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About Me

ARPG Gamer who also loves anime. As EVA was one of my first obsessions, you'll likely have noted that most of my work revolves around it. However also being a major fan of Marvel Comics and Final Fantasy, I pretty much check off just about every geek box there is. Am I a Weeb? I plead the 5th. I don't like how the word has such a negative context as I see nothing wrong with loving Japan or it's culture. There are just as many things about that country that I find disagreeable. No place is perfect, but I try to find the beauty in everything.

Hopefully, you will find beauty in my work.

Announcements (note I use European Dating Format of Day-Month-Year despite being a complete Yank... No shame, no regrets)

31-07-2023: Haven't updates this in a while. Since the last time I updated, a few stories have been completed in the Symphony of Shadows series including "Upon the Forge of Souls" and "Cecidit Angelus". The rest of the stories are being conceptualized as I'm now working on the last 3 chapters of Mayumi's Story, "The Art".

13-03-2023: Been very sick for a while so I haven't been updating like I'd want to. I'm hoping to get back into it soon. I've removed Symphony of Chaos from my potental projects as it was shaping up to just be a retelling of Aria of Sorrow, and Symphony of Shadows is doing a much better job in my opinion.

That said, fans of The Curse may be happy to know that I am now entertaining the idea of continuing the story.

01-11-2022: Made several spelling corrections and minor word changes to the chapter posted a couple days ago.

29-10-2022: After a short(ish) break, the first chapter of Ritsuko's story in the Symphony of Shadows series has been posted.

19-09-2022: Happy "Talk Like a Pirate Day", Yarrr! Updated Rei's part of Symphony of Shadows leaving only one chapter to finish. I made a few minor revisions (mostly just spelling errors). The last part should be out soon.

18-09-2022: The final chapter of Rei's part of Symphony of Shadows has been posted.

01-07-2022: Couple of updates this time. I've added an additional one-shot to The Shadow Gallery (unabashedly raunchy as it may be), and I've also added a chapter to Rei's story. We're up now up to working on the two part conclusion to her tale.

29-06-2022: COVID-19 can suck it! After successfully beating the new plague I manged to launch my newest project; The Shadow Gallery. This will be an ongoing project meant to fill in some of the blanks left during Symphony of Shadows. Enjoy the extra content.

20-06-2022: Sorry for the unexpected hiatus, Chapter 4 is now out.

27-04-2022: The third chapter has since been released and has been out a few days. I forgot to update, lol.

A new project has begun; it is connected to the Symphony of Shadows storyline. See project section for details.

19-04-2022: The Second chapter of Rei's story is now available.

15-04-2022: Rei's story has begun! Chapter 1 has been posted.

14-04-2022: NM, Last chapter is up XD

14-04-2022: I'm on a roll. Chapter 6 of Wrath has been posted. I hope to have the final chapter out before Easter, or at least shortly after.

13-04-2022: Chapter 5 of Wrath has been posted.

As was proven in Game of Thrones, sometimes sex can be used to tell a story, or explain a plot point. I've heard the term sexposition mentioned. Though I've flirted with that concept on a few of my works before, the start of this chapter was my first foray into a dedicated sexposition scene. I hope you enjoy it.

09-03-2022: Chapter 4 of Wrath has been posted.

23-02-2022: Chapter 4 of Wrath is underway. It promises to be much longer than the previous chapter.

22-02-2022: Chapter 3 of Wrath has been posted at last. I've finally left overnight shifts and have rejoined society at large. Yay me.

1-02-2022: In the off chance someone actually reads this, I haven't gone on hiatus again... at least not really.

My job has me working overnights, which seems to be draining me of my creativity and ability to summon the energy to write. Thankfully, sometime within the next few weeks, I should be moved to more reasonable shifts, at which time, I can hopefully recover enough to start writing again.

8-01-2022: As promised, Vampire De Angelorum has been removed. Now that's out of the way, I will be resuming work on Symphony in the coming weeks, as soon as I can get my muse back on the same page as me.

24-11-2021: I've finally decided I will be taking down Vampire De Angelorum at the end of the year. At this time there is a low possibility of recreating the story from scratch. My interests have since drifted elsewhere. I apologize if you were hoping for a different scenario.

23-11-2021: The 2nd Chapter of Misato's part of Symphoy of Shadows is up. In case anyone was wondering, I didn't feel completely comfortable putting the full title of this story in public, even though it won't show up unless looking for Rated M Material.

13-11-2021: The 1st Chapter of Misato's part of Symphony of Shadows is up. Work is tight this week so it may be a bit before the next chapter gets posted.

12-11-2021: Work is going to be taxing as the Q4 Gear up is underway, but I have begun the first chapter of Misato's part of Symphony of Shadows. With any luck, I'll have it out before Saturday.

11-11-2021: And so my dark work begins again... Fair warning on the next story... the name alone should be a flag that this one is going to be heavy on the adult content. While it's going to be very lemon heavy (hopefully not too much for this site), the concepts of control and losing it are also going to be heavy in this one. This new story will be challenging to say the least, and I hope I convey the correct emotions with it. Time will tell.

Currently I do not have a time table on this one. It's out when it's out.

10-11-2021: At long last, I finished As Nightshade... only took me close to 6 months... I have no excuses.

30-5-2021: Part 1 of the 2 part finale of As Nightshade has posted. This week is a little weird work wise, but hopefully, I can get the last chapter out within the week.

The conclusion of this story means we've effectively finished the first Act of the 4 Act epic that is Symphony of Shadows.

21-5-2021: Posted Chapter 5 a few days ago. My night schedule has been a bit hectic but I'm getting used to it. Begun major planning on Story Number 5 as Story Number 4 is already planned out.

3-5-2021: Chapter 4 of As Nightshade posted. This chapter is a lot longer than the previous 3, but I wasn't aiming for a high word count on this one. Also... Lemon Warning.

1-5-2021: Chapter 3 of As Nightshade posted.

I used to shoot for 3500 words in a chapter, but this arbitrary requirement might have been hurting my writing style more than helping it. Each of the chapters in this story so far are hovering around the 2700 mark /- 100ish. I like how these chapters are turning out personally, but what do you think? Be sure to review if you think I'm barking up the wrong tree.

30-4-2021: The first chapter of As Nightshade was posted last night. I changed the story type back to normal and indicated the crossover status in the summery to bring it in line with the other stories in the series. I seemed to remember someone telling me the reason this was done was because crossover stories don't reach as many people using the in site classification system, not sure if that's still a thing but best not to take any chances.

UPDATE: Chapter 2 has also been posted. My muse seems to like me today.

29-4-2021: At long last, the final chapter of Tragic Princess has been posted. Not sure how soon I'll start on the third part of this 10 part anthology of sorts, but I seem to be getting back into the swing of things once more.

22-4-2021: Wow... has it really been so long... I hate the fact that these hiatus' happen to me with such unlucky frequency but... just my life I guess.

So... Mom died last June... I still haven't fully recovered from that. My dad has issues of his own... now sure how long he has left. Despite all of this, I refuse to give up on everything... so I write.

I went back to Tragic Princess, realizing I have only this final chapter before this story in the long Symphony of Shadows series is done. I will admit I'm not as happy with Part 2 as I am with Part 1, and I still feel like that one still has some issues as well, but its working with the current storyline, so I'm leaving it alone for now.

Current Projects

Final Fantasy 6: Nightmare Requiem (FF6): The story will fuse together the two completed shorts in the FF6 universe concerning Terra and her child.

SOE: Alterverse: Doom (NGE x Marvel): The third chapter of the SOE Alterverse saga places Misato as one of the primary antagonists as she makes a bid for world domination whilst trying to oust all of the warlords and enemies around her.

Symphony of Shadows Series (Multiple Storylines: Post Series, Castelvania X-over): A rather ambitious project that was suggested by Wolfpackersson09, a fellow lover of all things supernatural. This one is going to require quite a bit of explaining...

So the gist goes like this; this is a series of 9 stories, each with its own subtitle, that are stand alone adventures. Think of them in a vein similar to the original Superwomen of EVA series except they are all post series but no impact has taken place, and instead of super hero crosses with the girls of EVA, its supernatural powersets based on creatures and characters from the Castlevania universe. There will be a total of 10 stories, one of each of the nine Eva girls (Rei, Asuka, Mari, Mana, Mayumi, Hikari, Maya, Misato, and Ritsuko) and a final story staring Shinji. In each of the stories, Shinji will be the main love interest and depending on the story, may or may not be supernaturally powered himself. The 10th will have him supernatural and likely be a harem-fic.

The plan is that none of the stories will be longer than 7 chapters, with the exception of Shinji's which will go as long as it does (probably my normal target length of 21 to 27 chapters). More than likely, I'll be working on multiple stories at a time so I'll list the titles and status here. Only stories that have already been planned will show a title here (now finally in the order of continuity).

Symphony of Shadows: The Shadow Gallery (One-Shot Series): Taking place during the Symphony of Shadows Storyline, this series of one-shots will fill out the world, enrich the story, and hopefully fill some of those nasty little plot-holes.

Tabula Rasa: Asuka's story explores memory loss and fate intertwined. Effectively a new take on "Order of Ecclesia" (COMPLETE)

Tragic Princess: Mari's story explores betrayal and the greater good, and how fate can destroy the perception of both (COMPLETE)

As Nightshade: Hikari's story explores how a person reacts to becoming a monster, self loathing and acceptance are the name of the game here (COMPLETE)

Of Lust and Wrath: Misato's story is a straight up revenge tale, exploring aspects of control and the loss there of. Probably will have the highest lemon content of any of the first 9 stories (COMPLETE)

Cecidit Angelus: Rei's story could be seen as a bit of a horror story as it explores a complete loss of control and sense of self, plus the new enemy that entered during Misato's tale begins to truly show itself. (COMPLETE)

Upon the Forge of Souls: Ritsuko's story revolves around self sacrifice and what one person is willing to give up to save the lives of so many others. It's also a story that will really highlight the good Doctor's ingenuity, and show just how far she's come since the Angel Wars. (COMPLETE)

The Art: Mayumi's story revolves around her being hunted by cults wanting to use her to resurrect Dracula. Though she has her own reasons for wanting to do so. "With Light" returns along with another Dark Lord Candidate to complicate things for her. (In Progress)

O, Death: Maya's Story will start very esoteric before moving itself back into reality. Maya wonders if Ritsuko will ever love her again, the way she did before she became a member of Shinji's harem. Then as the worst comes to past, she wonders if she'll be missed. (Planning Phase)

Mana's Story: Not Started (Conceptual Phase)

Principem Tenebrarum: Shinji's story will the the epic multi-arc conclusion to this epic project. (Conceptual Phase)

As a side note; the stories of the three original pilots from the original EVA series (Asuka, Rei, and Shinji) all have story titles in Latin. The translations in order of publishing; Blank Slate, Fallen Angel, Prince of Darkness

Too Human (NGE, Shinji x Arael, Normal Timeline, Romance, Adventure): Arael manages to survive her defeat above the Earth and becomes a fallen angel. Now a Nephilim, she struggles to learn what it is like to be human and falls in love with a special boy. But her trials have only just begun.

Completed Works

All That Remains (FF6): Follows up the story written in "Slave Crown", another FF6 one shot. Here we watch Terra's child grow up and come into her own. I considered rewriting it at one point, but have since decided not to as and effective rewrite will happen in the full version of the story, Nightmare Requiem.

The Curse (NGE, Post 3I Hikari x Rei, Asuka x Tabris, Angst / Hurt / Scifi): Welcome to the future were everything sucks. Shinji restored the world but the power of Third Impact could not be contained. Many of the teenagers have become Nephilim thanks to having a second shot of angelic power. Rei awakens violently and a war between humanity and Nephilim is unavoidable. Who will survive... if anyone.

Her Last Day: (FF7-Game, Yuffietine): "My Last Day" from Vincent's perspective. See below.

My Last Day: (FF7-Game, Yuffietine): I've used the Final Fantasy 7 world in several of the campaigns I ran for my friends. This is a story about the most important paring of those games.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Bloodlust: (NGE / Crossover AU Tie in with Vampire Hunter D and the World of Darkness) 25 chapters of unadulterated supernatural mayhem. A vampire turns Rei into one of his kind to disrupt Gendo's senario, but other players make their move to try to control Instrumentality. Who can be trusted, if anyone? This story is going to eventually undergo a major re-edit, but the events won't change. I've grown a bit as a writer since I wrote this.

Slave Crown (FF6): Memories have a way of catching up with people... and Terra's are pretty bad. Of course whenever Kefka is concerned, there will always be twisted insanity.

SOE: Altervese: Duality (Marvel / EVA Crossover): The start of a new Antihero series, combining EVA girls with villains from the Marvel Universe and giving them something to struggle about. The first one gives Rei the Venom Symbiote. Story originally suggested by Tellemicus Sundance. This story is hopefully the start of a long and fruitful relationship.

SOE: Alterverse: Fringe (Marvel / EVA Crossover): The second book of my Antihero series. This one features Ritsuko Akagi becoming Doctor Octopus, and the world begins to fall apart at the seams.

Superwomen of Eva: Tempest Aterna (Marvel / Eva Crossover): This my SOE contribution, the story of Mayumi Yamagishi, how she becomes the hero Storm, and her trials as she tries desperately to end the war between the Angels and Humanity. This is another story that might get a re-edit in the future due to how many typos I noticed the last time I read it.

Trading Places (NGE, Asuka x Rei): This is an odd little story that popped into my head one day. It's a sort of "Freaky Friday meets Evangelion" only the two switching bodies are the two most incompatible members of the EVA cast. Read it and find out more. There are additional sub-plots. Shoujo Ai and Lemon/Lime warnings.

Musings and Potential Future Projects

Bellum Sanctus: Based on the responses I got for my poll, I've decided that this story will in fact be a Mana-centric rewrite of the entire series and maybe beyond. Also, it will be Yuri / Shoujo-ai with Rei as her love interest. Although not a Rebuild rewrite, I might still include Mari in the story. Don't know yet.

Elder's Game: Based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft and a lot of random insanity, this EVA universe story will focus on a conflict between the forces of the outer gods and humanity. Unfortunately, it's in a game the gods control. Supernatural powers will be provided to selected champions though a Role Playing Game, one that like Jumanji, actually shifts the very fabric of reality and makes the world of the game and the real world one and the same. The outcome of the game will determine the fate of humanity.

Prohibitus in Sanctuarium: Its name is Latin for "Forbidden Sanctuary". Based on a review by a "guest" in "Trading Places", this short 6 chapter story will feature a seldom done paring in the EVA universe under dark circumstances... Kaji / Hikari, Hurt Comfort.

Requiem For An Angel: Potentially a 5 chapter exploration into addiction and fear. Requiem For a Dream done in the world of Evangelion.

The Quest: Potential follow up to "The Curse". The story will follow with the events after the establishment of Zion, and the Pilgrimage undertaken by Hikari and Rei. It will probably be another 10 chapter project, but that's up in the air for now.

On Hiatus (I apologize in advance if something you really like is on this list, it'll be moved back to active eventually)

Adrift (NGE, Post 3I, Shinji x Asuka, Fantasy, AU): Post 3I story with lots of mythology, Lovecraft, Demons and pitched battles. The pilots have been revived in a nightmare world with the task of calling the angels back before the demons can completely take over the Earth.

SOE: The X-Factor Chronicles (NGE, Post Series, Various Pairings, Comic Book Fantasy/Sci-Fi): The direct sequel to Tempest Aterna, a series of inter-weaved comic-book stories on the events after 3I was averted.

Trading Places: von liebe und schmerz (NGE, Asuka x Rei, Normal Timeline, Angst, Hurt/Comfort): A remake of the original Trading Places. This time, the story will focus much more closely on the girls and what they are going through as opposed to any side plots. You'll also note several differences in the events of the story...

Discontinued (But not fully abandoned yet)

Removed / Abandoned

Note: If you are interested in any story listed here, please PM me and I'll consider bringing it back.

Of Shadows and Dust (FF VI /FF VII (Game, movie) X-Over, OC, Multiple Worlds, Shoujo Ai): One of my earliest Fanfiction projects started long before I ever knew sites like this even existed. A young Esper girl learns she is part of a larger legacy, and the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance as evil from both sides rises.

This story was discontinued due to a lack of interest. Also, at the time, I was super focused on Tempest Aeterna.

Shadows Precursor Series: The Next World: (FF6/FF7 Crossover) One Shot based on a prior project "Of Shadows and Dust" detailing the first meeting between Cid Highwind and Celes Chere. Kinda surprised Shadows didn't get the views and favs I was expecting. I guess there aren't too many people out there game for a FF6/FF7 crossover... Story was removed on 3/13/2014. PM me if you'd like to know more.

This one was removed because I removed the main fic it was based upon.

Vampire: De Angelorum (NGE x Vampire the Masquerade, Normal Timeline, Shinji x Multiple Partners): This one officially lost the script. It was supposed to be intrigue with a bit of fluff and sprite, but turned into a convoluted mess with a few lemons thrown in for good measure. Not continuing it in its current format.

Guest Reviews

Here are the guest reviews I felt I needed to reply to.


31-7-2020: Dude
Whats with all this unfaithful dating shit
That instantly makes me dislike this fic
Sorry but that how I feel
I just get angry that this is a shinji/rei pairing where there so unfaithful

RESPONSE: ... Bye. I'd apologize that you don't like plot threads like that, but... actually, I can't think of a single instance were I would be apologetic of my writing other than it's drivel and even I didn't like it before I set it loose on the world. One only needs to have read the previous chapters to see that something like this was likely inevitable, so... again... not my fault. If you hate it, read something else.

The Curse

17-03-2020: Really cool take on post third impact earth. Will there be an explanation as to what happened to Katsuragi, Akagi, and the others? Are they all dead?

RESPONSE: When I originally planned this story, those characters were not initially considered to be in it, and after reading your review, I realized I never actually explained why they were left out. The last chapter will give some explanation, however it won't go into details, only imply their ultimate fates. I hope it is enough to at least give some closure.

Trading Places

30-03-2018: Since when does rei have a "perfect body"? Who is the character in canon NGE who is portrayed as being hot and lusted after by the entire school? Oh yeah, Asuka. Who is the character who is canonicly in universe portrayed as being sickly and creepy to most people? Oh yeah, Rei.

RESPONSE: Obviously we haven't been seeing though the same pair of eyes. I keep a wall-scroll of Rei over my bed holding Lancea Longini. Her breasts are full, she has a nice shape, and the only thing sickly about her is her pale complexion... just like the anime. On the other side of my room I have one of Asuka in her EVA. She also has a nice figure but is thinner by comparison with smaller breasts. Now, there are three things that don't lie; Drunkards, Children, and Yoga Pants / Plugsuits. Both scrolls feature the girls in their Plugsuits. Rei is closer to an albino, not really sickly. In fact many of her features are described as being "motherly" also in canon.

But none of this makes a lick of difference because I find something to love in ALL of the EVA girls, even the ones that aren't canon like Mayumi and Mana. Rei was my first Waifu, and she always will remain a favorite of mine.

If none of this has changed your mind, all I can say is "to each his own". Hands off my Waifu.

Tragic Princess

4-4-2020: Dcwestby (guest): I realize this is more perhaps from Castlevania, which I've never seen, but the name Carmilla, more reminds me of Vampire hunter D.

RESPONSE: Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust ranks among my favorite anime movies of all time. However, Carmilla was also a boss and major antagonist in the game Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, and this is mostly what I based her on.

Random Thoughts

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him to use the Internet and he won't bother you for months.

"The problem with being in command is that your troops don't know what they want, but they sure as hell know what they don't want." -From Murphy's Laws of Combat Ops.

"Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action." - Military Proverb

If a man with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is this considered a hostage situation?

If a lesbian cockblocks another lesbian, would it be considered a beaver dam?

When Yogurt goes bad, how can you tell?

My friend is addicted to drinking break fluid, but he says he can stop at any time.

What will hipsters become when being a hipster is too mainstream?

I can't wait until being a hipster is so mainstream that every hipster simply paradoxes themselves out of existence.

Copy Pastas

"One time I was so high that I thought I was a milkshake. I was getting so pissed at everyone who came near me because I was convinced I would spill. On the ride home I sat in the back of the car with my arms crossed over my head for my ‘lid’. The person driving took a really sharp turn and I fell over and I began crying hysterically because I thought I was dead." How do you even get to this point?!


This is a true story (note: probably not really). A girl died in 1933. A man buried her while she was still alive. The murder chanted, "Toma Sota balcu," as he buried her. Now that you read this chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this on your profile, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded. Lucillia


So, on my story "Her Last Day", a reviewer put up this anonymous review attacking my musical tastes. I got quite a laugh out of it. Here it is in its full unedited glory...

"another close minded metal elitist who wont admit that other genres are still music no matter how shit it is , here's the thing, it is music whether you want to admit it or not what other genre you hate it will still be considered music( rap) disco is not dead that's like saying classic rock is dead there not they'll live on forever by the internet(disco), how can you hate jazz, rap , disco and yet you listen to electronic music which for the record more people hate that type of music the most(and just for the record I'm talking about the profile) what you seriously don't like any artist from rap or jazz or disco. Then you really are one of those people who don't understand subjectivity or consideration for the people who like those genres typical yank you don't deserve to be a sephiroth fan, FUCK YOU."

OK, so before I get into reasons why I think this person is a total douchebag, allow me a moment to defend myself. First of all, anything posted on this profile is my personal opinion. If you don't like my opinion, that's fine. You have your opinion which I probably don't agree with either.

Refutation 1: Why I think Disco is dead. Its popularity has virtually disappeared. Its no longer relevant or mainstream. It had its time, and who knows, it may make a come back in the future. For the time being though, no new disco music is being produced, and if it is, it's certainly not in the open. Maybe in some deep dark back room somewhere...

Refutation 2: Why I believe Rap is not music. The vast majority of Rap uses samples and music stolen from other sources, and there is very little singing involved. Basically its over-glorified poetry, and most the subject matter is either misogynistic, racist, or glorifies the "thug" lifestyle, which no one in the right mind other than degenerates would embrace anyway. Note that "degenerates" includes all colors.

Refutation 3: Why I'm not a Metal Elitist. I enjoy all forms of rock 'n roll (yes even soft rock). I also enjoy classical, alternative... hell, I'll even admit to liking a few Nickleback songs (their older stuff at least).

Now for 3 reasons why I think the person who posted this is a douchebag.

1: All this review really did was attack my tastes in music and apparently because of this, I'm not worthy to be a fan of Sephiroth. The leap in logic here is the equivalent of jumping from Los Angeles to Berlin. And just so we're clear, I'm not inconsiderate of others' tastes in music, my opinions are my own.

2: The attack on my profile was placed on one of my stories. For the benefit of anyone who doesn't know, the review pages on stories or for that purpose... to review the stories. No writer expects to get flamed for something unrelated. If they're going to get flamed on a review, its because there was something wrong with the story, not because their opinions on music apparently caused massive amounts of rectal trauma.

3: Two words... Anonymous post. The poster did not use a ff net account thus preventing me from properly rebutting his argument. If a debate is like a firefight, then what this guy did was the equivalent of the Oklahoma City or the Boston Marathon bombings. One cowardly attack, and nothing more than that. And was the F-You at the end really necessary?

I don't hate him though. I really don't care. I simply hope that the explanations above prevent similar incidents in the future. As to the anonymous poster, in the famous words of Buzz Lightyear, "you are a sad, strange little man... and you have my pity."

Also... learn how to write in English. Half of that so-called "review" was one giant run-on sentence that managed to switch primary subjects no less than 3 times.

Next Idiot...

Review left on Symphony of Shadows Part 6 Chapter 1 by another Anon.

"This is so bad, everyone is just stupid here, and this fic is only a disgrace to evangelion. the author should harm themself now"

Firstly, feel free to write you own if you feel like you can do better. Secondly, telling a person to harm themselves is straight up abuse. Be thankful I can't trace down your location, because there would be some harm done but I wouldn't be harming me. Lastly, stop being a coward, make an account or log into one if you have one and write a proper review, otherwise stop wasting my time.

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