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Author has written 34 stories for Bleach, Clannad, Ghost Hunt, Code Geass, Assassin's Creed, Vocaloid, Pandora Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts.

Name: Chi

Nicknames: Chi-chan, Ame-chan, Achi-chan, or Blood-chan is fine.

Age: 22

Birthdate: September 27

Note: I am also Master Tragedy's sister. Lolz. Also, I'm a unseated/non-positioned member of the HitsuRuki Army. Beware. One more thing, best friends with ll Chou ll in real life! READ HER STUFF, YEAH?! xD

Disclaimer: Whatever I shall write on here, obviously, does not belong to me no matter the circumstance nor situation. Don’t sue, and then we can all live our pathetic lives. –winks-

So it goes,
He can't keep his wild-eyes on the road
Takes me home
The lights are off, he's taking off his clothes

I said, "I heard, that you've been off and about with some other girl,"
(Some other girl)

He says, "What you heard is true, but I-
Can't stop thinking about you, and I-"

I said, "I've been there, too, a few times - heh"

"Style", by: Taylor Swift (Don't judged my husband and I, eheh.)

Status: 1/18/16 - Hello yet another new year and what's this...? Oh, thank you so much new year, I very much enjoy this wonderful package of viral Bronchitis you've provided for me. And what's this as well? Oh, tonsillitis because it's such a pain in the ass?? You shouldn't have! ...- _ - But hey, I'm still alive guys. I'm working on it...I really am. This year, you'll see SOMETHING. - Chi-chan

Current Obsession: Vocaloid(s) - Kagamine "Twins"

Overall Favorite Animes/Games/Mangas: Tsubasa RC, Mink, Mamotte! Lollipop (and the sequel), CardCaptor Sakura, Chrono Crusade, True Tears, Basilik, Chobits, Clannad (and the sequal), Nanoha, Naruto (and Shippudean XD), Moon Princess, Junjou Romantica (yaoi - Uwa!), Samurai Shamploo, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bleach, Inuyasha, Code Geass, Skip! Beat, Lovely Complex, Claymore, No Money, Death Note, Kingdom Hearts, Bioshock, Sims (all of them), Prince of Persia (all of them, because they're like...facking awesome. All four of 'em! XDDD), Sky Tower, Hell Girl, F.E.A.R. 1 & 2, Kimi ni Todoke, Assassin's Creed I and II, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Ga-Rei Zero, Na Na, Usagi Drop, and many more.

All-Time Favorite Couples: (Notice how I put the "woman" before the dude.)

Tsubasa RC: Sakura/Syaoran

Mamotte! Lollipop: Nina/Zero

CardCaptor Sakura: Sakura/Syaoran, Tomoyo/Eriol

Naruto: Sakura/Naruto, Sakura/Sasuke, Hinata/Sasuke

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Asuka/Shinji, Rei/...the blonde dude...

Code Geass: C.C./Lelouch, Kallen/Suzaku, Nunnally/Rolo

Bleach: Rukia/Hitsugaya (even cuter!), Rukia/Ichigo

Prince of Persia: Elika/Prince (so cute...)

Assassin's Creed: OC(if she's tolerable)/Altair, OC/Ezio

Harry Potter: Hermione/Harry, Hermione/Ron, Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Snape

Vocaloid: Rin/Len (because THEY ARE NOT SIBLINGS AND SUPER CUTE TOGETHER), Miki/Gakupo, Miku/Kaito, Meiko/Kaito

Kingdom Hearts: Kairi/Roxas, Namine/Sora, Namine/Axel, Olette/Hayner,

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Anzu/Seto, Mai/ Jou, OC/Yugi, Rebecca (older)/Yugi, OC/Yami

Upcoming Stories: (Notice how I put the dude before the "woman", haha.)

Code Geass -

Presents for Kitty --AU-- Pairing: Lelouch/C.C. (Tenshot - Sequel to "Lelouch and The Cat" - General/Family)

When "Life" Kicks In --AU-- Pairing: Lelouch/C.C. (Oneshot - Third Installment of the "Lelouch and The Cat" series - General)

Flourishing Green --AU-- Pairing: Lelouch/C.C. (Multi-Chap - Drama/Romance)

The Only Way --AU-- Pairing: Lelouch/C.C. (Oneshot - Humor)

Awkward Prostitution --AU-- Pairing: Lelouch/C.C. (Oneshot - Humor)

A Far-Off Dream --General-- Pairing: Lelouch/OC (Mini-chap Oneshot - Romance)

Bleach -

Raining Blood --AU-- Pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia (Oneshot - General...since I don't know what genre killing falls under...haha)

Say It --General-- Pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia (Oneshot - Humor/Romance)

Tiny Socks --AU-- Pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia (Oneshot - Family/Humor) -New Years Gift-

Butterfly Witch --AU-- Pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia (Multi-chap - Romance/Fantasy)

Seireitei --AU-- Pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia (Multi-chap - Fantasy/Romance)

To Love What Haunts Him --AU-- Pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia (Oneshot - Spiritual/Romance)

Unexpected Confession --General/AU-- Pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia (Oneshot - Humor/Romance)

Unexpected Delivery --General/AU-- Pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia (Oneshot - Sequel to "Unexpected Confession" - Humor)

That's All I See --General/AU-- Pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia (Oneshot - Romance/General)

Graceful Angel --General/AU-- Pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia (Multi-Chap - General/Romance)

Chance Meeting --AU-- Pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia (Oneshot - Romance/Humor)

Nap Time --General/AU-- Pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia (Oneshot - Romance/General)

Assassin's Creed -

The Eagle Triplets --AU-- Pairing(s): Altair/Maria, Ezio/Rosa, Desmond/Lucy - Hete - (Multi-chap - Humor/Romance)

Prince of Persia -

The Last Straw --General-- Pairing: Prince/Elika (Oneshot - General/Romance) --Will be up after the Prototype.

Prototype: The Forgotten Flowers --General-- Pairing: Prince/Elika (Oneshot - General)

Crystal Thieves --General-- Pairing: Prince/Elika (Three-shot - General/Humor)

The Sappire Carnation --General-- Pairing: Prince/Elika (Multi-Chap - General/Humor)

The Golden Chrysanthemum --General-- Pairing: Prince/Elika (Multi-Chap - General/Romance)

The Sacrifice of the Red Rose --General-- Pairing: Prince/Elika (Multi-Chap - General/Romance)

Vocaloid -

When They're Alone --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Multi-Chap - Family/Romance)

Oranges --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Romance)

Bananas --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings - Sequel to "Oranges" - (Oneshot - Romance)

Len's Black Bracelet --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Romance/Humor)

Under the Neon Lights --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Romance)

Cherry Blossoms --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Romance)

New House - New Rooms --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Romance)

After the Party --General-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Humor/Romance)

Sudden Growth --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Humor/Romance)

The Librarian --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Romance)

Sing For Me --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblilngs- (Oneshot - Romance)

Wet Dreams --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Romance)

His Maid --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Romance)

Eternity --AU/General-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Multi-Chap (Collection) - Romance/Drama/Humor)

Just Picking Up the Trash --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Drama/Romance)

The Pianist --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Hurt/Comfort/Romance)

Live Life to the Fullest --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Multi-Chap - Hurt/Comfort/Romance)

Together, Forever --AU - Sequel to "When They're Alone"-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Multi-chap - General)

Pull Together --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Drama/Tragedy)

Hold On To Me --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Drama/Romance)

The Kagamines --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Multi-Chap - Humor/Family)

Purple Dust --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Multi-Chap - Drama/Fantasy)

Mirror Sound --AU - Sequel to "Purple Dust" -- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Multi-Chap - General/Romance)

Brownie Crazy --General-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Humor)

The Professor's Son --AU-- Pairing: Len/OC (Tenshot - Romance/Horror)

The Gray Abyss --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Oneshot - Horror/Romance)

The Reason to Live --AU-- Pairing: Len/Rin -Non-siblings- (Multi-chap - Drama/Romance)

The Last Fragment --AU (General) -- Pairing: None - Continuation of "Until the Last Breath" - (Three-partDrama/Romance)

Kingdom Hearts:

Reach --AU-- Pairing: Roxas/Kairi (Multi-Chap - Drama/Romance)

Never Meant --AU-- Pairing: Roxas/Kaito (Multi-Chap - Drama/Romance)

Current Stories:

The Healer - Hold.

Innocence's Deception - Hold.

One Simple Difference - Hold. (Soon, it won't be.)

Innocence - >_> Someday in this lifetime.

Red - Soooonnnnn.

UTLB Series - Something interesting is going to be starting.

Dolly of the Night - By the end of May.

Completed Stories:

Lelouch and The Cat

Say It - Poem/Romantic Version -

Christmas Teddy

No Regrets; Crying in the Rain

No Regrets; Watching the Twilight

Just Have Me

Class Rings

Bloody Roses

Tell Me You Love Me

Snow Angel

Forever, Your Brother

Until the Last Breath


Hot Chocolate



Cold Warm

The Best Theatrical Performance

To Bite the Forbidden Apple


Moments of Impact

Current Projects In The Works (SHIZ!! It's piling up. -sad face-):

Dolly of the Night - Vocaloid -

UTLB series Oneshots - Vocaloid -

Stories Being Deleted:

Dolly of the Night

Bloody Roses

Bloody Secrets

Tell Me You Love Me

Maybe...(or probably just edited):

Until the Last Breath

Snow Angel

Forever, Your Brother

Class Rings

OC's will be shown SOMETIMES in stories. They do not last long, maybe one chapter or two, and they will not be annoying. No Mary Sue's. I promise.

Or...a promise I couldn't quite keep. Haha...sorry, but Plot Bunnies love to torture me until I write what they want. Therefore, Jessica has been made into a Mary-Sue. Not annoying - no - she'll be realistic; I can promise you on that. She is about to appear in FOD, which is a story that has only mini-chapters, so I don't have to go back to it and freakin' add stuff and lose track. You'll see...and maybe you'll love it, but that's something I can't guarantee, because I'm not you. Hahaa!

Random Crap!:

I hate Child-Abuse.

I like anything that's Strawberry flavored. (Anything; name it: Strawberry oatmeal, Nutri-Grain Bars, Cupcake-Icing, Pocky, Ice-cream, Jam, Sour PUNCH Straws, lollipops, cakes...hell, if there was such a thing as strawberry SOUP, I'd totally tap it!)

Rap-Music isn't my crack - Jap-Music is.

My friend thinks my stories are Crack. (They read it daily, because they're addicted. I want to threaten Re-hab...but I'm afraid that I'll be killed. Still joking...or am I??)

Farting is fun.

Texting. (That's all)

Anime Conventions.

Rave Par-tehs! (HELL YES!)

Random-ness is my anti-drug. If it wasn't here, the world would be black and white and would SUCK so BAD that I would do something in-human to my self - killing me instantly. (It's the same thing I would do if there was no LOVE in the world.)

I laugh at everything.

I don't hate. I just get REALLY. PISSED. OFF.

I wonder what I would look like if I was a boy. Would I be ugly? (Ponders on this...)

My. Cats. Are. My. Life.

Chocolate is my second lover. Writing is my first. Hot Guys are my third. (Why won't I have any GOOD dreams? Darkness sucks.)

I have too many clothes.

Humidity...I'm humidity's bitch.

Why do people like Pink sooooo much?

Is this going too long? Should I stop this?

Yes, I should.





My brother tried to cool off a hot bowl of food by smacking it and yelling, "I TOLD YOU TO COOL DOWN- UWA," once. Priceless.

You know that you're having a boring summer when you run after the ice-cream truck for amusement.

Once, I spread love throughout the local mall. Then I got kicked out. I smirked the whole time, because I knew that that was how the world works. Spread love and get shot down.

My bff has a toilet vagina. I told her that's a comparison to an explicit visual of a hotdog being thrown down a hallway.

Prostitution is illegal. So why do we still have it?

Would I be a good prostitute?

Could I even be a prostitute?

Black crayons are cool.

Pens are fun.

Paper is better.


Romeo and Juliet had to die. The world would have fallen apart if they hadn't. (Watch Romeo x Juliet, you'll see what I mean.)

Shakespear, you're the shit. (You're sexy too :wiggles tongue: Kidding.)

I like to be emotionless sometimes. It's fun because people know I'm doing it on purpose and that makes them laugh.

One kid references the icing on his graham cracker as sperm by saying in a quite gay-ish voice, "It's all white and sticky". Even my teacher laughed while I choked. Best day in Science class. EVER.

I like to torture my characters. Especially the protagonists. Especially girl protagonists. Miscarriages for each of 'em. :evil cackles: I'm kidding.

No, I'm not.

You can rape anything...if you have enough butter.

Ichigo's hot.

Hitsugaya's hotter.

Hmm...sometimes silence is eerie.

"On a scale of one-to-Chris Brown, how angry are you?" - HAHAH!! My geometry class is epic.

Sometimes I wonder if there's someone watching me. Perhaps it's ghosts that follow me...who knows. Meh. As long as I don't see them.

I believe demons exist. I don't like them.

I don't like them at all. 'd feel better if they just stayed in hell.

Butterflys are beautiful, so are roses. I wonder which one people like more...

Psychological thrillers are the kind of movies you should avoid if you don't like to think.

I like to think, so I like them.

Driving scares me. Sometimes I feel like I can't function in society. I can't be autistic, there's no way. So, maybe it's just nerves...

Hitsugaya and Rukia are strangely very cute together...I couldn't resist.

I am officially planning on joining the HitsuRuki-Army. From now on, for any HitsuRuki fics, there shall be an advertisment! XD

I saw Toushiro sleeping in the anime...I almost jizzed my pants. It was...just...too...

Is it okay to think you're a pedophile, even though the one you're obsessed with is WAY TOO OLD for you?

Probably not.

I feel...guilty for some reason. Guilty of something...

Turquiose is totally my fav color now.

Please, now, I know I'm not the only one who thinks, "Dammit, why won't you lose weight!?" when you see a ridiculously fat person.


If I ever had the impulse to rape would be Toushiro.

'm not kidding.

...Ichigo, too. I wouldn't even hesitate, actually.

I like to clean. Is that a bad thing?

It is, isn't it?

:sigh: Fack me, ne? (Don't take it seriously, you perverts.)


If I was a shinigami, what would my zanpaktou be?

I like flowers a lot, maybe it could be some sword dealing with flowers?

Carnations are pretty...

Politics. Can. Kiss. My. Ass. Okay?

Cake is cute. It's yummy and fluffy. If I like it a lot, does that make me a cute person? :x3:

Zomg, naps are too awesome.

I'm sure most students would dream of punching their teachers in the face. Unfortunately, I have punched my teacher in the face and it was an accident...and strangely I felt very guilty and ashamed.

I wonder if anyone's ever dreamt of taking a katana to a teacher...

I wonder if said person ever had their dream turn into a nightmare when their teacher got a katana too...

Teacher-student relationships are like the professional employer-employee relationship; business but friendly.

I'm fully aware of all that. And I think it's disgusting if some forty year old dude is screwing a seventeen year old girl, you know?

So why do I have no problem with reading and writing about twenty year old teachers having a relationship with one of their students?

It's not something psychological.

It's just something I'm infatuated with.

Don't judge me, mann.

Drama is great and intense...

I don't like to act.

But it's weird...because I "act" everyday.


Oh, the hypocrisy of the world.

Bask in it.

Endure it.

It shall last forever.


Wouldn't it be funny if the world is going to mayhem and I'm sitting in my house, staring at the dark sky with a bored expression. And then, I whisper, " that's what happens when a poem pops into my head..."

My poems are destructive.

Don't worry, I'm not too full of myself.

Does it show that much?

Don't worry, I'll never get to Altair's level :winks: I'm not that much of a prick.

:giggles: I still love that dear Assassin with good intentions.

:sigh: Assassin's Creed...awesomeness.

How does it feel to fall into a cart of hay? ...I wonder. :ponders on this:

My best friend in Florida is an italiana bella.

She likes to put butter on most of the things she eats. Even ramen noodles (grosssss!!) XDD

Once, we were dancing like retards to The Black Eyed Peas, and she tripped while doing the walk-man. PRICELESS!! I should've recorded! XDDDDD

I told her that the love of her life and her, after they got married, would have many pointless arguments that would end up with them having super-awesome make-up sex. Unfortunately, when I conjured up an example...I used the...uhh...well, I said that they would have a big argument over grocery shopping; jelly to be precise. ;D Yeah...I can see me and my husband...uhh...yeah >.>; fucking jelly. ;DD


I don't know about you guys, but Vocaloids are just flipping awesome, yea' know.

Len and Rin aren't siblings sometimes, isn't that weird.

Most of the time they aren't even siblings to begin with.

I prefer them not being siblings, because they're cute together...even though they look the same...

I might have problems...

But it's awesome.

"Kienai Hitomi" is my favorite song! It's awesome! 's on my gaia!

Rin and Len 4ever! (As long as they're not siblings!)

Some sibling ones are okay too, whatever. Not much of a supporter for incest though, XD.

ZOMG! I've been having so many perverse ideas for Len and Rin that it's flipping crazy!

Chou and I made a "unofficial" pact. We shall include each other's fav. pairings in our stories. XDDD Miki/Kamui - FMW!

The pact will be "official" soon :DD I can't wait! xP Payback, Chou-chan! XDDDD

Man I wuv her XD

Man...writing about murder made me feel a little dirty. But, it was an interesting experience.

People are just eating it up. I feel special.

Tomorrow's the last day and then BR will be finished.

Oh man...

That'll be interesting.

People are going to hurt me after they read it; I just know it. Sadness...

haha, for some reason, that was funny.

My brother was incarcerated yesterday...I don't know how to react to it, but I haven't cried.

Hopefully, I will. I've never been good a mourning or crying...well, I was, but then my brother called me a cry-baby and so yeah...


Well, I have a lot of writing to do, yeah? Ah well.

Writing is a forever for me so...

Send up a prayer for my bro...yeah? Any prayer counts...

I just got a boyfriend.

I hadn't liked him at the beginning...but now I do...

...for some reason, I'm still not that comfortable...but I'm sure I'll warm up to it, haha?

Hope he's not secretly reading my shit.

Because it's...shit?


Now, I'm single again.

I broke up with him.

I don't feel bad about that.

I feel bad about the fact that he spent money on me, saw a movie with me, and then I just said, "We hardly ever see each other, the school year's almost over, and I'm booked for the summer. I don't see how it's gonna work..."

And his face after that...I felt terrible...

But now I'm okay...*nods*

That was a nice date though...


looks at the calendar*

My birthday tomorrow.

...whoa... XD

Holy crap I can see scary movies alone, FTW 8D


It's not kidnapping - that's too strong - let's call it, "SUPRISE ADOPTION 8DDD"


Yes, I did read those somewhere.

Yes, I'm weird.

Yes...I need Jesus.


Mah babeh! It's finished!!!

And now, more inspiration, I suppose XD

I hope people don't freak out at OC's. :( or sweet Mary-Sues...

Here's Rayna's thesis on relationships with large age differences. You see, if the man is let's say...ten years older than the girl - it's "hot as hell." However, when the girl is let's say...four years older or any age older than the boy - except for a year's difference - it's "cradle-robbing."



Yeah, whatever. You like "Innocence" either way. Shut up.

-sticks out tongue-



Hmm...if I were wise enough, I wouldn't start having inspiration to write Roxas x Kairi fics...or read them...

However, I don't think I'm so wise enough.

Not anymore.

-evil grin-

-sigh- ...I'm too sensitive for my own good...

But who knows...there's usually a rainbow after the storm...right?


So yeah.

Oatmeal Chocolate cookies. Oh yeah.

My tum-tum can't wait.

Going to be eighteen soon.

Going to be graduating soon.

Oh. Mi. Gosh.

Freaking out, like really bad.

Because college is soon. And I need a different occupation besides being an author.

Maybe...massage theropy?

Lol, what were your majors Chi? Oh, you know, English and literature and...massage theropy.

Want a foot-rub?


Oh, oh, but besides that, I'm going to start doing "Let's Plays" on Youtube. I'll post my other account where my original account is at the very bottom (you know, where I told you all to stalk me? Please? TEE-HEE)

...I need coffee.

So, soon, your inbox is going to explode.

My voice and horrible playing will be on the internet for all to see.

I'm going to be an adult.

And the world is supposed to explode while I'm half-way done with my freshmen year in college.

Sweet. Ultra sweet.






Dat writing. Me gusta. XD

Dat hiatus. No me gusta.

I'm back, ya'll. Chyeaaahhhh

God is my inspiration now. Romance always will as well. He will always be something mentioned and something important in my stories. I am not trying to push my "religion" down people's throats. I am just spiritually in love. I would like to be respect for it but if not it's understandable. I will neither judge nor be angry or even hurt. We all have our own philosophy.

Dark stories are a dark side of me. I believe sex before marriage isn't a right thing, either. Murder is basically going too far. I am not ashamed, because my stories are not all about darkness - they provide light as well. But I know what is best to write now and it is just love and hard times.

I love you guys :) I will continue on to write for you and entertain you. And I will continue to write what's in my heart.

So...yeah. There we go.



OK. I'm back. But wow! How times change.

I almost wanna cry.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to marry the guy I've liked for over six years. He is way more than I ever imagined he was...I can't wait to be his wife. XD

Wedding is next year though. Or maybe, at the end of this one. Depends.

...Dat marital sex. Boo-yeah.




So. I work at a Pizza Hut now.

Fat pants...please, stay away from me as long as you can.

Oh and if you guys didn't know...I ball so hard mo-fudgers wanna find me. Okay?

Stop staring at the screen like that.


...Again, dat marital sex. :groans:


:creepy smile:

Hope you guys bare with me. I'm rusty. > _

If you don’t like my style on things, then get the heck away from my profile and my stories. –smiles- Thank you!

YouTube Name: Jessiuk7 (The well. I'll just kill it. It's ugly anyways. Besides, this is what a youtube page is for anyways.)

(Check me out! Please? -grabs your shoulders- STALK ME!!)


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