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Ok a little about myself Im a dude who has alot of good ideas for this type of stuff and need to get it out there.

Things I like: Zelda games, Mario games, Kirby games, Tales games, Final Fantasy games, Kingdom hearts games, Any video game made by Tetsuya Nomura or Shigeru Miyamoto, Hellsing, Blackcat , Bleach, One Piece, Boondock Saints movie, Night Angel Trilogy books Percy Jackson & The Olympians books, and the Eragon books.

I'm a video game/anime/manga buff I like series that can catch my interests Characters Story and Way things are done are very big to me when I rate things like that. When it comes to games Gameplay as well as Replay ability and Longevity are also factors for this. Im just your average guy who along with my above love movies hanging out with my friends bike riding, running (I do a lot of the local runs for charity), as well as the polar bear plunge.

When I write it often takes me awhile due to not owning my own computer at the moment, along with other things such as helping out neighbors, and my ADHD which make focusing on typing due to me being a slow typer make it along process that i usually start by writing the story on paper. Due to these issues i may not update a story for so long i forget.

The OC fic I am currently writing will still go ahead after a summer hiatus brought on by multiple unplanned weekend trips to the shore and a broken computer its back underway. I plan to update once every month if I can get the ideas. This is a first for me by doing this type of story but I want to do the characters their justice and not make them background filler so i want to look at them and use them to their full potential and act as their creators would want them to act in the situation so thats why my writing may take time to write.