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This is the joint profile of the GARhalla writing group.

What Is GARhalla?

GARhalla is small group of amateur writers dedicated to a single task: Spreading GAR throughout the fanfiction community. To those unfamiliar with the term, GAR is a internet-born pseudo-adjective used to describe something or someone so extraordinarily hot-blooded and over-the-top, so infused with manliness and fighting spirit that it/he/she(?) becomes something essentially akin to an act of God. Or at least that's part of the definition, and the part that we follow. We're about breaking down walls and forging new paths, doing the impossible and pushing forward at all costs. Basically, we're here to weave epic tales that'll put fire in your heart and make you want to stand up and cheer.

Beyond all that, though, lies something a bit deeper. Beneath all the hot-bloodedness and other such stuff, we're a tight-knit group of creative minds who take pride in what we do, and we hope it'll show in the quality of our work. Each of the stories that we put out is the product of a lot of hard work and thought on all of our parts, and, all pretensions aside, we try to set a certain standard for ourselves. As crazy and over-the-top as a lot of our stuff is going to get, and no matter how far we stretch the bounds of believability, we strive to weave a deeper message into everything we write. To us, fanfiction can be more than just an entertaining read, a bit of fun in the fictional worlds of our favorite characters. By all means, an author's primary motivation should be to entertain, but like all literature, a fanfic can and should carry a bit of the author's soul, a theme of principle that he or she believes in. We hope to achieve at least a little bit of meaning in everything we produce, and in doing so, show you all a little more about who we really are.

On that note...

Who Is GARhalla?

Boss Coffee is GARhalla's head writer, and a founding member. He's in charge of actually writing GARhalla's first foray into the fanfiction world, Pokemon: Origins (see below), though the construction of the story is a joint effort. If you want to know or address anything about the story, he's your man. Anyone familiar with the series should recognize it immediately, but his writing (and this entire group on the whole) is heavily influenced by the anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, and Origins shares a lot with the series because of it. Stylistically, he's probably the most linear of the group, and the most technical. He's also obnoxiously lazy, so feel free to bitch at him about slow chapter releases, it might rouse him to action.

Mimir could be considered Garhalla's secondary writer, and is a founding member. His most noteworthy purpose would be as a sideline writer for Pokemon: Origins. These stories serve to develop certain characters or ideas from Origins that either don't appear for a long enough time to be fully developed, or were conceived during the rough plotting of the story and scrapped, and Mimir just couldn't stand the thought not of having the idea presented in some fashion. Should a point arise during any part of the story that you, the reader, should desire to see a side-story dedicated to any of the characters, PM the GARhalla profile and Boss Coffee might just be able to talk Mimir into writing said side-story. Like Boss Coffee, Mimir also could be construed as inhumanly lazy. He will only write if he feels that there is a need. If you create a need, however, Mimir will most certainly respond.

Airman is a writer of GARhalla, and a founding member. He is the only one in this group who speaks Japanese, and may, in the future, translate any of the stories written by GARhalla into Japanese to spread the GAR to a whole new nation. He is inexperienced in writing, but has one hell of an imagination and more than enough creativity to cover his flaws. Like the other two, he is also highly influenced by Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, as well as by niconico douga (niconico video, an extremely popular site in Japan) so he has a high chance of incorporating topics from and fads of the typical Japanese anime lovers into his writing. As you can see, his name is derived from one of Megaman2's bosses, Airman, who is famous from a song made by users from niconico douga, Airman ga taosenai!(Can't beat Airman). As of right now, he will only write when he has a solid idea that can be worked easily and edited by the other two. His main role in the group for now is brainstorming and being a wall for the other two to bounce ideas off of.

In The Works

Pokemon: Origins - This story is rather meaningful to us, as it symbolizes GARhalla's origin as well. What began as a humble semi-parody, a crossover combination of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann and Pokemon created by a group of friends for the sake of winning a internet bet, has become so much more. The more we worked on this story, the more we liked the idea of writing it, and somewhere along the way, Origins, in its current incarnation, and the GARhalla group were born. Though its plot and theme still very much resemble TTGL's at certain points, it's since become a epic tale in its own right.

Nearly five years after the outset of his journey, with Orange, Johto, Hoenn and Battle Frontier now behind him, Ash Ketchum returns to where it all began to compete in the Kanto region Indigo League once again. With old friends standing at his back, he is prepared to conquer where he once failed. Meanwhile, dark forces conspire in the south: since the Mewtwo fiasco, Team Rocket has quietly reorganized under a powerful new heirarchy of leadership, with a single, shadowy figure at the head of it all. Though none know it yet, the events about to be set in motion will change the course of history, spelling revolution and revelation beyond the scope of anything yet seen.

Epic battles will be fought, ancient mysteries will be solved, and by the end of the day, the world as our heroes know it might never be the same.

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