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Name: Pedro (Hah, You Don't Know My Last Name!)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Race: Hispanic

Birthday: July 7

Location: United States - Texas

Writing Style/Genre: I do plan to make more stories other than "The Land Of Chizue". I'll finish that story before I continue another.

Now, as far as writing style... I'm still a writer-in-training. I've taken many English/Language Arts classes in Honors level. Taking English III AP next year. I love writing essays, so that's why I started making fan-fics. My writing style will use many techniques I learned from other fan-fics I read and from my classes.

I like to write Action/Adventure/Friendship genres. And for those of you to know, I might only write Pokémon stories, so turn away now if you don't like it.

Self Description: Yes, apparently I have a lot of time in my hands to be writing Fan-Fics. Heh. So anyways, I'm a 15 year old kid, a Sophomore in High School taking Honors classes (I plan to be working in trade/write a book)... and that's pretty much me.

I like playing video games. Those games include Pokemon (Duh), Mario Series, Legend Of Zelda Series, Super Smash Bros Brawl (My FC is 1075-2154-4613 BTW), Metroid Series, and a lot of other games. I mostly use the Pokemon games to base my fan-fics.

As far as personality goes, I guess I'm really quiet in real life. I am very timid, more-or-less intelligent (I lack common sense...), and friendly. So don't hesitate to PM me for any reason. Also, I'm kinda anti-social in real life... and have some sort of fear of people. Because of that, I don't look for any girlfriends. I'm a lone Lucario... I mean, wolf.

As far as any anime I watch, I watch Naruto, Soul Eater, and Death Note.

Favorite Pokemon include Espeon, Umbreon, and Lucario.

Well, hopefully I get a chance to make more Fan-Fics and get more reception. Also, don't hesitate to tell me about any Poke-Fan-Fics that you find interesting. I'll be happy to read them.

I'm registered at dA. Here's the link to my profile, where you could find some crappy drawings and stories from yours truly. You stalker, you.

Random Info About Me: Yeah, Accounting I H + Computer Time = Bored

Name: Didn't I Already Mention That?

Gender: Robot. No, Male

Age: ...I Mentioned That Too...

Sexual Orientation: , I Mentioned That Already!

Skin Colour: Um... Tannish Brown? XD

Race: Hispanic

Hair Color: Black, With Random White Hair (Yes, I'm 15... And Already Have Some White Hair)

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Height: Pretty Tall...

Weight: Darn You, Why Do They Always Ask About This?!

Current State of Health: Healthy. Green/Blue Health. Take Your Pick.

Favorite Food: Fruit (Preferably Apples)

Favorite Drink: Orange Soda, Mountain Dew, and Iced Tea

Virgin: Yes, I Don't Want Kids Right Now! O_O

Tried Alchohol?: NO! I'll Never Drink That !

Tried Any Drugs?: Repeat The Answer I Had On Alchohol

Driver's License: Soon.

Relationship Status: Single. And Staying That Way. I'm a Lone Lucario... I mean, Lone Wolf.

Favorite Book: Hmm... Harry Potter? It's been a while since I read a book...

Favorite Character In The Book?: ...Harry Potter?

Favorite Movie: Lucario and the Mystery Of Mew, and Dead Space: Downfall

Fav. Character From Movie: Lucario, and Samuel Irons from DS: Downfall

Fav. TV Show: Supernatural

Fav. Character From TV Show: Sam and Dean

Honorable Mentions:

Siran 774 - Thank you for being a devoted reader of my story. You also inspire me to keep making chapters for my story.

Eternal-Tracker - Thanks for my first review.

GardeviorGirl - First Fan-Fic I read from you was "Sunset Dance". I loved it and continued to read your other stories.

Fun-Facts About My Stories:

(Land Of Chizue) - Lynar is the name of my super-special-awesome, Choice-Spec'ed, Special Attacking Lucario. Layla is also the name of my super-special-awesome, Choice-Band'ed, Physical Attacking Lucario. I also have bred both of them a lot of times... Heh.

(Land Of Chizue) - My name in my Diamond version is Locke. gasp Am I foreshadowing anything...?

(Land Of Chizue) - Xulkan is the name of my friend's (Eternal-Tracker) awesome Typhlosion. It has defeated me numerous times...

(Into The Shadows) - Hunter was the name of my rival in many a Pokemon game. I still name my rivals Hunter in Platinum.

(Into The Shadows) - If you haven't already noticed, EX, means Experiment Pokedex Number.

I Do Not Own Any Pokemon Related Items. All Characters Are Purely Fictional.

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