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Author has written 9 stories for Death Note, Code Geass, and Sandman.

(Updated: 29th April 2009. When I should be revising. Or writing the next chapter of something. Oh well... it was horribly out of date)

Hi, I'm VD and I'm 21 and live in the UK. I'm currently nearing the end of my final year of Biology at Uni. I have a DeviantArt account with the same username (see 'homepage'), but drawing's not really my strong point. My favourite authors are Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix and Terry Pratchett.

Anime/Manga I have varying degrees of obsession with:
Death Note, and Code Geass (obviously...). Bleach, Naruto, Hetalia, Junjo Romantica, Fullmetal Alchemist (don't spoil me! I haven't watched all of it yet!) and probably several others that didn't occur to me at the time I was writing this.

I am very paranoid about spelling and grammar (I blame having too many teachers in my family), and I hope there aren't any mistakes in my stories, but I apologise if there are (if you spot anything, let me know so I can fix it). My worst trait (in my opinion) is that I can be lazy and unmotivated, and thus there may be long periods between updates, so I'm sorry. I'm going to try setting myself deadlines for updates and see if it helps (I usually work better when I'm close to a deadline...).

Many thanks to Anne for my lovely avatar. Those of you reading His Father's Eyes will recognise Natrat, my shinigami OC. And she's done an absolutely amazing job of drawing him, much better than my own meagre effort (see below), but then she is artistically gifted, and I just fail at all such pursuits...

Maybe I should make a list of the pairings I like? Everyone else seems to have... ah, I'm too lazy, I'll do it later. (Edit: it's now later... I still can't be bothered).

My Stories:

For Death Note:

Bee Notes is a one-shot, inspired by a wonderful set of tutorials where I learnt more than most would want to know about bees (not all of which is in the fic, it would be way too long if I did that).

His Father's Eyes chronicles the life of Beyond Birthday from before he was born until his death. Doesn't seem hugely popular sadly... I guess slash is what gets page views and there's none of it here. I'll keep going with it though, I want my version of Beyond to be seen. Going rather slowly due to a certain other fic taking over my brain, and my reluctance to reach a certain character's inevitable demise.

I've posted a picture of Natrat (my shinigami OC) on DeviantArt which can be found here

Halloween is a spin-off one shot to this His Father's Eyes, that takes place after chapter 11, but works as a separate story in it's own right. L, A and B celebrate Halloween. Cute and Fluffy, with a little angsting from B... which kind of crept in without me realising. May undergo a title change if I add to it, as i planned to at Christmas, and at Easter, but wasn't able to due to excessive work.

Death in the Dreaming, a (somewhat L/Light) crossover with the Sandman, since Neil Gaiman is my favourite author, and L reminds me of Dream a lot. The picture that I drew last year, that was the inspiration for this: L-in-the-Dreaming

Tug, a birthday present for Dragonrider4000 who is writing/has written a few LxLight stories (check her out, they're very good stories). And also because I love the pairing and I wanted another excuse to write them.

For Code Geass:

Dinner Table Tactics, which is a one-shot that I wrote a long time before I posted because I had to wait until I saw my dad to ask who I was writing about. It was fun to write and is quite cute, but I think it turned more into a story about Napoleon than the Code Geass characters once I started editing...

Forever, With You. A SuzaLulu multi-chaptered story that i've stupidly started writing, as if I don't have enough work to do, as if I'm not already have plot issues with one story, now I have two to fret over... Maybe this one will turn-out more cheerful though...

Valentines Festival: my first, and likely only attempt at a lemon. It's SuzaLulu, and probably the most difficult thing I've ever written, given that I embarass easily. Came about as a direct result of Lelouch (the version that lives in my head) getting considerably ahead of his place in Forever, With You.

Future Stories:

A currently untitled Death Note/Artemis Fowl Crossover. Because to my knowledge, there isn't one, and there really should be. I know how the two universes fit together... very easily. Will likely be Artemis-centric. Currently awaiting a plot. Any suggestions plot or pairing wise PM me, i'm open to suggestions.

Also untitled, a Code Geass story. A Superhero AU.because, dammit, I had a totally genius idea (if I say so myself) while working on my project, probably at least partially inspired by the fact that I'm reading Watchmen at the moment. I considered making it a Death Note story since the concept also fit there, but I already know of one superhero AU there. And when Lulu and Suzaku started running round my head in costumes, making it Code Geass was inevitable. I won't post details until I start which will likely be in June, after uni is finished. It'll be SuzaLulu of course. But if you like, you can go look at my shiny picture of Lulu and Suzaku in their costumes (even though I have yet decided whether Suzaku gets to be a caped hero yet): Code-Geass-Heroes

Finally, I may at some point be co-writing a story with Dragonrider4000. A Death Note crossover with A Picture of Dorian Gray. Would be L/Light

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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