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TEEEE-HEEEEE!! Hey guys my name is vampire dark-angel14 and I'm now 15 by the way if you were wondering.

I don't have a standard personality but I'm out-going, good to talk with, lazy, crazy (sometimes though I got some of it from my friends) and I hate studying. I like sports and I play tennis, swimming, tracks, volleyball, netball and football (when I play with boys).

I read any kind of books as long as it's interesting. I watch all sorts of TV shows, movies and anime. I listen to any music except jazz, soca and classics. WE ARE IN THE 2OTH CENTURY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! I like mostly hip hop, rock and dancehall.

Anime: vampire knight (the best ever), naruto, bleach, FMA, fruits baskets, avatar, perfect girl evolution (you won't stop laughing), love monster, mahou sensei negima, claymore, special A, ayu mayu, air gear, love celeb and some others.

Fav. Characters: itachi, (love him), kaname(love him), zero, yuuki, sasuke (when not being compared to itachi), neji, hinata, rukia, ishida, zuko, aang, sunako, negi, setsuna, asuna, ringo, agito/ akito, byakuya, hitsugaya, clare, kilik and many many more.

I personally hate orochimaru (he disgusts me), kabuto (he joined him), sasuke because he went to orachimaru and when he's compared to Itachi (he doesn't stand a chance), gin in bleach, arancars, aizen, sometimes the claymore organization, azula, ichiru, rido.



I like any pairings as long as the story is good but here are some specific ones (yaoi included):


Itaxhina (the best)


Naruxsaku (he's been desperate for a while)

Sasuxnaru (they get along well plus they've shared a kiss already)


Hidanxhinata (I like hinata and I read a story that I liked)

Any akatsuki x any akatsuki (except itachi)

Itachixanko (very cute 2gether)

Kakashixtsunade (give them a chance. random couple I thought of)

Vampire Knight

Kanamexyuuki (4 ever)


Kanamexzero (haha)


Kainxaidou (they knew each other 4 a long time)



Zukoxkatara (4 ever bitchies)




Zuko x ty lee

Toff x anyone

Mahout sensei negima

Negi x any 3a girls





Nagixasuna (haha that's interesting)

Copy and paste

If there are times when you wanna annoy people just for the heck of it, copy this into your profile.

If you think that those stupid kids should just give that God-forsaken Trix rabbit some Trix, copy this into your profile. (they did in the 80's)

If you hate those obnoxious snobby people, PLEASE copy this into your profile.

If you have ever had a mad laughing fit for absolutely no reason, copy and paste this into your profile. (yet again. many times)

There's nothing wrong with arguing with yourself. It's when you argue with yourself and LOSE when it's weird. If you agree, copy this and put it in your profile.( only sometimes. SHUT UP!)

For me, crazy is a loose term. Crazy is when you stare at a pencil and laugh when someone asks you just what you find so interesting about the eraser. Crazy is when you have an hour long sob-fest, then start singing and dancing when your favorite song plays. Crazy is when you do or say a totally random thing, like "do you ever wonder where the eraser bits go?" or start having a thumbwar with yourself (i find that i am a very tough opponent). So if you're crazy, copy this onto your profile

You know you live in the year 2000+ when...

1.) You accidentaly enter you password on a microwave.

2.) You haven't played solitare with real cards for years

3.) The reason for not staying in touch with your friends is they dont have a screenname or my space

4.) You'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the buttons on the TV

6.) Your boss doesn;t even have the ability to do your job.

7.) As you read this list you keep nodding and smiling.

8.) As you read this list you think about sending it to all your friends.

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10.) You scrolled back up to see if there was a number 5.

11.) Now you are laughing at yourself stupidly.

12.) Put this in your profile if you fell for that, and you know you did

This is not my original by the way, i liked what they had and they said copy and paste, so i did (compliments to the original person)


Akatsuki- Fallen for Hinata ~ currently finishing

Intoxicated ~ I update ASAP

A/N: I don't like to keep readers waiting

Upcoming stories~ yes new stories will be published when I feel inspired.

One shots~ Beware of oneshots poooooop!!

Reviews~ YES! I love them they keep me inspired and all so review AMAP (did you get that one).

WOOOOOHOOOO!! Hey guys it's me again. Well, that's my profile. I write stories for any anime, ratings and stuff so check out my profile once in a while for new stories. I appreciate reviews. You guys keep me inspired. Enjoy my stories. R&R!! By the way check out my new laugh: boo ha ha ha ha ha, boo ha ha ha ha ha! You have to hear it from the specialist- moi- to get it. So boo ha ha ha ha ha to you.

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