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My Name: Heather C. C

Age: Not for chuu to know

Location: Right Behind You kiding not gonna say

Birthday: April 11th

Sex: Female

About Me: As you could see, I love the color purple or any shades of it. I also dogs, . I can be very clumsy and hyper by drinking water, strange, right? My friend couldn't believe it either when I told her, until I showed her how scary I can be when I have water, then she told me: "Alright. No more water for you, Woman"(This is her nickname for me). I like to draw, but I am very terrible at it, if you compliment any of my work, that is if I post it up in the near future... (which won't happen soon, cause I don't know how the dang thing work. Oh did I forget, I can be very random at times and some times, I write poetry for fun or out of complete and utter boredom. My friend helped me create this account, cause One, I don't know how this site works, All I really do is look up Tokyo Mew Mew, Oban Star Racers, Ouran Academy, Shugo Chara, and Iron Man Fanfiction. Weird, I know. Second, I just discovered this site existed around March... somewhere in the middle actually, lol. I am a pretty strange but good friend and I do have one good friend by the name of Memories of the Forgotten. She's the one who typed this entire thing for me, seeing as I stink at it, and I actually admit it. I also love music which shows cuz I'm in both Choir and Band. Enough of my rambling... time to move on!

Hobbies:Reading books, hiking, and reading fanfiction stories ect.

Favorite Anime/Manga's:

Shugo Chara =Amuto

Ouran High School Haruhi x anyone in the host club perferably Mori or Kyoto though

Tokyo Mew Mew

Oban Star Racers

Ranma 1/2 RANMA x AKANE

Favorite Comic(Weird, I know. Don't Ask):

Iron Man

Teen Titans

Favorite Authors:

Meg Cabot

Francine Pascal

Favorite Foods:


chicken tiki marsala


curry potatoes

Cookie Dough (Yumm)

Alfredo with Chicken

Popcorn Shrimp

Popcorn Chicken


Country Ham Cassarole

Salsbury Steak

Mash Potatoes and Gravy

Apple Pie

Yellow Cake with (my mom's) Chocolate Frosting.. (Yum)

Favorite Ranma 1/2 Pairings:

Ranma x Akane

Kuno x Nabiki

Dr. Tofu x Kasumi

Mousse x Shampoo

Ryoga x Ukyo

Least Favorite from Ranma 1/2:

Happosai x ANYONE

Kuno x Akane

Mousse x Akane

Ranma x Nabiki

Ranma x Kodachi

Ranma x Shampoo

Male Ranma x Female Ranma

Kuno x Female Ranma

Favorite Pairings from Oban Star Racers:



Favorite Pairings from Tokyo Mew Mew:

Ryou/Ichigo (Me & My Buddy: NYAAA~!! -cheers happily-)




CSI Miami:

Horatio x Calleigh ( Funny and their first initials it = HC and mine are HCC hmmmmmmmmm they definitely belong for that reason and other)

Least Favorite From Oban Star Racers:

Don/Eva incest ewww dad and daughter



Least Favorite From Tokyo Mew Mew:





Any other Character/Mint

Tart and Any Other Character

Ps: As you can tell this is my first ever account OxO. Enjoy and I hope to put stories up in the future!

If possible could you help me with figuring out how to post a story.

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