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Apologies for the series lack of updating, I've just been really busy with this awful thing called 'Real-Life' I hate it seriously >.

Haaaiii!! Hello, Bonjour... um... that's all I know... o.O

Anywho, I've been a lurker of FF.NET for aaages and it didn't occur to me to just sign up and actually save the stories I'm reading instead of being awkward and bookmarking them. Because frankly... that's just stooopid lol! I love the Doctor Who section of this place everyone has really brilliant ideas! Seriously, I could so see some of them actually becoming episodes. It's amazing how well some people can write.

Enough babbling, I'm 22 from the UK. Currently I'm doing English Lit at university and working in a pub at the corner of my street every other night, which - as you could probably guess - is boring as hell. I have my own flat which is quite small but I love it :D I have a window box! I've always wanted a window box. My cat always sits in it, even though its like three storeys up lol! He's a little psycho puddy-tat.

I do write, mostly original stuff although recently I've been harbouring the urge to get into fanfic. Doctor Who especially (seeing as I don't really watch much else lol!). I have a few ideas and I might start them off soon, although I'm a bit shy about posting, so hopefully people are nice here. They seem nice so... YAY for them xD

I love reading and I have too many favourite books to mention, but I am reading Planet of the Apes right now, which I'm nearly finished. Great stuff. Makes the film look like a pile of regurgetated colslaw. Although it kind of resembled that in the first place...

Massive Doctor Who fan, i've seen every NuWho episode apart from 'Voyage of the Damned', but really it hasn't appealed to me much because the storyline seemed a bit dodgy. My favourite episodes are Dalek (when the Daleks were actually scary) The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Bad Wolf, The Parting of Ways, BLINK!!, Turn Left, The Stolen Earth. A load more, but they are the ones that spring to mind. Oh yes, and Donna Noble IS THE BEST!! xD

I don't ship much, but if I'm forced to I'll ship Doctor/Rose, because they were quite sweet together. Especially Ninth/Rose. And I LOVE series one Jack Harkness. He was brilliant. Torchwood kind of murdered him though... but he was okay in the end of series three. I would have rather him come back in series two and then leave for good.

One thing that really annoys me about Doctor Who though is that no one EVER gets killed off! It really annoys me. They either get trapped in another universe or come back in some way. The only person I can think of that has actually died is the Master, and he's probably not even dead. River Song did, but technically she was still alive in the library thing. Hopefully Steven Moffatt will actually do some damage instead of pussy-footing around the idea of death. Sometimes, it's just needed.

Anyway, that's all from me for now! :D

A little bit about my first story. It'll probably remain my ONLY story if it all goes to pot lol! Thanks to everyone who's reviewing/faving/alerting! x


Summary: Veronica Myers is a cynic. Even after the events that have spanned the past four years she is still sceptical of alien life. Between three quite obsessive neighbours who spend their lives watching the skies from the roof of her flat and stories of alien sightings and abductions appearing in every single newspaper, Veronica thinks that the world is going insane. Suddenly she is faced with repressed memories and the responsibility of saving the world from an alien threat that are the most powerful yet.

Set the year after Series Four. Expect to see a new kind of Tenth Doctor who is not himself anymore after the events in 'Journey's End'. Also I'd like to introduce a new Torchwood lineup! Including a certain Mr Mickey Smith and a Miss Martha Jones :D It will be mostly set in Cardiff, but don't worry it's not going to be too Torchwood heavy. Only a couple of chapters will be focusing on the Hub and stuff, so it should be okay for people who haven't seen it :p And it will be epic. A very long story. I haven't even planned the ending yet lol!

I noticed lots of people have a whole list of random quotes so... I'm going to join in lol!!


'I know this isn't a dream because I'm dressed.'


It is only when you have lost everything that you are free to do anything.


'I feel for you, but I'm consumed with apathy. Why should I mix in?'


When you find you want everything, perhaps it is because you are dangerously close to wanting nothing.


Never smile at a crocodile.


'Did you ever consider the possibilty that God does not like you? In all probability, he hates you.'


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