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FIRSTS is set in the Tamer's universe about five or six years after the end of the series. Takato and Rika's friendship is finally turning into something more serious and they both couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, that can't be said of Renamon, who is profoundly disturbed by the changes her tamer is going through. Her instincts to protect Rika drive her in all the wrong directions. Can she come to an understanding of the complexities and contradictions of human romance before she drives everybody nuts? Rated M for mature themes.

THE COYOMON STORIES: (In the order they were written.)

WILD CARD is about finding love and purpose in life and overcoming limitations and past injuries. An alternate universe story in the Digimon Tamers world told from the point of view of Coyomon, an original character digimon. Thanks to all my readers and extra thanks to my kind reviewers who inspired me to finish it. It's rated M because I followed FanFic's guidelines very strictly. Some lemon content... sort of. (It's not like anything you've read before.)

PUPPY LOVE is the prequel to Wild Card. It's the story of how Danny Kanetewa created Coyomon and why crossing the line between fantasy and reality can be very dangerous. The title is ironic-- the story is a tragedy, not a romance. I'm pretty sure you can read this without having read Wild Card or Aces-- but if you do, keep in mind that my other stories are much happier, even if they do have their dark parts.

DIGIHAIKU is the result of sleep deprivation and a caffeine overdose. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Set in the Digital Dimension shortly after the end of Wild Card.

ACES is the direct sequel to Wild Card. It continues the story after the tamers and their digimon reach the Digital Dimension and, though I tried to remain faithful to the established facts and driving forces of the series, it diverged much more from the canon storyline of Digimon Tamers than did Wild Card. The story is more complex and so I decided to no longer tell it from Coyomon's POV-- though it still mostly centers on him and Renamon. You're going to have to read Wild Card first to have any hope of understanding this story.

TEN YEARS AFTER is set in Tokyo in 2018. It is the continuation of the story line begun in Wild Card. Will the fragile balance between the human world and the digital one grow stronger or was it something not meant to be? The decision might rest with one young woman and her partner-- and her lover. Saving the world (again) isn't easy when a person also has to deal with unwanted celebrity and rocky relationships. As the tamers are young adults here, this story is more mature in theme and action than the previous ones.

SOVEREIGN REMEDY is a little one-shot that shows how real understanding between friends can result in actions that would seem very strange to an outsider. Set sometime after Ten Years After.


I've noted where in the stories these characters first appear.

Coyomon - Wild Card, Chapter 1: Coyomon

Kaliskamon - Wild Card, Chapter 15: Kaliskamon

Kunomon - Wild Card, Chapter 18: Kunomon

Ceyamon - Aces, Chapter 8: Ceyamon

Arisimon - Aces, Chapter 11: Arisimon

Kayamon - Aces, Chapter 12: Kayamon

The Wild Card manga book (I wish!): Wild Card

Renamon & Coyomon in a non-anime style (unfinished): Rena & Coyo in progress: color

Rika & Coyomon - Ten Years After, Chapter 3: A Very Sweet Moment


A SERPENT IN THE GARDEN is set in our world. A brilliant programmer decides to create a simulation of the Digital Dimension and succeeds beyond his wildest dreams. When his creations escape from his control he must decide what he must do about it-- before it's too late. Rated M. Complete.

AN EXTRA LOOP IN THE SNAKE isn't a stand-alone story. It is the unexpurgated chapters from A Serpent in the Garden. I decided to remove the heavy lemon scenes from the main story but, as I was requested to share them anyway-- here they are. Rated very M. Complete.

THE FESTIVAL is set about ten years after the end of A Serpent in the Garden. Old and new friends meet up in a rather unique place, deep in the Digital Dimension. Rated T. Complete.

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Against Destiny by CannedCream reviews
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Reality by NKC reviews
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Endless Waltz of Life by RGZ Archer reviews
The Endless Waltz, a dance well known, but seldom recognized, it is an eternal cycle to be repeated by all, from the greatest of civilizations to the lowliest of individuals. War, Peace, and Revolution. better summary inside
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Digimon Blaze by Turismo11 reviews
Alterna has caused serious damage to Hypnos, and moves to finish the job. The Tamers mourn the loss of Shibumi. Yamaki must contend with the JSDF. Renamon and Gennai are confronted by two of Alterna's top agents. Episode 5 and 6 are up!
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My Saving Grace by furry j fox reviews
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Hardwired by Assistant reviews
The digimon tamers find action and adventure when there digimon return. They face new foes, must stand against the DHades, and all the time Renamon has to deal with strange emotions she has never felt before. All thanks to Jason, a hardwired human.
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Firsts reviews
Teen years and a budding relationship can be difficult enough without the interference of an over-protective digimon partner. Can Renamon come to an understanding of the complexities and contradictions of human nature before she drives everyone nuts?
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Tokyo 2018. Will the fragile balance between the human world and the digital one grow stronger or was it something not meant to be? The decision might rest with one young woman and her partner-- and her lover.
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Aces reviews
The direct sequel to Wild Card. Read that story first if you haven't done so. More info in my Bio.
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Wild Card reviews
Coyomon finds love and purpose in life and overcomes his limitations and past injuries. A Season 3 alternate universe story. "M" just for safety, because there is some lemon content-- sort of. It's not like anything you've read before.
Digimon - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 22 - Words: 46,561 - Reviews: 41 - Favs: 42 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 8/24/2008 - Published: 7/17/2008 - Renamon - Complete