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Author has written 17 stories for Golden Sun, Sonic the Hedgehog, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy VII, Legend of Zelda, and Klonoa.

Age: 16 :Updated 10-30-09: NEW NAME: SOLIS KNIGHT

Sex: Male


To explain the picture, I drew it myself. A Venus and Mars djinni are working together to cast Growth, and the thorns created are lifting the Thornspine, a dagger i drew myself as well. I cannot claim FULL credit for the djinn, but i will claim some because i did not trace them. I cannot also give credit either, as i googled them and found a site that does not list the artist. A pity.

Favorite games (series):

Legend of Zelda

Fire Emblem

Golden Sun

Sonic the Hedgehog

Jak + Daxter

Sly Cooper

Final Fantasy



Known Habitats (lately): Golden Sun TLA boards at Gamefaqs,, Newgrounds, My Email Account.

Hobbies: Writing. (Duh.) Drawing (If you'd look at my avatar...) Music Synthesis (I've only just begun on this... Finally posted one on Newgrounds!), and Videogaming. Philosophy is an interest, but it's secondary.

Well, i've broken down and decided to become a Beta Reader. Made a profile tonight, so anyone who would wish my help on a story/project just drop me a line. You know how/where to do so. Mm'kay.

New Information 12/31/09 - 1/1/10

Well, it's official. I'm 16, have a learner's permit, and it's almost New Years. And i haven't written anything for a long while. I apologize.

Within 10 minutes of me writing this, the ball shall drop in Times Square, and it shall be 2010. I'd say major wootage, if there was anything REALLY to celebrate. Same old thing, new year. Oh well. Things move on.

Works In Progress:

There and Back Again V2: Hiatus. Sorry, guys. I have to nearly completely rewrite the chapter, and add an entire chapter's length of new material in to boot. Not enough will to write right now, what with everything i have to work on. (Getting a new smartphone in January, and i've had my hands full preparing for the infinite customization i want to do...)

The Courtyard: Plot Development. The seed is here, no actual writing has taken place yet. It's for Fire Emblem, focussing on two Original Characters who interact with Lethe and Mordecai in an attempt to embellish the societal structure of Laguz mentioned merely briefly in the series.

Crossfire: Not even in Plot Development... Just an idea. Sonic the Hedgehog taken into the real world, but not. Set in Mobius, but a Mobius rooted in reality instead of fanciful fiction. No more swatbots, no more roboticization, no more homing attacks, no more chaos control: Just two armies fighting for control of contested territory. The heavily mechanized war machine of the Robotnik Empire versus the militaristic GUN collective, conscripting mercenaries into the ranks in an attempt to stake its claim on the Empire's colonies. Sonic, a headstrong and cut-corners worker, intent upon getting the job done quickly rather than doing it right, finds himself up against the super-soldier expressly engineered by the top scientists of the Empire - codenamed Shadow. Tails, Sonic's bomber pilot, after a routine raid mission, drags Sonic with him AWOL in an attempt to locate a friend of his - Fiona, in Empire-occupied Emerald Hill militarized zone. Meanwhile, a vigilante identified only by the nickname "Knuckles" has led unarmed guerrilla rebels in strangely successful blitz attacks upon both GUN and the Empire alike. As multiple forces collide in this Neo-Mobius collective narrative, the fate of Mobius falls into dubious certainty. Can the actions of one soldier really affect an entire country?

New Information 10/30/09

Well, it's been over a month... Welcome back? Happy halloween, at least! As per a tradition i somehow developed, i made a halloween special! It's an author's rendition of Jonathan Coulton's Creepy Doll, and it's probably very poorly done. I didn't have time to proofread, but all the same... I mixed humor and fear a lot, so I hope you guys like it. If you haven't heard the song, head to youtube, search tails doll creepy doll, you'll enjoy the results.

Until next time... my loyal fans. Stay alive.

-An homage to a schoolmate of mine... R.I.P.-

New Information 9/20/09

Well... Not really much more to write here, actually. School's longer than ever now, and it's hard just to find the will to write at night. But i do it nevertheless.

Current Projects (For those of you who care):

There and Back Again V2

The Old Empire (Tentative name, new story, in progress)

Things Currently Keeping Me From Writing AS OF: 9-20-09



New Information 9/4/09

It's been over a month, but i'm back, and i have more news.


There and Back Again V2: Yes, it has reached chapter 5. let's all celebrate! Because i hope you're loving it as much as i'm loving writing it.

New Stories:

A Heart Made of Gold: A mysterious tale of twisted genesis... Of a world where nothing is as it seems, of a child forced to live a fake life within this false reality. Of a death that befits its twisted mirrored setting by creating life from the tragedy.

So You Wanna Be a Fanfiction Writer?: An attempt to educate the masses of Sonic fanfiction writers to the tune of a slightly humorous gathering in which Sonic reads a pamphlet generated by Yours Truly in an attempt to stem the flow of cliched plot devices and story titles/summaries. It is probably destined to fail, but i couldn't help but try to save the Sonic archives. Probably too little, too late. Oh well. Life goes on.


Is it me, or am i updating daily now? Aw who cares... I'VE FINALLY GOTTEN OVER WRITER'S BLOCK! -Insert giant celebration here.- I know, i know, so let's just cut to the chase.

New story: There and Back Again... V2

You heard me right. For those of you who really LOVED my old Female Tails story, i've decided to revvamp it completely in preparation for a sequel. You're going to get actual CHAPTERS this time! -OMG is he serious?- I am too serious! So pipe down and listen! The rewriting process is taking forever, chiefly because i'm so incredibly critical of my own work. I'm ending up rewriting every paragraph. It's hard work, especially because my writing has improved so much from those old times... But it shall be done! For now, enjoy the first chapter, and have some fun, my fans.

Shout out to my fans out there waiting in the wings! This is for you! -raises sword triumphantly into the air, spinning it around before sheathing it-

No, i did NOT just steal that from Cloud Strife... Whoever tells you that is lying!


I've started a Collab effort with Madhog Thy Master (obey!) which is a crossover between Final Fantasy VII and Klonoa. The title is Ataraxia, and you should really check it out. You'll definately get an experience from seeing our styles combine in a fantastic way... You won't see the story the same from chapter to chapter.


King of Sorrow


Professor Hojo

Lucrecia Crescent

Grimoire Valentine

Check it out! Was i not clear enough? Allow me to try again. CHECK IT OUT OR ELSE!! .


Alright... Writing has become slow. Incredibly slow. In fact, it has almost stopped.

New story: Thorns. Check it out, especially if you're a SonAmy fan. ESPECIALLY if you're a SonAmy fan. You have no clue how long it took to write.

Current projects: None. :( I'm on hiatus, with a severe case of Writer's Block. I might be working on a piece that is NOT fanfiction, but it is still in developmental stages.

However, if you need hope, i've been thinking of working on a Golden Sun project. If you want to hope, hope for this.


Gone With the Waves: Currently awaiting interest from the author to return...

Sea of Shipping is still accepting new ideas for pairings, and old ones as well. Basically, what I'm saying is, think of a pairing and a storyline, and i'll consider writing it. Feel free to PM me if you have one you'd like me to write.

A bit of old news here, but still. i'd like some more views/reviews of this:

))Finally, my newest story is here! Inspired by Lee Brotherton's "Dreams of an Absolution," this story is based off of the life of Shadow the Hedgehog from his birth through almost all of his life that led to his colorful personality that you see in the games. Redemption is the theme of this story, and i encourage you all to read it! The latest and best story i've written to date, and i haven't worked on ANY other story as hard as i've worked on this one!((

Due to an unfortunate lack of communication between me and NonFiction, the Garohshipping story will be on hold until inspiration takes either one of us.

Attention all CT readers: The story Chaos Tournament has officially been halted in production. It has been placed in the proverbial trash bin, and it shall stay that way. I apologize for all the fans who have liked it, but my interest went down the gutter after 4 or 5 months. There was simply too much boring material before the real action started, and once i finally got to it I just wasn't inspired like i was when i began.

To summarize, CT is dead. Let us all give a moment of silence for its funeral... Shortly after updating this information, i will be deleting the story.

In other, happier news: GOLDEN SUN DS HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED! Over here in Solis Knight Studios, we are all ECSTATIC! REPEAT: EC STAT IC! Everyone start throwing parties, because GS fans have been waiting 6 years for this momentous event!

New story ideas:

-Starlit Night, a Magical Starsign story where i will be running through the events of the game from before the beginning to after the end, with twists and turns along the way. The game, if none of you have played it, is simply amazing. A unique spin on the RPG's of our time, you definately should check it out. It might be a little childish, and the ending IMO is pretty bad, the gameplay makes up for it. Don't worry, i'm not keeping the ending from the game... that would make for a pretty bad story... This story is low on my priority list, however, so don't expect it or anything.

-Sequel to Tails' New Problem, yeah, you read that right. Go back and read it again if you don't believe me. New inspiration from all of your reviews has finally sparked a small flame of inspiration in my mind, and i've got a general plot idea in my head. If you know me at all, then you know what that means... That's right. I'm going to be working on the story soon. The 'shipping may deviate slightly from Sonic and Tails, due to the fact that the focus will not be entirely on Tails in this story. I will first go back through the first chapter of the story and fix it of its MANY errors, and remove a few sections to create continuity, and then i shall continue with the next chapter. A small sneak peek will be added onto the end of the revised first chapter, once i finish that task.

-Ike x Mia story, redone. Instead of running through the games, i shall make a different plot. This story idea is a little more tentative than the others, because i'm not satisfied with the way i'm ignoring most of the stuff that happens in RD... and the ending is really anticlimactic as well... So don't expect this any time soon.

Current Projects: Nothing in development in terms of writing, so far. The above stories are currently being worked out in my mind. I'm playing Final Fantasy X right now, as well as thinking about remixing Sonic Boom from the game Sonic CD. However, until school and exams are over, i won't be working on anything. You could probably expect some updates in mid summer, but don't raise your hopes too high...

Hmm... Oh, you're still here? Dude, the show's over! The slice of the pie above is all you're going to get, so scram!

-Insert army of Amy clones here. You are now Sonic. Prepare to be annihilated.-

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