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Hello everyone! My name is Alice Cullen, and my hobbies include shopping, annoying my brother Edward, and playing Bella Barbie with his fiance. Oh, and seeing the future. =

My full human name was Mary Alice Brandon. I was born around 1901 n Biloxi, Mississippi. I had premonitions, and my parents thought I was a lunatic. They locked me up in an asylum where a vampire named James tried to kill me. Another vampire who worked at the asylum saved me by changing me into a vampire. I woke up alone. I remembered nothing from my human life, since I was in the dark and the shock treatments used on me while I was human wiped anything I may have remembered.

I would have become a mindless being, killing and spilling blood had it not been for my vision of Jasper. I saw him and me living with a fairly large coven of vampires, consisting of three men and two women. When I founf dear Jasper in the diner, he took my hand and we went off to find said coven. We did find them, around the 1950s. Jasper and I have been a part of their family since then.

The day I met Bella formally was the day I met my best friend. Although I seem to torture Bella with my make-overs and Bella Barbie sessions, I know she loves me. I am so happy that my brother has found happiness with her, and I promised myself if Edward doesnt change her then I will. With Victoria gone, all we really have to worry about is the Volturi, but they dont seen to be in need of bothering us. Thats a summed up version of my life and death, so there you are. I hope you enjoyed viewing my profile.

Haha, got you. No, my name is actually Brayde Nikole Cox. I am thirteen years of age and I have been writing nearly all my life. I have chocolate colored hair and greenish blue eyes with a circle of yellow separating the two colors. My skin is very pale, on account of I don't tan, I burn. = I am classified as 'nerdy', but I couldn't care less. I'm really sick of all the drama and lies goign on in my life right now, and I don't need it so I'm separating myself from it. All drama and rumours and gossip are is stupid, shallow, petty things annoying, shallow, preppie girls do to make themselves feel better.

I incorperate many styles into my wardrobe. I can look skater, preppie, nerdy, even ghetto if I wanted (but I don't =). I enjoy buying clothes from AEO, A&F and Hollister, but I usually shop at Urban Behavior or WalMart. I don't have many shoes, but the ones I do have are in the best condition.

I love reading and writing stories and poems, it is my passion. There will be plenty more stories coming, mark my words. That's all I can think of for now, so see ya on the flip side! Hehe, bubyes! (insider, don't ask...) =

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