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Name: Nikki

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Birthday: November 7th (Woohoo, Scorpio! :D)

I suppose I'll start off by saying that I'm new to I read stories on here all the time, but I'm new to sign up with an account as an actual author...which I guess I shouldn't really call myself until I've written a story, right? n_n; Apologies.

I'm a complex person sometimes, but on the outside I can be simple. I don't like talking about myself that much, because it never ceases to sound like bragging to my ears, when really, I don't think there's anything to brag about. Just get to know me for yourself. I'm sure anybody BUT myself could provide a better description of me anyway.

I will be a freshman in high school this autumn. I take honors classes and I'm easy to get along with. Some things I like are acting, singing, writing, playing the clarinet, anime (mostly Naruto right now, but I also like reading the Fruits Basket manga), videogames (RPGs...Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Xenosaga ...), and occasionally drawing. Boring, right? :P Yeahh.

My dream is to learn to play the violin, and to someday become an actress...

but probably only one of those will actually happen (take a guess which one). I've been in all four of my school's productions, and managed to land the lead role in two. But actually becoming an actress after I'm done with school seems very unlikely. It's always been something out of my reach; I feel like a fool for thinking it could come any closer than it already is.

On the other hand, I'm going to ask for a violin for Christmas, so...I suppose it's not really a dream, but more like a goal.

Some things I dislike are liars, rap music, and mushrooms. XD

OOH and you know what I can't stand? When people pair themselves up with other ORIGINAL anime characters. They just 'claim' them, like they're mindless barbie dolls or something who don't mind in the least bit. 0_o Ugh, fangirls...

I dunno, I just don't like the way people write about characters falling in love with themselves, or made-up characters who secretly RESEMBLE the author...that's just wrong. If you're going to write, don't make it seem like it's only to flatter yourself. I think that's selfish and conceited, or at least that's what it comes off as. And don't say I didn't give it a chance, because I've read fanfictions like those, BEFORE I judged them. shudders It just takes so much away from the original character, too, and before you know it the only thing that hasn't changed is the character's name...

That's pretty much all I have to say about myself, for a profile anyway.

I wanted to let people know why I chose 'The Red Beret' as my pen name. It has nothing to do with the army, military, or any special forces like that at all, so I hope I didn't offend anyone. It's quite literal, actually. I am usually seen wearing a red beret during the colder seasons (I simply love those hats), and people at school obviously haven't seen that before (it must be rare or something where I live), otherwise they wouldn't point it out so much. I am part French-Canadian, so I do take a little pride in that I guess...?

I would have chosen a completely fake name altogether, but then that would make ME feel fake. I never feel like myself unless people are calling me by my name, which I suppose makes sense! My name is Nicole, but I much prefer Nikki. When people call me Nicole, it feels like I'm being scolded for doing something wrong (thank you for instilling that in my mind, mother...-_-) Plus, 'Nikki' just sounds a lot lighter and less sophisticated. Or to make things simple, call me The Red Beret. Your choice. n_n

About my first story:

I've tried to start writing fanfictions before, but I either lost interest easily or simply had no time to work on my ideas. My first attempt at a fanfiction is a SasorixSakura fanfiction from the anime/manga Naruto. I don't read the manga. I'd like to, but I've never gotten the chance. I do however watch the episodes in Japanese with English subs. I feel like it's the real Naruto when I watch the Japanese version, even though I think it was a manga to begin with...I could be wrong though.

Why SasorixSakura?

Because they're two completely opposite characters, and I love that in a relationship. I like to focus on how people can change, adapt, and become closer to a character who is so unlike them. It's really fun to write, too, because you never get tired of the personalities since they're so far apart. I feel like you can learn the most from people who aren't like you. I also really happened to love their battle in the anime, and I felt like there WAS some connection between them, albeit a small one. It still has a lot of potential though, and even if it's pretty impossible for their relationship to be canon in the anime (come on, let's be realistic here), in the form of writing and fanfiction it's very possible. SasukexSakura is very very very very popular, too, and so many authors on FF.Net have already written about their relationship. SasorixSakura isn't all that popular right now, and there's close to nothing I could write about in a SasukexSakura fanfiction that hasn't already been mentioned somewhere before. I will be...ALMOST content if Sakura ends up with Sasuke, but I don't feel any need to write about them anymore than everyone else already has. And I just think Sasori would be better for her, if he was still living.

If you came to my profile and you are a reader of mine, I'd really appreciate it if you'd read this. I'm sorry if the following doesn't apply to you.

I'm a strong believer in tolerating other people's opinions and beliefs. If you don't like SasuSaku or SasoSaku, that's fine. Really. It's not my place to take offense to something like that. It doesn't bother me at all, I mean everyone's different. I can probably be friends with someone who hates Naruto altogether (in fact, I DO have friends like that and they're wonderful people). It doesn't bother me. So I ask of you, if you do not enjoy reading my stories because of the couple selection, or simply because you don't like the way I write, DON'T READ THEM, and DON'T FLAME THEM EITHER. Why WOULD anybody take the time to read something they hate, anyway? It could be spent elsewhere on better things. It's not as though my goal is to make people unhappy by what I write. I'm sorry, but I'm not responsible for what people click on, and if they happen to be SasukexSakura or SasorixSakura haters (and no, that's not a label. I'm not going to message you if you write an anti-SasuSaku fic and be all "OMG I HATE YOU YOU STUPID HATER!!1!!0N3!!" each his own) who click my story, I don't see the point in leaving rude reviews. You're only further involving yourself in something you hate. Besides, what if I don't like YOUR writing? You don't see me complaining about it and you certainly don't see me leaving offensive reviews. I'm not like that.

Constructive criticism is an entirely different thing, believe it or not. I like to know that there are people out there who recognize effort and sincerity in the writing of people who really try and really care, and who can see potential of expression through words. It really makes me happy when I know what I can improve on specifically. I don't write without the intent of becoming better at it. I'd never wish to stay at my current level. I only want to improve. Please understand that.

Ah, yeah, I forgot to mention. My little sister has an account on here too, so if you want to check out her stories you can (she should be uploading some stuff soon). If you want to.

I'm not one of those people who will be all "OMG CHECK OUT MY SIBLING'S STORIES AND BE REEEAL NICE OTHERWISE YOU DON'T GET NO UPDATE FROM ME!!" Pfft. That's ridiculous. She's ElfyCakes. Her pen name, I mean... Her real name isn't ElfyCakes, although that would be pretty hilarious. :P

Couples I like (in no order) :
& there are more than just these; they just won't come to mind right now...
I'm mostly obsessed with Naruto right now, so it's not like I read fanfics about these pairings all the time. Naruto is my main focus at the moment.

Naruto -
SasuSaku (My likeness for this couple is It's almost non-existent, actually. I should just take it down from the list 0_o)
SaiSaku (sometimes)

Fruits Basket -
HaruKisa (sometimes)

Kingdom Hearts -

Final Fantasy VII -
Yuffentine (such a funny couple)
YuffieReeve (sometimes)

Final Fantasy VIII -

Final Fantasy X -
IsaaRikku (odd, I know, but I think it'd be cute)

Final Fantasy X-2 -
LenneShuyin!! (they're the best in this game)

Xenosaga (episodes I, II, & III) -
AlbedoOC (as long as the OC is not cliché or dumb...I think they call them Mary-Sues?)

Chronicles of Narnia -
EdmundOC (again, as long as it's not a Mary-Sue...)

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