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Esse is a writer of very little brain.
And yup, she cosplays Axel.

She writes when she finds time.
Sometimes time can be hard to find.

Rise of the Guardians has eaten her brain.
She doesn't miss it much.
No one's noticed Esse's missing brain yet.
She's always been a bit of a zombie.

If she hasn't responded to your PM
Feel free to chuck a brick her way.

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Links to fanart created for In The Silence

by Kaylessa:
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Esse presents:

A crossover drabble that no one needed

but that needed written:

Jack Dawson stared up at the brilliant splash of stars overhead. He'd been so cold, so terribly cold, and the pleading screams — the dying screams — had nearly convinced him he'd already died. Then, gradually, heat had seeped into his limbs; blessed, blanketing heat, and he knew they both were going to be okay.

"Don't worry, Rose. They'll be sending the lifeboats any time now."

"She can't hear you."

Jack craned his neck, turned it towards the left, and instead of the starry night sky he saw a boy, a boy with gleaming white hair and a smile filled with gleaming white teeth. A boy holding a staff and floating several feet above the ocean's surface. And Jack hoped the life boats got to them soon, since he'd begun to hallucinate.

"Just thought you ought to know." The boy shrugged, then swung his staff in a long arc that ended with him seated upon it. Several feet above the water. In the middle of the ocean. "I'm Jack, by the way. Jack Frost."

"You don't exist."

"Neither do you, technically. Really, I was expecting a bit more gratitude. Have you any idea how far out of my way this is? But I thought I'd be helpful, welcome you to the great beyond — which isn't all that great, actually, but there you have it."

Jack Dawson often bragged that he lived life to the fullest, but he was never drinking Irish whisky again.

"Jack, there you are! Sorry I fell behind; wrong door." A skeleton stepped through a crack in the night sky; a very tall, very skeletal skeleton dressed in an odd black suit. "My goodness! Looks like it will be a busy Halloween this year!"

"It appears so." Still smiling, Jack Frost stepped down from his staff, and used the hook to fish Jack Dawson out of the water. "Jack Skellington, I'd like to introduce Jack Dawson, our newest member."

"Charmed!" The skeleton said, offering his hand — but taking no offense when it wasn't taken. "Bit on the quiet side, isn't he?" he whispered in an aside.

"This is crazy!" Jack Dawson was floating. Above the water. And he was completely dry. But he had other things to worry about.

"This is nothing." Another man joined their group, casually strolling along the life-jacketed backs of corpses. "You want crazy? I can tell you about crazy. Skellington. Frost."

"Jack Torrance." Jack Frost shook his head, and his smile dimmed to mere mortal brightness.

"Oh, I hadn't known he'd been invited." Jack Skellington shook his skull; something inside rattled in protest.

"Hey, heard we were getting a new Jack, and look! Think I would miss this party?"

Jack Dawson did not like the newcomer — but then, there wasn't any aspect of the delusion that he particularly liked. "Look. Could one of you explain what's going on?"

"Simplicity itself!" Jack Skellington gushed, clapping bony hands together in a sound like maracas. "You're dead."

"Umm. No I'm not."

"'Fraid you are." Jack Frost pulled gently on his elbow, and pointed down. "See?"

There, below them — were Rose on her water-logged door, and Jack, looking rather iced over. And Rose shook Jack, the Jack still in the water, shook him then pried his frozen, stiff hands from the board.

"I'll never let go, Jack! I'll never let go!" Rose said in a crackly, whispery voice.

"Hey!" Outraged, Jack Dawson walked up to Rose, never noticing that he was walking on water. "What the...? You let go! Right when the life boat's coming!"

"It's because you're dead, man," Jack Torrance slurred — having found the Irish Whisky. "Sucks, I know. I recommend an axe."

"Don't listen to him," Jack Frost advised, rolling his eyes. "Torrance is certifiable. And a lush. On to business then," he said sharply, handing over a book and several wax-sealed scrolls. "Here's your membership card, member directory, guidebook — and I've covered the first year's dues. Welcome to the Society!"

Jack Dawson blinked, slowly, as a name tag was pinned onto his shirt, and blinked again as he saw his blue, bloated face disappear into the depths of the ocean. "Society?"

"The Dead Jacks Society!" Jack Skellington exclaimed, clearly delighted. "Oh, and here's our ride!"

"What?" He couldn't stop blinking. At the pirate ship. Sailing five feet above the water. "Just... What?"

"Ahoy, mates! Welcome aboard me Pearl!"

"Don't over think it," Jack Frost warned him, firmly nudging him towards the ship. "And try to keep a distance from Jack Sparrow. Terrible dental hygiene."

XD Because our popular culture is chock full of Creepy!Dead!Jacks FTW!

Esse shamefully presents:


Once upon a time there was a Babysitter. And this Babysitter wuvvles Little Kids to pieces. And she has four Children that she watches all the time. They are Big Man On Campus, Jock, Cheerleader, and Fat Boy. There is a fifth Child, Bully, but he smells weird and his mommy dresses him funny, so Babysitter wants nothing to do with him.

Now, Babysitter wuvvles Children so so much, she decides to have one of her own! So she gets herself knocked up, and isn't life grand? Only — she's having second thoughts now that her little bundle of joy has arrived. Does Babysitter put the baby up for adoption? Haha, of course not. Does she leave the baby at the fire station so it at least has a chance of finding a home? Bwahaha, don't be silly! No, Babysitter tosses her baby into the dumpster in the alley behind her house.

See? No more problem!

Somehow, though, Dumpster Baby survives. Not well, and sometimes Dumpster Baby has to do horrible things to make it to the next day — but he survives. And sometimes he'll beg Babysitter for food as she passes by his alley — but Babysitter hurries on, because — eww!

Then, one day Bully shows up at school, and starts scaring all the Little Kids. And BMOC and Jock and Cheerleader and Fat Boy go running to Babysitter for help.

BMOC asks, "How can I be BMOC if Little Kids do not believe I can protect them?"

So Babysitter thinks, and thinks, and eureka! "Go get Dumpster Baby! He can beat up Bully for you!"

And Jock says, "Dumpster Baby? But he's icky!" but who really ever listens to Jock? So they go find Dumpster Baby, and tell him the good news that Babysitter has chosen him to go one-on-one with Bully.

And Dumpster Baby is all, "Yeah. No." And Cheerleader is all, "Oh, your switchblade is so shiny! You are made of awesome!" And Fat Boy is all, "..."

Bully shows up in the midst of all this, and takes Fat Boy down — because if Fat Boys aren't comic relief, then they're the first to get gacked in horror movies. And Bully laughs, and says, "Yo, Dumpster Baby! Wassup?"

Now, Dumpster Baby happened to like Fat Boy, for Fat Boy would sometimes come to his alley and share his lunch. So Dumpster Baby takes out his switchblade and says, "Imma stick you!" and Bully croons, "Oooo, hurt me bad, Baby!" so now we all know what a nutter Bully really is.

Bully runs off to draw doodles that say Dumpster Baby and Bully 4EVR!

Cheerleader pulls out a cookie, and says, "If you take care of Bully, you can have this cookie!" And Dumpster Baby has wanted a cookie his whole, entire life; he's been starving to death his Whole Entire Life — and he will do anything for that cookie!

So the Big Four — now Three — sit around and plan — and Dumpster Baby gets bored, so he walks around the corner, straight into Bully's villainous lair.

And Bully is all, "Yo! You want a cookie? Here, have a cookie! I wuvs you my sweet patootie!" and Dumpster Baby is all, "Did you lick the back of this cookie?" And that kinda hurts Bully's feelings, but he gives Dumpster Baby the cookie anyway, then shoves him out of his villainous lair.

Back with the Big Four — now Three — Cheerleader notices Dumpster Baby's new cookie, and says, "Bad Dumpster Baby!" and Jock says, "I knew you were icky!" and BMOC says, "Dude, I thought we were getting along!" And this hurts Dumpster Baby's feelings, because he hasn't even eaten the cookie! So he runs and hides in the biggest dumpster of all behind the Korean BBQ, and that's where Bully finds him.

Bully shows Dumpster Baby his notebook with all the doodles of Dumpster Baby and Bully 4EVR! But Dumpster Baby says, "Um. No. You smell weird." So Bully slaps Dumpster Baby and huffs away to go scare Little Kids. Dumpster Baby is sad. Then he remembers, he still has his cookie! And he eats the cookie, and life is good! SUGAR RUSH!

Dumpster Baby saves Little Boy from Bully, and Yay! Little Boy is all, "Whoa. Dumpster Baby isn't just a scary urban legend!" and Yay! But Bully doesn't want anyone else playing with his Dumpster Baby, no way no how! And just when things look bad for our heroes, Fat Boy shows up and lays on the hurt, because if we've learned anything at all, it's that you don't Mess with Fat Boys. Ever.

And Babysitter shows up, and says, "Okay. Since you're kind of handy, I guess you can hang around, Dumpster Baby." And everyone lives happily ever after. The End!

o_O And that is why I have a problem with Moon. Esse is now open to flaming. She doesn't really want to be flamed, but, umm... Yeah.

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