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Brunette - Brunette, Inc. - Blonded.

"Not quite blonde, are we? More dirty blonde."
American Psycho


So what about me? Well, contrary to the indication above, I've actually been writing on this site since 2002 under the penname Brunette (if you like Newsies, The Mummy, or Pirates of the Caribbean, check out the link up there). However, I felt that account was getting crowded, and it's got a couple stories on it that will probably remain on hiatus forever, so...I'm kind of deserting it.

About me personally? I'm about to be a junior in college, majoring in English with a minor in Communications and Theatrical Arts. I love writing (obviously), acting, and art. As far as those particular fields go--I enjoy:

writers. Fydor Dosteovsky, John Steinbeck, Harper Lee (granted, the woman only wrote one book...), Oscar Wilde, and Elmore Leonard (not exactly one of the greats, but I like a good Tarantino-style finish).

actors. I could go on forever about actors. But in a nutshell: I like Robert DeNiro's early stuff (pretty much everything before Heat), what I've seen of Marlon Brando and Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, and James Dean (in all three of the movies he did). I also enjoy Marilyn Monroe, though I wouldn't consider her work brilliant by any means. I tend to like actresses in particular roles (mostly because women's roles are more limited--tell me about it). As far as people in this millenium: I like Daniel Day-Lewis, Joaquin Phoenix, Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Steve Buscemi. I find Johnny Depp generally overrated; Sweeny Todd was the last straw.

art. I, essentially, must not "get" art because I dropped it as a major after my first semester. But I do like Van Gogh (who doesn't?) and Warhol.


Well, I'm just writing away, trying to get as much completed as possible before school starts. The story titles listed below are linked to poster-style "advertisements" for my fics. Graphic design is kind of a hobby of mine. But, anyway. I do hope you'll check out a story or two--and, as always (like everybody) I love to hear your comments, so leave a review! ;)


Night. I wanted to explore the persona of Bruce Wayne and his relationship to his secret identity. Since Bruce is supposed to be a playboy (and yet, still in love with Rachel), I wanted to work out the "inconsistencies" in his character by looking at him through the eyes of an opportunistic gold digger. Jessica, one of Sal Maroni's old squeezes, gets more than she bargained for when she sets her sights on the Wayne trust fund. Starts before The Dark Knight, and follows the movie somewhat; I'm not quite sure just yet where I'll end the story.

Fever. So I've decided I want to try and tackle the Joker as a character. Set after The Dark Knight, we get a look into the Joker's talents as a manipulative, compulsive liar through the destruction of a young Arkham intern, Marilyn Monaghan and the molding of Harleen Quinzel. The story will contain themes of romance--though they will be admittedly unhealthy, strange, and somewhat tricky. I wanted to take a different approach to Harley; she's so often depicted as brainwashed, and I'd like to see her a little differently.

Shatter. What is Shatter? Fairly strange, actually. Rather than do a typical backstory for the Joker, I decided that it would be fun to make the story a little more like him. Each chapter is, essentially, the same scenario, told with the Joker playing a different role each time. There are several reoccuring themes each chapter, which you've probably noticed by now. And each is equally possible. I figured, rather than attempting to write a solid "true" background for the Joker, I'd give you several possibilities, and let you figure it out.

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