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I keep saying I'm done writing fics, and yet... I can't help myself. Life has been very stressful lately and writing these familiar characters helps me relax. Lucky for you, if you're a SSHG reader. My latest fic, Time Will Follow is over halfway written and I've started posting chapters. I had a sudden desire to write a time turner fic after reading The Cursed Child. No promises on timeliness, but I will say I wrote the first 27,000 words or so in one weekend. Hopefully it will be finished very quickly!


The Seventh Year is now COMPLETE! I have just added some of the character sketches I did for Cursed and The Seventh Year to my old profile at deviantart. If you'd like to view them my user name is "bccaw" there as well.


I have come back to finish The Seventh Year, which is part two of Cursed, my novel-length SSHG fic. I have been updating every few days, and am trying for at least once a week. The story should be finished soon! I have no plans to write more long fan fic after that, since I would like to start working on some ideas of my own. I do still look at the profiles, favorites, and stories of those who review my work, and occasionally I will find a new fic to read. However, I am not reading anything SSHG at the moment, so I can focus on my own characterizations of Snape and Hermione.


I have posted a new chapter of "The Seventh Year", and plan to update more regularly this summer. Hopefully, I can make some good progress.


I am settling into a *real* career (finally!) and very busy, but I still plan to finish the fic "Cursed Book II: The Seventh Year". If you have been waiting for me to return to this fic, you can thank the most recent reviewers who begged me to continue, after a 3-year hiatus... the pleas were heard, and I remembered just how much I wanted to finish my Snape/Hermione fic. It may be a few more months until I can post regularly, though, so hang in there with me!

A little bit about me:

I studied art in college, which was not too long ago. My first childhood ambition was to be a writer. I write Harry Potter fanfiction because I love the world that J.K. Rowling has created and spending more time in it is my guilty pleasure (seriously, I doubt anyone I know in real life would believe that I sometimes come home and secretly write books about Harry Potter characters). I have a subtle, sarcastic sense of humor, to the point that people are not always sure when I'm being serious.

What I do here on :

I read Harry Potter fanfiction. I like long, chaptered stories that are well-written. By well-written, I mean with a compelling style, character development and interesting plot. I will read one-shots if they are more like short stories than a journal entry. I don't read fics as much anymore, since it is hard enough to find the time to finish my own stories, but on occasion I still get sucked into a good HP story.

Right now I am writing a sequel to my fic, Cursed, which is a novel-length SSHG story. Cursed has been awarded Best Drama 2nd Place in Lyonene's fan fic awards! The second book, The Seventh Year is currently being updated.

I try to respond promptly to every review I receive, and I always visit the profiles of those who take the time to review my stories! If you want me to look at your fics, telling me what you think of mine is the best way to make it happen!

My favorite characters are Severus Snape and Hermione Granger (If you want to know why, scroll to the bottom of this page). I like SSHG, SSLE, and I like a good Hermione or Snape-centric fic no matter what the pairing. I prefer fics that stick closely to canon and only become out-of-character after careful development, or in a parody. I love a good parody. I'm even up for a time-travel fic every now and then.

That being said, I will read almost anything that is well-written and original.

My writing:

I like canon. I like to tweak canon with backstories. I find it easy to write dialouge, and there is usually a lot of it in my stories, sometimes to the point that I feel like I'm accidentally writing a play. So, if you notice this while reading, let me know. I always welcome feedback on my writing style; in fact, I crave it.

Why I like Severus Snape:

Snape is easily the most intriguing character the Rowling created. Always misunderstood, always a mystery, even after the prince's tale we still don't know much about his past, his motivations, and his true character. We have only seen him through Harry's eyes and through the many layers of deception he employed throughout the series. What was his family like? What was his relationship with Lily really like? What did he really think of Dumbledore and Voldemort? I'm always interested to see how people deal with these questions when they write Snape's character.

Why I like Hermione Granger:

Hermione is the only girl of the trio and she is the brains of the group. Without her, they surely would have failed/died many times. I like stories about Hermione because I feel like she was greatly underappreciated by her best friends. I want her to have more of a story than just being the smart sidekick. As with Snape, I'm interested to know about her family and her past. What is it like to be a Muggleborn witch? How does her family really feel about it? What kind of home/parents produced such an overachiever?

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