Black'n'red'Butterfly, Enrica(real name)(i always change my penname)(tehehehe) I'veComeToTakeYourCheese, Vampire Scooby,oxNZxoTwiLiGhTfaN,Nadialovestwilight, ForEverTopaz1901, crazycatlady2909,


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