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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter.

I'm a 24 year old girl. I'm from Iceland and English is my second language.

My favourite fanfictions are Harry Potter fanfictions with Snarry and Drarry pairings. although I'm open to and like a lot of parings usually when they are slash. Among those pairings are L.O.T.R. with Legolas/Aragon and P.O.T.C. with Will Turner/Jack Sparrow, Buffyverse Spangel and Spander, Batman with the Batman/The Joker (Yes I'm a sick, sick person) and many more.

All critisism is appriciated since it helps me inprove my writings and my English and I always like getting reviews. I used to have a beta but she got lost or something, she read over a few chapters of There Is a Thin Line... but the rest of the story and stories is read over really well by me and since my English isn't perfect there might be some spelling mistakes and and stuff like that.

About There Is a Thin Line Between Hate and Love: I had this story in my head for almost 2 years (I thought it up summer 2005) before I started writing it down in 2007 (I was really busy at school). It changed alot during that time but the main stuff remained the same. I completed the story on Mars 30 2009, after having it swimming around my head for nearly 4 years. The complete edition is 19 chapters. I really hope you'll like it since it's my first, born you might call it, in a sense that it's the first story that I thought up. the first story I wrote down and the first story I published on the net in English.

Here are links to some stuff that I descriped in chapters 16 and 17 they got all (excuse the language) fucked up when I posted them with the chapters so I decided to put them here instead.

Here are the links to the things descriped in chapter 16

Harry‘s pentant

Draco‘s bracelet

The rosewood bed

I couldn’t find a matching table and chairs like the bed. So just imagine it in the similar style.

The rosewood fireplace: The link got messed up and I couldn't find a picture of another fireplace as nice as the old one. So just imagine it in similar style as the bed. If you happen to run across a picture of a nice looking fireplace I would appreciate if you'd send me a message and gave me the link to the picture and I'll probably use it.

The bed linings, also green and red

The big pillows on the floor also green and blue

The Persian rug on the floor

This is how I imagined the silk drapes on the walls also in red and blue

And here are the links to chapter 17

The Malfoy family coat of arm which is also the signet on the family ring that looks like this the signet also has the words S’ils te mordent, mords les which is French and means If they bite thee, bite them.

You need to copy/paste those links onto the page adress window in order for them to work. If any of them don't work please let my know and I will try and fix them.

About Love Affair: This story is kind of a prequel to There Is a Thin Line between Hate and Love. In chapter 13 of There Is a Thin Line... Harry comes to Remus for an advice because he thinks he has feelings for Draco. Remus tells Harry that he and Sirius were a couple and after Harry runs out to talk to Draco, Remus starts to think about how he and Sirius became friend and later lovers. This story traces Remus and Sirius story of friendship and later love affair. The complete story is 13 chapter and I completed it on August 5 2009.

About Behind Blue Eyes: This one-shot I thought up while I was obsessed about the song Behind Blue Eyes with Limp Bizkit. I've heard the original version with the Who but I don't like it. The story is set one year after the Final Battle happened and tells about who Draco Malfoy really is behind blue eyes and tells of his love for Harry which he knows he will never have returned.

About Choice: This one-shot came into my head when I was really bored one day. The first thing that popped up in my head was one sentence: "We can't do this anymore." And after that my already overactive imagination went into overdrive. And came up with this angst and drama filled story where Harry and Draco are being unfaithful to their wifes with each other. Draco wants Harry to make a choice between him and Ginny. Tells him, he should leave Ginny and go away with him. Harry tells Draco that he can't leave Ginny since she's pregnant that he has to choose his family. In the end they brake up.

But I always imagined that they got together every once in a while. Sometimes staying together for as long as a year, until Draco wanted Harry to make a choice. The sad truth was that Harry always choose his family until he died. His love for his children and his love for Ginny, although not inlove with her, always won over his love for Draco. Also I think Harry would have considered it moraly wrong to leave his wife and children for his lover. Draco waited patiently for Harry. He never left his wife either not seeing any reason to since he couldn't leave her and go to Harry. It also gave him more reason to stay when his wife had their son. And since Harry always choose his wife and children over Draco, Draco spent his whole life waiting. Waiting for Harry to make the right choice.

About Food and Fun: Well there is a story. And that story is called:

The little plot bunny.

I was in my bed one evening preparing to go to sleep. I was thinking and pondering about life and all of sudden I thought..."Why aren't there more Harry Potter fanfictions around that have food sex? I want to read those" I didn't have an answer to the question and then...then this little, fluffy, plot bunny appeared in my head. Telling me to write one. I ignored it and went to sleep.

The next day I woke up and went to work. I was bored during work and the little plot bunny came back with a vengeance. Still I tried to ignore it but this fluffy, little, annoying plot bunny kept jumping and running around my head. Giving me images, words and sentences of the fic it wanted me to write.

Eventually the bunny was screaming:

"Write me..write me...write me...!!

Finally I caved and yelled at the bunny back.

"All right I'll bloody write you."

So after I caved the bunny gave me the full story. When I came home from work I wrote the story down and posted it.

The little plot bunny went away to annoy another unsuspecting fanfiction author.

The bunny's name was Food and Fun.

The End.

So now that you now a little bit more about my stories and in some cases, how and when I came up with them you're welcome to go ahead an read them. And don't be shy to review too, it doesn't matter if there has been a while since they were posted, it's alway fun for to get a review and it usually makes my day when I see a review from a happy reader;)

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