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Author has written 8 stories for We Will Rock You.

Name: Katherine

Age: 15 years

Hometown: A sad little city in Ontario, Canada.

I'm a girl... The name Katherine sorta gives that away doesn't it Mr. Smarty Pants?

My Favorite Music: Queen, Suzie McNeil, The Beatles, AC/DC, Kerry Ellis, Idina Menzel, Breanne Arrigo, God Made Me Funky, Tony Vincent, Hannah Jane Fox, All my musical sountracks

Favorite Movies: Tim Burton films, Good old fashioned Disney classics, Moulin Rouge, RENT, Across the Universe

Favorite T.V shows: Supernatural, Glee, House, Scrubs, Dr. Who

Favorite Books: Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, Son of a Witch, Confessions of Georgia Nicholson, Uglies


Wanna know how I found out about my obsession? I read this:

You know you're obsessed with WWRY when...

- When someone asks "Who are you?" you say "I'm the Walrus!"

- You own everything possible with the words We Will Rock You on them.

- You name your group of friends after the bohemians and assign characters to them based on their personalities.

- You discuss the events of the show with your friends as if they happened in real life.

- All the actors on the show are shown a picture of you and are told to stay away at all costs.

- You consider naming your future child Galileo or Scaramouche. ( I would do that, middle name though. Wouldn't want to completely embarrass the kid!)

- When your teacher asks the class to describe Galileo (the scientist), you are the first to raise your hand then you realize that it's not the Galileo you know and love

- You legally change your name to Galileo, Scaramouche, or another character from the show.

- You practically have a nervous breakdown when you haven't seen the show in a week.

- You cannot remember what you did with your life before We Will Rock You.

- As far as you are concerned, all the characters are actual people.

- You're horrified of people who have never even heard of We Will Rock You.

- You're on a first name basis with all the actors except that you've never met them. Though they used to appreciate your interest, the actors are now scared to death of you.

- You decide to be a character from the show for Halloween but your friends don't notice a change.

- You can't think of a thing to talk about with people who have never seen We Will Rock You

- You spend hours on the net looking for new pictures.

- You get really really excited whenever you do find any new pictures.

- When watching the show, people gawk at you when you manage to say the actor's lines right before they do.

- Whenever you quote the show to your friends, you laugh hysterically while your friends stare at you like you've grown another ear.

- You greet all people in the morning the same way "Good Morning Figgy" , their actual name not being Figgy is of no concern to you

- You sing 'Don't stop me now' when you're interrupted.

- At school in a boring lesson you jump onto a desk and shout "I want to break free".

- When you can't stop saying "Oh my, Oh my" to children who have been silly.

- When you walk round work singing "I want to break free".

- When you start hiding the truth about the number of times you have been to the show.

- Whenever people say they're "under pressure" you can't help but hum "Umbaba be, umbaba be".

- When you're feeling alone, you call you're best friend and tell her "CAN ANYBODY FIND ME,SOMEBODY TO LOVE?.

- When you’re in a shop and the shop radio announces all the great offers on, ending with someone saying ‘what more could you possible want?’ and you start singing ‘I want to break free’.

- When you have Ticketmaster on speed dial on your phone, even though you know the number anyway.

- You start to know the people at Ticketmaster and they already know you want the DVD offer when they hear your voice.

- Your work mates/school friends see you yawn in the morning and ask how the show was last night.

- You spend the whole day creating a family of sims called Galileo, Scaramouche and their two children Freddie and Mercury (Freddie Mercury! lol), when you should really be spending the day writing an essay on the life cycle and food chain of the frog, and the only break is to check the WWRY message board. I so need to get out more...

- You use as many Scaramouche insults/quotes as you can in one conversation, and the person you were talking to stands there for 10 minutes trying to figure out what the heck you were talking about.

- You almost have a nervous breakdown when you realize you missed out the last 'E' in Scaramouche's name, and go through all your stories/comments, mentally checking them all

- You've played your 'recorded at the dominion original cast' Cd so many times, your family/friends have forgotten what other cds you have. And so have you

- You cry when the show ends, even though you are going to see it again the next night

- You are running cross country at school, and talking to your friends at the same time, and they suddenly speed up, and you yell, "HEY! SLOW DOWN WILL YOU?!" then have a massive laughing attack, and no one knows why, then, suddenly, someone will figure out you're quoting Scaramouche, and roll their eyes at you, at which point you proceed to call them a banker.

- When small children want something from you and you tell them "Be careful I am not only insert your name here but I am also DYNAMITE WITH A LASER BEAM!"

- When there is something important happening or about to happen and you say: "It's time to avenge the mighty Queen. It's time to avenge them all!!"

- Someone asks you if you want to hear something interesting and you say: "Nah, just came here to use the bathroom! Of course I want to hear it!... stupid old hippie..."

- Everyone is excited about going somewhere and doing something and you pretend to be equally excited except you say: "Sounds a bit boring to me!!"

- Someone tells you: "I had a strange dream last night" and you start to mutter darkly about broken relationships, rabbits, bowler hats, and omelette's.

- Whenever someone mentions something you don't like, you say "Excuse me while I puke"

- You say "Bless" in Scaramouche's tone to anyone and anything

- You've contemplated getting therapy.

- Your parents have contemplated getting you therapy.

- You have avidly played air guitar during tennis in PE class. In fact, while pretending to be Brian May, you actually grazed your knees on the tennis court.

- Whenever you’re listening to music you’ll randomly comment, ‘Hey, that’s in the same key as insert Queen song here’ or, ‘that’s the same note as the one on insert Queen lyrics here’.

- Whenever someone says a line or key word from a Queen song, you break into a loud chorus of said Queen song.

- You spend three hours on a power point revolving around WWRY and why your father should send you (for me it would be to London, I seriously want to see the one that started it all!) to see the show.

- You try to listen to a regular different CD, but you can't find any, because you can't remember where you put them while you had your last Miss Mouche hissy fit.

- You mosh to BoRhap in your car and when you get strange looks from other commuters you put down your window, give the 'Rock on' sign and continue to rock your ass off

-You try to convince your Music teacher to buy tickets for your class to go see WWRY

- You go shopping and see anything that reminds you of what the characters wear and randomly yell out the character's name (ie...you see a torn red skirt and yell "SCARAMOUCHE!" )

- When final exams are upon you, you can't help but sing 'under pressure' or 'hammer to fall' because you're ready to tear the teacher's face off

- When you see girls dressed up in the latest fashions or squealing about some hot boy you roll your eyes and mutter, 'Ugh...GaGa Girls...'

- You start to wonder how you would act as Scaramouche, Oz, Killer Queen or any other character (well this is from a female's perspective...)

- When you meet a cast memeber at the stage door for for the first time...and they already know who you are

-When you are out with friends and they seem to be in hurry you scream: "Would you slow down, will you? I have shorter legs than you!!"

- When the second copy of the cast recorded Cd you bought (because you wore the first one out) needs replacing.

- When you ask your friend who last borrowed one of your videos/dvds, go up to them and demand loudly, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY SACRED VY-DAYO TAPEE??"

- When your friend jokingly calls you a lesbian and you quickly reply, "Is it because I don't wear pastels?"

- When you have to explain what that means

- Whenever you see 'under pressure' written in a book or written down...you have to underline it and write 'Queen' next to it.

- When the guy you just met turns down an invite to go see WWRY and immediately you decide the relationship just ain't gonna work!

- When one of your friends starts singing a solo for a school play, you shout, "A CAPELLA IS NEVER NECESSARY!" and refuse to explain or work out a compromise

- When someone asks you to do the fandango because they know how much you quote Scaramouche, you immediately ask if you look like poultry, then refuse to acknowledge that you quoted it wrong, but cry into your pillow that night

- When you consider going to see a show and feel really guilty and treacherous that it's not WWRY.

- When you are just dying for someone to call you a chicken/or chick just so you can respond with "What am I? Poultry?"

- You have a nervy spaz when you believe you saw Galileo (technically the actor playing him) at Taco Bell last night, but it turns out to be just a senior from your high school (this has actually happened to me!)

- When you spend all your time quoting Scaramouche, your friends roll their eyes and say " Scaramouche? Scaramouche? Will you do the fandango?" and you always reply with " Are you trying to get in my pants?"

I got all of these from my lovely friend Charlie Louie

If you have ever fallen up the stairs copy this into your profile

If you have ever pushed on a door that said pull or the vise versa copy this into your profile

Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, than weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile!

If you have ever been so obsessed with something that now everyone is scared of you because of its effects copy this into your profile

98 percent of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy and paste this in your profile.

If you have ever ran into a door, copy this into your profile.

If you have ever ran into a tree, copy this to your profile!

If you have ever tripped over your own feet, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you've ever tried to impress a guy, but ended up making yourself look horible then copy this to your profile

Recent studies show that 92 percent of teenagers have moved on to rap. If you're part of the 8 percent that stayed with rock, put this in your profile. (GO SEE WE WILL ROCK YOU!)

If you are so obsessed with Musical Theater that you randomly start quoting it, copy this into your profile.

If random songs just pop into your head at any given moment, from 'I've Been Working On the Railroad', to the Animorph version of the Barney song, to your most favorite song ever, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you've ever copied and pasted something onto your profile, copy and paste this onto your profile.

My face claim list for canon WWRY characters in my stories:

Galileo- Yvan Pedneault

Scaramouche- Erica Peck

Killer Queen- Mazz Murray

Khashoggi- Adam Brazier

Meat/Oz (but I prefer Meat)- Kerry Ellis

Brit/Duff- Sterling Jarvis

Pop- Jack Langedijk

Burton (Big Macca)- Danny Balkwill

Madonna- Peter Dewick (Except for in "Happy Birthday Phapha". She's a girl in that and her face claim is Amanda Harrison)

Aretha Franklin- Cleopatra Williams

Cliff Richard/ Clay Aiken- Jordan Cable

Jackson 5- Breanne Arrigo

Prince- Brittany Gray

Avril Lavigne- Kristen Sehn

Cheeky Fairy- Melanie Mcinenly

And that is all I can think of right now...

Link to my WWRY RP forum:

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